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Roblox Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

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Roblox Birthday Party Supplies - Party Expert

Shop the best Roblox themed party supplies in stock now, at the Party Experts store !

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a global gaming platform where 3D game worlds are created and shared.

Yet, many people still don’t know what Roblox is. Roblox is not a game, it’s an online platform and storefront where users go to play games. It is a place where you can play games that are made by other developers. What makes Roblox stand out is that all the games are made by its users.

Roblox Birthday Parties

If your child adores Roblox, it makes sense to choose it as a theme for their birthday celebration. Start shopping in advance and make sure to have all the best birthday party decorations. Don't forget the birthday banner!

Throwing a Virtual Birthday party

One way to throw a party on the Roblox birthday theme is to use their free Party Place service. This allows you to hold a private virtual party with your child's friends from anywhere.

The good news is that our wide range of birthday party supplies and birthday party decorations will help you throw the most impressive celebration event.

We stock a wide range of Roblox girl party supplies too, so you can throw the best bash for the birthday boy or girl in your life. Find the best Roblox party supplies for girl online.

Keep reading to discover our comprehensive selection of Roblox supplies.

Latex Balloons

No birthday party is complete without balloons. Indeed, they can be the best way of creating a festive atmosphere and making the theme clear to everyone that attends.

Our 12-inch latex balloons come in a pack of 10, with a mix of colours and include character and logo designs. All you have to do is blow them up.

We also sell a bunch of foil balloons that you can add to your balloon decor. We are Canada's best balloon online store.

Cake party Supplies

One thing that every child loves about a good birthday party is the cake.

Happily, whether you go for a single large, Roblox birthday cake, or individual cupcakes for your guests, we have you covered with our topper packs.

You can even wrap the cake in the themed napkins that we stock on our site. 


Decorations make a party, and our awesome Roblox Swirls, 6 Count in a metallic finish are essential if you want to create that fun themed atmosphere.


Our Happy Birthday Pennant Banner also looks great set up behind the birthday cake or over the food table. Then you can use our fun birthday banner with Flags to decorate the rest of the room.


You might even like to choose Roblox birthday decor in the form of our detailed 50'' x 28'' Backdrop, which is perfect for creating amazing party pictures for Instagram or Facebook, or as a backdrop for your virtual party.

Favours & Gifts

Kids just adore getting gifts at a birthday party. The good news is our Roblox items will help you keep your favours on theme at a reasonable price.

Choose from our 10 pack of straws, or our 6 packs of blowouts, and festive hats.

We even stock 6 packs of favour boxes which are a great alternative to bags to give your guests filled with cake when the fun is over.

Pinatas & Candy

Having plenty of party activities for the kids is crucial, so why not throw a party and use our themed Pinata and Monopoly games as both decorative accessories and your entertainment?


Lastly, be sure to enhance the presentation of your party with our great value, low price table wear. 

Choose from packs of 7 '' plates ideal for serving cake or dessert, and 9-inch plates which are perfect for your savoury course. We even have napkins, and paper cups to match. 

Oh, and don't forget our 70 inches X 42 inches table cloth at a low low price of $7.49!

Choose Party Experts for your Roblox Party Supplies Canada.

Open your Party Experts account today and save on delivery of orders over $99, or explore our other great accessories on themes like Mario, and Paw Patrol.

Yet, many people still don’t know what Roblox is. Roblox is not a game, it’s an online platform and storefront where users go to play games. It is a place where you can play games that are made by other developers. What makes Roblox stand out is that all the games are made by its users.

This game allow players, including kids, to create their own games using the Roblox Studio, which can then be played by other users. The platform allows users to imagine, create, socialize, play, interact and relate with others in many different ways.

Don’t you think that some of the cool avatars look like LEGO characters?

Roblox Birthday Party Ideas

For your birthday, get your game on with our awesome party decorations! It can be a challenging theme because we have so many party decorations out there! A good way to harmonize your décor is to shop your complementary decorations by colour.

For your guests, you can set up a nice candy bar with assorted coloured sweets! You can also make some cupcakes or if you’re making a cake, don’t forget to get a cool cake topper. Then maybe plan a few party games and you’ll be ready to receive your guests inside the world of Roblox!

Roblox Avatar Ideas

What could be very cool is to invite your friends to suit up as their very own Roblox character. Whether they want to look like a superhero or a movie character, we have all the costumes and accessories they need to become whoever they want to be! Even cute Roblox characters!

Once you get everyone in a Roblox costume, don’t forget to take some cool Roblox pictures so you can create a Roblox poster afterwards!

And what is always cool at a party? A PIÑATA!!

Party Expert is the number 1 destination for Roblox supplies in Canada! Say Happy birthday as your child expect it, his way!