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Witches and Wizards Halloween Costumes and Accessories

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Witches & Wizards Halloween Costumes | Party Expert

All the witch costumes and wizard costumes in one convenient place!

Find your witch Halloween costume here. Party Expert has them all!

"Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble."

Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act 4 Scene 1

Do you need witch costume ideas?

Use the filters in the left column to make your search easier, or scroll down to our 'Best Sellers in this Collection' at the bottom of every page. Vintage or modern, charming witch or wicked witch, there's something here for you.

What type of witch are you?

When it comes to witch costumes, we cover just about any style, age, looks and sizes. We have witch costumes for toddlers, young girls, adults and plus size ladies. You'll find the right fit.

You can buy a ready-made witch costume, or you can mix and match to create your own personal style from our great selection of both costumes and accessories. Staples of the witch character for women include a witch hat; a wig; possibly a nasty, crooked nose, the size of which can vary; a broom or a wand; a robe; a cape and witch shoe covers.

The wicked witch costume

Brewing potions and casting spells, luring children and seducing men: it's all in a night's work. Throw on a witch costume, add accessories, poison an apple for Snow White, put on a gothic choker, and you'll be the (dark) light of your Halloween parties this year!

Do that Voodoo you do!

Try this one on for size! An interesting spin on the classic witch is the Voodoo priestess for women or witch doctor for men and women. It's a more exotic twist than the wicked green witch, with a Caribbean flair: dreadlocks, skulls and dolls riddled with pins. You can even be the doll!

The modern witch

For great looks, forget about the medieval all-black attire and introduce some color in your witch costume. Stripy tights, glittering bows for your hat, and a purple wig are just a few ideas to lessen the gloom and highlight your (un)natural charms.

Another modern option, definitely more for adults than children, is to crank up the sexiness of your costume. After all, not all parties are for kids, so stir a potion of confidence and see what kind of pact you can make. Here's a great-looking costume, ready to be worn with your favorite pumps.

The last touch to add, whichever style you choose, is the witch cackle. No witch is a good witch without it. Look to Hazel for inspiration!

A witch costume for a woman? What if I'm a man?

Interestingly, it's a little known fact that a male witch is called a warlock. Sounds pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately, there are no ready-made warlock costumes, so you can look to our collection of wizard costumes instead, and add appropriate accessories, or build one from scratch: black robe, a skull mask, a necklace, maybe black fingernails, a sacrificial dagger and lots of fake blood!


The size maketh not the wizard! The kids who are fond of Harry Potter and his companions will find that we have all the Hogwart uniforms costumes, from Gryffindor to Slitherin. Add the proper tie, a wand, of course, and top it with a wizard costume hat and pray your child doesn't fly off on a broom...! It's all here. What's your favorite costume?

Let's stay with the Harry Potter theme. Adults may wish to consider our Voldemort costumes this year, or even a fantasy wizard. But if you prefer to be rooting for good rather than evil, the wizard Gandalf, in his grey tunic and long white beard, reminds us that power does not always corrupt. The Fellowship of the Ring, led by Gandalf, restored peace to the land!

It's not just a costume, it's a party!

We're the top name for your parties, no matter the themes. Don't stop at the costume. Check out our exciting Party Supplies and turn it into a special occasion. Costumes, decorations, favors, balloons and more balloons!

Our Customer Service is Gold, from Click to Delivery

Need help? Give us a call and our customer service team will assist you and answer all your questions about your witch costume or wizard costume, and any other query you may have regarding your costume. We ensure fast delivery of your items for all your events. If we delivered your party supplies on time and you are happy with your purchase, you can always leave comments and reviews on our website. Order your party supplies online, no matter the themes, and enjoy free delivery anywhere in Canada on all qualifying orders (minimum $75, excluding remote locations).

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