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LEGO Construction and Building Blocks

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LEGO Building Blocks, Sets & Construction Games | Party Expert

Why playing with LEGO is good for children?

LEGO Construction

All parents are looking for games that are both fun and useful for their children. But with the multitude of increasingly complex toys, it can be difficult to find the right one. LEGO®, which is based on the construction of objects, stands out for its ease of use for children. Moreover, there is something for everyone! Even some Super Mario Bros LEGO sets

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LEGO building sets are based on a simple principle: interlocking blocks. This fully supports the child’s development. By playing with LEGO, your child will develop specific skills that will help them grow. That’s why we believe that a LEGO set is always a good gift idea for children. If your kid wants some Star Wars LEGO for its birthday, it could be awesome to also have a Star Wars-themed birthday party!

Collectible LEGO Sets

LEGO is not only a game, but also a passion. Several people love to collect them, as some are very valuable! Our LEGO selection is extremely wide, so you may even find that rare LEGO treasure! If you are obsessed with Harry Potter, you probably already have all kinds of collectibles. But did you know that you can also collect some Harry Potter LEGO? What about a Harry Potter-themed night?

Harry Potter LEGO Game Night

For a perfect Harry Potter party, you must realize a real Harry Potter ambiance. First, ask your friends to dress up in a costume of one of the Harry Potter characters. That should definitely set the mood! In the meantime, get some Harry Potter decorations to welcome them in a magical place! Don’t forget to get a few LEGO sets for the magic game night!

For dinner time, set up a nice table with Harry Potter tableware. Party Expert offers you Harry Potter dinner plates, dessert plates, napkins, cups, and so on! For your guests, you should get some nice Harry Potter gifts and favours!

What Are the Most Popular LEGO?

LEGO Star Wars and LEGO City are still topping the bestseller list! However there are so many LEGO sets that are also trending. Adults love LEGO Technic, but if you want something more easily and more child-friendly, LEGO Friends is actually a great choice! 

Another trendy gift idea could be Minecraft LEGO! Minecraft is actually a big player in the toy universe! Party Expert has a large selection of Minecraft products. For a Minecraft birthday, shop our decorations, balloons, favours and gifts and so much more! 

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