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Boys’ Birthday Party Themes

Throw the best birthday party for your little one with our trending themes!

Boys' Birthday Parties and Decorations

Best Boys' Birthday Party Supplies in Canada

With your son's birthday bash fast approaching, your plans will rely heavily on your ability to find fun birthday party themes that will leave your little prince jumping for joy. Whether he's turning one or becoming a teenager, choosing the right party decorations for your home celebration or party at a hired venue can have a telling impact. is proud to offer Canada's largest selection of party supplies for boys birthday parties. Whether you have a clear vision of the celebration you wish to throw or need some inspiration, check out our array of great options today.

Most Popular Boys Birthday Party Decorations

When looking for fun birthday party ideas for boys, knowing where the celebration will be held is a vital first step that will help you consider the possibilities and practical solutions. The most popular ideas for kids and parents alike include fun games, colorful decorations, and products that relate to the birthday boy's passions in life. Parties that deliver these attributes, along with great snacks and party favors for guests, are sure to be a huge hit. Here are some key features to consider when planning your son's party.

Create a Décor with Birthday Balloons for boys

You can't have a kids' birthday party without balloons, and Party-Expert has a wide selection of latex balloons that can fit in with a range of boys birthday themes. Choosing color schemes including whites, blues, reds, blacks, and silvers will set the perfect tone. Meanwhile, fun accessories like this soccer ball balloon weight add an extra degree of fun - especially if soccer is one of the activities of the day. You can also create your decor with balloon centerpieces or garlands.

Happy Birthday Banners

Whether it's a surprise party or one that your son will help plan, happy birthday banners are a key feature. From a blue banner that works with all boys birthday decorations to a licensed product like the Sonic the Hedgehog customized happy birthday banner displaying your child's age, any boys birthday decor strategy will be enhanced by banners. they can be stuck above door frames, on walls, or in any location where you want to grab the attention of the birthday boy and his guests.

Swirl and hanging decorations for boys birthday

Swirl decorations and hanging decorations are a fantastic way to brighten up any interior setting, from home living rooms to hired halls. Blue swirls, in particular, are a common feature of boys trending birthday parties as they integrate well with Sonic, sports, and a host of other boy-centric themes. The hanging decorations also stay in place even when kids are playing with the balloons, meaning the venue will retain its esthetic appeal throughout the duration of the party.

Find the Best Boys' Birthday Supplies and Party Essentials

When looking to decorate the birthday venue and create a level of excitement, finding the right party supplies to guarantee that a great time is had by all is vital. From tableware to party favors and decorations for both internal and external settings, you will find everything your boy could ever need to celebrate in style.

Discover Our Large Selection of Boys Birthday Tableware

Tableware for parties can cover everything from officially licensed movie-themed table covers to blue plates, cups, and party gift bags. Whatever theme and birthday party ideas for boys you are hoping to create, the right choice of boys birthday tableware and centerpieces will go a long way to bringing that vision to life.

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Boys' Birthday Plates and Cups

All birthday party themes can be improved by adding the best boys birthday pates and cups. Products that fit your theme may simply focus on the color scheme. Or they may feature the characters that your birthday party plans look to focus on. They are an affordable way to make a big difference to the look of your birthday party theme while also having a practical solution for food and drink.

Buy Balloons For Your Boys' Birthday Party

Birthday party ideas for boys should never ignore the importance of balloons. From simple blue and white latex balloons to balloons depicting the words 'happy birthday' or products shaped like their favorite character, the options are limitless. Birthday parties are more exciting for kids when they have balloons to play with, not least for the birthday boy himself.

A Piñata For The Birthday Boy

When hoping to find unique birthday party ideas for boys, a pinata is probably one of the most memorable items you can purchase. The Cars 3 pinata is just one example that can promote a great party when filled with candy or gummy worms. Smashing it open with their friends is one of the best ways that they can play together while the rewards can be enjoyed by all.

Shop Our Party Favors For Your Party Guests

While the best birthday party ideas for boys will provide the perfect starting point, having fun with their friends and family is the most important feature of the big event. Therefore, finding favors that suit your party themes and can be enjoyed by boys or girls is another feature that parents must consider. Plastic yo-yos and other small toys will ensure that all kids remember the event for a long time to come.

Complete Your Birthday Party Theme with a Checklist

Finding inspirational birthday party ideas for boys is easy but actively planning the event can be quite complex, especially if you fail to plan ahead. Thankfully, we've got you covered with The Ultimate Kids' Birthday Party Checklist. Use it for your son's birthday party preparations, and you will be guaranteed to throw a birthday bash that the kids absolutely love and will talk about long after the party has ended.

Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

The best birthday party ideas for boys should feel personalized to your son's tastes and hobbies. Knowing where you will host the party will help you consider the possibilities and what activities can be used to make the space look more impressive. However, a clear theme is where you can start to think about invitations, cups, snacks, gifts, the cake, and how to decorate it well. Party-Expert boasts w wide range of items for boys of all ages.

Discover Our Officially Licensed Birthday Collections

While there are plenty of generic birthday party ideas for boys available, there is something extra special about a celebration that takes note of the things they love. Whether it's a pool party or a play center party, we have a huge range of licensed birthday bash supplies from Star Wars, Pokemon, and more. the kids will go crazy - in a good way.

Boys Favourite Birthday Characters

Whether looking for Star Wars decorations or party supplies linked to Justice League, parents can find all the decor items they need at Party Expert. When combined with themed gifts and food, you will be the king or queen of throwing kids' parties.

Throw a Pokémon Birthday Party

When looking at Pokemon decorations for boys birthday party celebrations, you can Catch 'Em All with our themed plates, favors, cups, balloons, tableware, cake supplies, and more. as well as being one of the top boys birthday party themes, it won't leave girls feeling left out. You can also plan a Pokemon activity, such as watching one of the movies if your son is having a sleepover.

Shop Pokémon Party Supplies

Organize a Roblox Birthday Party

Throwing a Roblox party is a great option if your child loves the Roblox universe. As well as the games, you can consider streamers, paper cups, table decorations, cake toppers, hanging swirls, banners, bunting, favor boxes, drink straws, and more. a combination of licensed products and color-coded decorations should bring the birthday party to life and create memories that your child can cherish forever.

Shop Roblox Party Supplies

Harry Potter Birthday Party

The wizardly world of Harry Potter is as popular today as it was 20 years ago. Moreover, it is one of the best party ideas for boys when you will be inviting children of different ages. it is one of the few truly inclusive birthday party themes while the depictions of Hogwarts, the Sorting Hat, and Harry will create a magical event. The branded tasty sweets are delicious too.

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Dinosaur Birthday For Your Little Boy

A dinosaur birthday party is a fantastic option if your son is crazy about T-Rex and Triceratops. The kid-friendly designs look great on all boys birthday party essentials, such as napkins, table covers, cups, and more. Party favours and games can also be tailored to match this popular birthday party theme.

Shop Dinosaur Party Supplies

Best Video Game Birthday Themes

When considering birthday party ideas for boys, video games are a regular feature. It’s one of the greatest hobbies that they share with their friends, and decorating the home or hired venue with decorations and party supplies that depict their favorite characters will be a huge hit with the birthday boy as well as his guests. Party-Expert can help you find officially licensed products from the most popular franchises. It will provide so much fun.

Fortnite Birthday Theme

The Fortnite theme is sure to deliver a fun event that he'll love. Great party items ranging from balloons to plates and goody bags displaying the Fortnite logo and characters will go down a treat. when accompanied by a Fortnite birthday cake, it can be one of the most popular ideas of all. Every kid that's a Fortnite player will love their parents for providing this fun celebration. with a wide selection of Fortnite gifts available on the market too, it is a gaming theme that provides the perfect platform to build upon.

Unlike some fad birthday party ideas, you don't have to worry about your child getting bored of Fortnite. If your son and his friends have been playing the game for months (or years), they will still love it on party day.

Minecraft Birthday Theme

From the invitation to blowing out the birthday cake, a focus on Minecraft is one of the best birthday party themes for boys. it's one of the games that they probably play online with their friends, which is why celebrating their big day with decorations, banners, and party favors centered around this idea can work wonders. if your child is a fan of Steve, Creeper, and co., there is no doubt that the Minecraft party theme will ensure that their birthday bish is everything they wanted and more.

On a side note, it's one of the best birthday party ideas for parents who wish to try their hand at crafting some decorations of their own too.

Super Mario Bros Birthday Theme

Super Mario has been a game that kids love for over 35 years. Whether your son is currently playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch or playing your old GameBoy doesn't matter. A birthday celebration for boys aged 5-12 can be greatly improved by hanging decorations, fun-themed invitations, and other items depicting Super Mario designs. You can take this theme to the next level on a DIY basis with candy that carries the primary colors of the franchise or hooking up Mario Party to your garden projector.

As far as birthday party ideas for boys are concerned, you won't go wrong with the Italian plumber. You could even let the birthday boy dress up in the red overalls for an added layer of fun.

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After gaining inspiration of the best birthday party ideas for boys, your next challenge is to focus on finding the right supplier of kids party items. As Canada's premier online party supplies provider, we have an amazing range of kids items including banners, games, food, favors, and activities for all of the main boys birthday party themes in 2022 and beyond.

You can find a full range of our products via our online catalog while we deliver all items to your doors. We pride ourselves on helping parents throw the best birthdays ever. Check out all products in our birthday party ideas for boys section for more info today.