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Birthday Party Supplies

The happiest birthdays start here! Make their next birthday party the most memorable ever with our wide selection of unique, exciting birthday themes. Choose from popular kids’ collections or general Happy Birthday themes.

The Best Birthday Parties Starts Here!

Canada’s One-Stop-Shop for Birthday Party Supplies

Regardless of whether you’re marking a first birthday for your kids or your grandma’s 100th year, birthday parties should always feel like celebrations worth marking. After all, how better to show the people that you love how much they mean than to give them a no-holds barred birthday bash complete with party supplies like balloons, party hats, and streamers that can transform even your dining room into a celebratory oasis on the day? 


Just thinking about all of that work is enough to make you hot under the collar, but what if we were to tell you that you don’t need to stress to ensure party celebrations with wow-factor? In fact, with the help of Canada’s favorite one-stop-shop for birthday party supplies, you can guarantee the best parties possible, with none of the hassle that you’d face otherwise. 


Here at Party Expert, we’re proud to provide hundreds of birthday party supplies for children and adults, all of which can help your celebrations go off with a bang. Even better, our collections of high-quality party supplies are all under one roof to save you from having to juggle your balloons and other birthday goodies from one shop to another. 


From the planning stages right through to the big day, our officially licensed party supplies are on hand to help you perfect the party of your loved one’s dreams. In fact, our personalized party supplies will make this process so easy and fun that you might just find yourself counting the days until the next big birthday rolls around so that you can do it all again! 

Party Supplies That Make way for the Best Birthday Party Ideas

Whether you’re new to the world of kids birthday party planning or have overseen so many kids parties for your birthday boy at this point that your ideas have run dry, our extensive birthday party supplies here at Party Expert can provide all of the inspiration that you need to plan the perfect party for any occasion. 


From themed boys and girls parties to our collection of age-based party supplies, simply browsing our fantastic collections could see you ensuring a unique birthday party that people are guaranteed to love. 


As well as giving you that all-important great idea, our extensive collection of officially licensed party supplies provides you with everything that you could need to bring that vision to life. Whether you’re working with a specific birthday party theme, or simply a color scheme that gives you some great ideas, browsing our collections certainly contain everything that you could need, including fantastically varied party decorations, great and unique party games, and even the cake and baking supplies that you need to keep your food on-theme.   


Guests will certainly leave the party wondering how on earth you came up with such a great idea when you plan your party with the help of Party Expert party supply Canada.

Perfect Birthday Party Planning With Party Expert Party Supplies

Planning the perfect party for our kids can be so stressful that some of us swear we’ll never do it again after our birthday boy or girl’s 1st year, but Party Expert is on hand to help you perfect birthday planning with none of that stress.


In fact, with the help of our one-stop-shop collection of party supplies, we ensure hassle-free access to everything that you need for planning the best party possible, without having to spend any time stressing. Instead, browsing our online collection or ordering in-store pickup can make the planning process so simple that all you’ll need to think about is picking the right date and perfecting your guest list. 


Then, you can sit back and let us take care of the rest, including everything from the best birthday party theme to every element of decoration including balloons and beyond, and even the favor bags and boxes that will see every guest leaving with a guarantee smile on their face.  

Ensure a Party That is as Unique as Your Child With our Birthday Party Supplies

Each of our kids is unique, and every birthday celebration should reflect that. By getting to grips with our extensive collection of themed birthday party supplies, parents stand the best possible chance at planning the perfect party that’s 100% suited to their child’s tastes, and guaranteed to earn a few brownie points on the day.


Whether your little one drives you crazy singing Cocomelon songs or your teen eats and sleeps Star Wars, you certainly needn’t look any further than our fantastic collections here at Party Expert. From Cocomelon party supplies to our extensive Star Wars collection and even cutting edge designs for new releases like our Squid Game and Encanto party supplies, we ensure that the right themes are easier than ever to achieve. 


Even when you’re celebrating with the adults in your life, our age-based collections have you covered with all of the party supplies you could need, from the best birthday party balloons to themed tableware and even the party hats that you need to ensure a great themed birthday party that goes off with a bang when the big day comes. 

Choose Your Theme With the Help of our Party Supplies

As great as birthday party themes can be, going all out with a party theme can start to feel daunting as the day draws nearer. This is why you need Party Expert party supplies to make it easier than ever to settle on a theme that works for whatever birthday party you have planned. 

Our extensive experience in party supply Canada wide has especially led us to understand popular themes which we’ve categorized both online and in-store according to – 

Whether you settle on party supplies for mermaid birthday party themes after browsing our options for girls, or prefer to do something more specific like Paw Patrol party themes for a son who loves that show, our birthday party supply collections Canada are on-hand to guide you towards a theme that you might have spent hours settling on otherwise, and the balloons, themed tableware and more to go along with it.. 

Transform any Space With Party Expert Decorations and Party Supplies

Whether you’re hosting a surprise birthday party or a kids birthday party where your demanding youngster breathes down your neck throughout the lead-up to party day, setting the right scene can make a huge difference for how effective everything from your theme to your much-needed party atmosphere ends up being. 

