Disney Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

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Disney Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

Party Supplies and Birthday Decorations

For many children, Disney's Mickey Mouse is the ultimate cartoon character. In fact, many know his name before they can walk. For young kids, a Mickey Mouse party theme is the perfect backdrop for their celebration. However, he's also ideal for many other special occasions, including baby showers.

Mickey is everyone's favorite mouse and is the perfect for getting the party started with friends. Guests will immediately recognize this lovable character, getting them in the mood for fun.

But how do you create the ultimate Mickey Mouse birthday party to get your child excited? With Mickey Mouse party supplies, of course!

Our Mickey Mouse Party Supplies

]If you're looking for Mickey Mouse decorations, you're in the right place. We have everything you need to decorate every facet of your child's birthday party, including balloons, stickers, candy, cups, plates, napkins, accessories, and cake that celebrate Mickey and the gang.

Our party decorations are made of high-quality materials and will have kids saying M I C K E Y over and over again. What's more, all our prices are super affordable, letting you have the party of your dreams, without breaking the bank.

There are so many ways you can transform your party with Mickey mouse birthday party supplies. Get unique Mickey Mouse balloons that instantly set the theme or benefit from hanging decorations and much more to create a unique set that guests will love. Plaster Disney characters, like Pluto and Donald Duck, all over your walls, and travel back in time to a point in your life when things were care-free.

Don't forget: Mickey Mouse costumes are available from us. This way, you can transform both the venue and the appearance of your guests for an even more magical time. Get your kids totally engaged with what's happening by dressing up both adults and children. It's as though Mickey himself is showing up. Find everything you need in our store.

Mickey Mouse Decorations

Mickey Mouse party supplies can transform your venue. Search our collection to find everything you need to decorate your venue and create a welcoming Disney theme.

Mickey Mouse Balloons

No Mickey Mouse party is complete without balloons. Our bouquets have everything you need to set the atmosphere and get guests in the mood for fun. Balloons feature Mickey Mouse-shaped ears and add a whole new dimension of fun to your celebrations.


You can also set the tone of your Mickey party with our party banners. These are bright, fun, and, most importantly, large, letting you quickly transform a room, whether you are at home or at a professional venue that you have hired out.

Mickey Mouse Party Ideas

If you've never hosted a Mickey Mouse party before, don't worry. We're here to help. Here are some of the ways you can use our tableware, balloons, cakes and other items to create the perfect theme for kids and other guests.

Transform The Venue

Transforming the party room is a great way to generate excitement. You want it to feel like a real celebration.

Start by addressing the walls, perhaps by putting up banners and other decorations, such as a poster of Mickey Mouse himself. You can even use him as a sign outside the venue, directing friends to the front door.

Set The Table

Food is an important part of any Mickey Mouse party but, without supplies, it can be nearly impossible to create a Disney vibe. Fortunately, we've got you covered. Our plates, napkins, favors, and tableware are the ideal accompaniment for the day. Be sure to check out our deals on cups and other items.

Get Everyone Dressed Up In Costume

Imagine how incredible it would be if Mickey himself could be at your celebration. Well, with our Disney costumes, you can make it happen by dressing up as everyone's favorite mouse.

We also stock a range of Mickey Mouse ears. These are easy to put on and also work well as favors. Just pop them over your head like a headband and get into character.

Design Your Mickey Mouse Invitations

Part of the fun of birthday parties is the build-up. If you can get people happy and excited about what's going to happen, you'll help them to enjoy celebrations more when they arrive.

To help you in this regard, our collection includes a range of Mickey Mouse-themed invitations you can hand out to invitees. Put your name, where the party will be held, and what time it will take place – it's all so easy when you come to us.

Eat Mickey Mouse-Themed Food

No Mickey party is complete without food. But it can be hard to find meals that are all about Mickey and the gang.

Fortunately, we can help here, too. Our Mickey Mouse cake is a great way to complete your birthday celebrations.

Play Mickey Mouse Games

We also supply a huge range of Mickey Mouse party games, designed to keep guests entertained throughout the celebrations. Pin the nose on Mickey Mouse, for instance, is a clever play on the traditional "pin the tail on the donkey" game. Mickey Mouse pinata is also a lot of fun. Children love nothing more than swinging a bat and cracking Mickey's head open to get at the candy inside.

Grab Party Favors

Lastly, no Mickey party would be complete without giving attendees something special to hold onto once they go home. Fortunately, we stock a variety of favors so that you always have something to put in your guests' gift bags. These can include toys, trinkets and edible treats for kids to enjoy.

Get Mickey Mouse Party Supplies Today

So what are you waiting for? If you want to create the ultimate Mickey Mouse party, then grab your supplies from us today. Transform everything, from the food to the venue to the people. Bring a little slice of Disney magic into your life.

Remember, all our prices are super affordable. You won't find better deals in Mickey party supplies anywhere else!

Disney's Mickey Mouse birthday party collection - Mickey Mouse party ideas

Celebrate a very special birthday with one of Disney's favorite character: Mickey Mouse. Our Mickey Mouse birthday party collection includes tableware, decorations, balloons, party supplies and costumes that will make your guests and family rejoy. Need a bit more party ideas? Our Mickey Mouse candles, party hats, blowouts and cupcake stands will make your event even better! If your little one wants to feel sweet and cute, we also offer a selection of Mickey Mouse costumes for toddlers. Join Mickey's Clubhouse and meet Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto and their friends!