Latex Balloons

Latex balloons for all your occasions!

Imagine your parties or anniversaries without balloons…it’s impossible! They bring joy; we like them colored, light, round, stretched, or better yet molded. You want arch-shaped balloons, balloons with confetti, helium balloons, birthday balloons garlands made out of balloons, you want to offer a balloon bouquet or maybe you’re looking for a particular set-up to impress your friends; we have what it takes to ignite the party. Party Expert celebrates with you all and any occasion. With the greatest choice of accessories on the market, your party will radiate with balloons of all shapes, sizes and colors.

They are everywhere: your daughter’s graduation party, baby showers, gender reveal parties, your baby’s baptism, your best friend’s bachelorette, office parties, Christmas, Valentine’s day, New Year’s Eve, your son’s birthday, Halloween, engagement parties, wedding showers, your daughter’s wedding, festive dinners, parties with friends, Mother and Father’s Day, Easter, you name it! You want them personalized, molded, or shaped into domestic pets; there are plenty of occasions to make your inside or outside parties that much cooler.

Made in Canada from 100% natural latex without additives, our balloons are biodegradable and made with the best quality on the market. They are resistant and can be either air or helium-blown. At Party Expert, with more than 50,000 products, we are everywhere for all your occasions. You will love discovering our bright balloon colors and our 2019 novelties.

With our vast choice of colors and shapes, our latex balloons are available in 12, 16, 18, 24 and 36 inches for your colored decorations or for the perfect staging. Shop online or come visit us in one of our Party Expert stores. You can choose from a large selection of balloons, costumes and accessories to enjoy yourself time after time. Party Expert possesses the greatest selection of costumes and accessories on the market.