Birthday party decorations including balloons and more are therefore the most important thing you’ll need to take care of, and require you to consider a wide range of factors, including – 

  • The space you have

  • Your child’s favorite colors 

  • Your chosen materials

  • Your planned birthday party theme

  • And more

These are considerations that Party Expert can take off your mind with our comprehensive collection of decorative party supplies, which includes everything that you could need to transform your dining room or even your local village hall on the day, including striking banners, paper lanterns, door decorations, door and wall decorations, confetti, and much more. When you shop our birthday party themes, you can even ensure that all of this stuff is in strict keeping with the theme that you or your birthday party guest of honor has in mind. 

With everything that you need within such easy reach, you then simply need to think about how to bring those birthday party supplies to life, a step that can be made even easier when you –

  • Enlist volunteers

  • Think about your birthday party as a whole

  • Consider how decorations will look in photographs

  • Focus on a personalized finish

  • Have fun!

Birthday Party Catering That Couldn’t be Simpler

As if thinking about decor, themes, and everything else wasn’t enough, catering also deserves some though when it comes to planning the perfect party. After all, your guests aren’t going to have a great time if they end up leaving hangry, especially if they’re kids who need to eat regularly when they’re burning so much energy!

With the help of our dedicated collection of cake and baking birthday party supplies, you won’t need to worry about whether or not your home-cooked or professional catered food impresses. Instead, fantastic additions including cake fountains, cake toppers, and stands are on-hand to ensure that everything is on-theme and as spectacular as you intended all along. 

With the help of our fantastic supplies, you can certainly ensure a catering table that puts a smile on every guest’s face when party day arrives. Then, you simply need to provide the plates, napkins, cups, and other themed tableware like balloons etc. that can make every food item served here taste that bit better! 

Great Games to get Your Party Going 

At a kids birthday party, games that get everyone involved and keep things interesting can determine whether or not your event is a success. Even when hosting a birthday bash for the more mature people in your life, games can be a great way to get your guests laughing and break that sometimes awkward birthday party ice. 

Regardless of your party themes or preferences, Party Expert provides a wide range of fantastic party games and supplies that are guaranteed to help you keep everyone entertained at all times throughout the big day. From games that fit nicely within our party themes to more generalized party favorites like the donkey pin tail game, there’s sure to be something here to tickle your guest’s fancy. 

Stock up one great game for everyone to play, or buy a few fantastic options that you can set up around the room to keep even demanding children entertained. Oh, and don’t forget to stock up on some award medals so that you can crown your winners!

Party Expert has Your Gifts Covered, Too!

While planning a birthday party celebration can feel like your main responsibility in the lead up to this event, your child or other party guest of honor is also going to need a gift or two to mark the occasion. 

To save you from having to head out on yet another shopping trip for this purpose before party day, Party Expert also provides a fantastic range of birthday gifts for every occasion you could think of. From fun birthday tumblers to help your child remember their big day to more mature presents for the older birthday guest in your life, birthday shopping really couldn’t be simpler. We even stock those toys your kids haven’t stopped asking for in months, including LEGO, Harry Potter merchandise, and yet more Minecraft supplies to fill your home. 

Simply add these items to your basket (either online or in-store) along with all of those birthday party supplies and balloons, and make sure that you have everything you need for the best possible birthday celebrations without question.

Make it a day to Remember

When you stock up on party supplies with Party Expert, you ensure that guests remember this event for a long time to come. Further cement the day in their minds by always making sure to send your guests off with party favors which can keep them happy even after the fun feels like it’s over. 

Especially when hosting a kids party for your birthday boy, party favors provide a great way to ensure this lasting memory, and Party Express stocks everything that you could need to create the most fun favors possible. From top-quality party favor bags and boxes to a range of fun party favors including Pop Its, themed slime, and more. Even for a more adult event, supplies like our cake boxes and carriers can ensure that no one goes home empty handed. 

Simply think about which party favors will make your guests the happiest, then stock up on all of the supplies you need to simplify this process when you come putting party favors together the night before your party day!

Host an Expert Party With the Help of Party Expert

Regardless of the birthday occasions you’re celebrating, you’ll want the day of your party to go off without a hitch, and with as little hassle as possible. As one of the largest party and costume stores in Canada, our team here at Party Expert is proud to help countless hosts achieve that goal every single year, thanks in no small part to our almost twenty years of experience in the party industry. 

No matter your particular needs or themes, our expert team is on-hand both in-store and online with some of the most extensive birthday party supplies and collections that you’ll find this side of Montreal, all at affordable discounts to help you keep costs as low as your stress-levels throughout your shopping experience with us.

Regardless of where you’re shopping from, Party Expert benefits including fast delivery, secure payments, and easy returns certainly mean that we have what it takes to help you plan the best birthday party imaginable. Simply browse our collections of birthday party supplies online or visit us in-store today to see precisely what we can do for you.