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Fast Shipping in Canada and USA

Estimated Delivery Date

If you are looking for an estimated delivery date for your region, please visit any product page that is available and in stock, as indicated in the image below. 


Estimated delivery date for Party Expert orders is available on the product page.



Estimated Shipping Times to United States

The standard shipping time is 2 to 5 business days with Fedex Express. Priority Shipping is available for some regions.


Estimated Shipping Times to Canada

Shipping times to Canadian regions and major cities


Low cost shipping on orders

Additional charges may apply on oversized items and remote locations.


Processing and Delivery Time

Processing time is under 24 hours*.  Once processed the delivery time can take anywhere from 1-8 business days depending on where you are located in Canada. (Please note our warehouse is only open from Monday to Friday 7AM to 4PM.) Orders placed over the weekends will only be processed on Monday or Tuesday. 

*Orders placed over the Holidays and special Promotional Events can extend the processing and shipping time.


Shipping notes

Party Expert will not be held responsible for parcels that are not deliverable because of an incomplete/incorrect address or parcels that are not picked up in a timely manner and are returned to Party Expert warehouse. Customers will be charged for delivery back to us and charged for the parcel to be resent.


Exceptions and extra fees for oversized items: 

Some items are considered as oversized. Please refer to the following table to know the extra fees per items. Please note, any applicable shipping charges will always be noted in your cart and during checkout even if the item is not present in the table below.


 Products SKUs Fee
Plastic Table Cover Roll 1007642, 1007634, 1007613, 1007643, 1007633, 1007635, 1007612, 1025151, 1007646, 1017324, 1025150, 1034895, 1007637, 1017323, 1007647, 1007632, 1025153, 1025148, 1025154, 1025147, 1007640, 1094034, 1025149, 1007636, 1007645, 1007644, 1025152
$5 / item


Free Shipping

The free shipping is not available on remote locations, postal code starting with: ‘A0A’, ‘A0B’, ‘A0C’, ‘A0E’, ‘A0G’, ‘A0H’, ‘A0J’, ‘A0K’, ‘A0L’, ‘A0M’, ‘A0N’, ‘A0P’, ‘A0R’, ‘A2V’, ‘A8A’, ‘B0C’, ‘B0E’, ‘B0H’, ‘B0J’, ‘B0K’, ‘B0M’, ‘B0N’, ‘B0R’, ‘B0S’, ‘B0T’, ‘B0V’, ‘B0W’, ‘B1A’, ‘B1B’, ‘B1C’, ‘B1K’, ‘B1M’, ‘B1P’, ‘B1T’, ‘B1W’, ‘B1X’, ‘B1Y’, ‘B2A’, ‘B2C’, ‘B2S’, ‘B2Z’, ‘B3E’, ‘B3Z’, ‘B4V’, ‘B5A’, ‘B6L’, ‘B9A’, ‘E1J’, ‘E2S’, ‘E2V’, ‘E3A’, ‘E3B’, ‘E3C’, ‘E3E’, ‘E3G’, ‘E3L’, ‘E3N’, ‘E4A’, ‘E4B’, ‘E4C’, ‘E4E’, ‘E4G’, ‘E4H’, ‘E4K’, ‘E4L’, ‘E4N’, ‘E4Z’, ‘E5A’, ‘E5B’, ‘E5C’, ‘E5E’, ‘E5G’, ‘E5K’, ‘E5L’, ‘E5M’, ‘E5N’, ‘E5P’, ‘E5R’, ‘E5S’, ‘E5T’, ‘E5V’, ‘E6A’, ‘E6B’, ‘E6C’, ‘E6H’, ‘E6J’, ‘E6K’, ‘E7G’, ‘E7L’, ‘E7M’, ‘E7N’, ‘E7P’, ‘E8B’, ‘E9B’, ‘E9C’, ‘E9E’, ‘G0A’, ‘G0C’, ‘G0E’, ‘G0G’, ‘G0H’, ‘G0J’, ‘G0K’, ‘G0L’, ‘G0R’, ‘G0V’, ‘G0W’, ‘G0X’, ‘G4T’, ‘H0M’, ‘J0B’, ‘J0K’, ‘J0M’, ‘J0R’, ‘J0T’, ‘J0V’, ‘J0W’, ‘J0X’, ‘J0Y’, ‘J0Z’, ‘J8G’, ‘J9L’, ‘K0A’, ‘K0H’, ‘K0J’, ‘P0H’, ‘P0J’, ‘P0K’, ‘P0L’, ‘P0M’, ‘P0S’, ‘P0T’, ‘P0V’, ‘P0W’, ‘P0X’, ‘P0Y’, ‘P8T’, ‘R0A’, ‘R0B’, ‘R0C’, ‘R0E’, ‘R0G’, ‘R0H’, ‘R0J’, ‘R0K’, ‘R0L’, ‘R0M’, ‘R5A’, ‘S0A’, ‘S0C’, ‘S0E’, ‘S0G’, ‘S0H’, ‘S0J’, ‘S0K’, ‘S0L’, ‘S0M’, ‘S0N’, ‘S0P’, ‘S7K’, ‘T0A’, ‘T0B’, ‘T0C’, ‘T0E’, ‘T0G’, ‘T0H’, ‘T0J’, ‘T0K’, ‘T0L’, ‘T0M’, ‘T0P’, ‘T0V’, ‘T4S’, ‘T9N’, ‘T9S’, ‘V0A’, ‘V0B’, ‘V0C’, ‘V0E’, ‘V0G’, ‘V0H’, ‘V0J’, ‘V0K’, ‘V0L’, ‘V0N’, ‘V0P’, ‘V0R’, ‘V0S’, ‘V0T’, ‘V0V’, ‘V0W’, ‘V0X’, ‘V9Z’, ‘X0A’, ‘X0B’, ‘X0C’, ‘X0E’, ‘X0G’, ‘X1A’, ‘Y0A’, ‘Y0B’, ‘Y1A’