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Everyone loves Bluey! The lovable animated Aussie dog has won fans the world over, so it's no wonder that many people are looking to host a Bluey birthday party for their little birthday girl or boy.

Here at Party Expert, we've got all the Bluey party supplies you need to wow your child and their party guests.

From super cute Bingo balloons to party decorations, you'll be able to host a celebration that it's so much fun and which the whole family will love.

Bluey Birthday Party Supplies

The key to hosting an awesome Bluey party is to have plenty of themed party supplies.

If you have Bluey and Bingo balloons, a Bluey birthday cake, and can send a themed invitation to your guest, then you'll have all the fun touches that'll help you to recreate the magical Bluey world in real life.

So load up balloons, create your cake, and fill your shopping basket with as many on theme items as you can find. It'll surely be a birthday that your child remembers for many years to come!

Bluey Party Invitations

Let all the kids know what type of party they'll be attending by sending Bluey invites. You can buy branded party invitations, or you can pick orange and blue invitations and then add some cool stickers or drawings.

You should also include any essential information, such as the date and whether they should bring any toys with them to play with.

Parties can be more fun for little ones when there's a dress theme, too; why not ask the kids to dress up as one of the characters in a Bluey inspired blue or orange outfit?

Bluey Decorations

You'll need plenty of fun Bluey party decorations if you're going to transform your home into the magical animated world for the birthday party!

Party decoration can take many forms. Busy mums will find that it's straightforward to decorate the space with just a few products, such as a banner from a party store and some themed cups, plates, and accessories.

If you need some help, just remember to think: colors. If your house is blue and orange, then you'll be well on your to throwing an awesome Bluey birthday party!

Bluey Birthday Party Ideas

Any birthday party can be fun. But a Bluey party? That brings even more opportunities for ensuring the birthday kid has an awesome birthday party!

If you're searching for some Bluey party ideas, we've got you covered. You can buy some themed balloons and some fun coloring sheets, which your child and their guests can enjoy on the big day.

You'll also want to have some games in your back pocket, which you can play once the gifts have been handed out. One exciting party game is simply putting on the TV show soundtrack and letting the kids enter dance mode.

Bluey Food and Drinks Station

You'll want to keep the kids and parents well-watered and fed when they're at your house, so plan your food and drink carefully.

Since it's a party, some casual food served on themed plates and cups will do the trick. The main thing will be the birthday cake!

There are Bluey cupcake toppers and Bingo cupcake toppers, so think about which of the two is your child's favorite character, and give them a cake they'll love looking at and eating. You can also look at making some Bluey cookies, which will be sure to make the party a hit.

Bluey Party Favors

The kids that your child invites to the party will help to make the event a success, so be sure to send them home with some party favors!

his is essentially a cute little bag that you give the kids to say thanks. Some ideas of what to put into your party favors include latex balloons they can blow up later, some Bluey and Bingo items, and a slice of cake.

It'll make the birthday party something that they'll never forget!

Bluey Game Ideas

You don't need to play games at a party, but let's be honest: they can be a fun way to celebrate a birthday! Some games in line with the Bluey and Bingo theme include pin the tail on the dogs, or you can order some coloring sheets, and ask the children to draw Bluey and the other characters. Be sure to celebrate whoever wins the competition! You can also ask the kids to blow up a balloon and then play keepy uppy with that balloon. That can be a lot of fun and can also tire the children out, too!

Bluey Photo Booth 

Once the Bluey birthday party games are over, you can move over to your DIY Bluey photo booth. You can create this by hanging a banner adorned with the stars from the show and other decorations.

Then get the children to dress up and pose their funniest pose in front of the banner, maybe while holding a balloon. This also provides a fun souvenir that they can take home with them.

Birthday Supplies Store

Looking for high-quality kids birthday party supplies? You're in the right place.

We're experts at everything to do with birthday parties, so you can rest assured that you'll find just what you're looking for in our online party store.

From Blue plates to balloons and more, all you'll need to do is open an account at our site, add some items to your basket, and then look forward to what will be an awesome celebration!

Other Great Party Ideas

If your child isn't a fan of Bluey and the Heeler family, then don't worry: there are plenty of other cute kids party ideas that you can use.

Here at Party Expert, we have a wide range of themed products that'll allow you to celebrate your child's birthday in style.

Maybe they're a fan of a Pokemon or Barbie theme instead? If so, we've got you covered. Just put in your order, and we'll take care of the delivery that'll fit into your busy family schedule.