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LEGO Star Wars

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LEGO Star Wars | Party Expert

LEGO Star Wars is one of the most purchased LEGO sets around. It brings all your favourite characters together, allowing both children and adults to join in with the fun. Full of nostalgia, and complete with loads of excellent accessories, Star Wars LEGO is a must-have toy!

Shop the Most Popular Star Wars LEGO Sets

At Party Expert, we stock a range of highly popular LEGO Star Wars sets. We’ve got a range of items, from cute Brick Headz to more complicated ships. There is everything in the Star Wars universe for you to enjoy. 

Discover a Wide Selection of LEGO Star Wars Toys

As a franchise, Star Wars has become known all over the world. One of the reasons for this is that the universe is absolutely massive. Older fans will remember the original trilogy, with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker as the main characters, fighting it out on a large Imperial Star Destroyer. Who can forget the Death Star blowing up as the Rebels saved the day? Or the introduction of the legendary bounty hunter Boba Fett?

Then came the prequels, taking us back in time to the Clone Wars. Here, we were introduced to the beginning of the Skywalker Saga, learning how Anakin grew to become the most feared Sith Lord in the galaxy. We saw a variety of new characters and spaceships in the prequel trilogy too, really broadening our minds and introducing a full range of new toys! 

Fast forward to the latest trilogy, and we were once again back with Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, the Millennium Falcon, and a host of new characters. The force is definitely still burning strong, and there are so many LEGO sets and toys for everyone to have fun with. We’ve got toys from each of the three main Star Wars eras and there’s bound to be something here that you will love!

LEGO Star Wars Toys Are for Everyone

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy LEGO Star Wars! There are toys here that adults can enjoy just as much. In fact, some of the sets are specifically aimed at an older audience because of how complicated they are to put together - like the wildly popular R2-D2 model

At the same time, we have a broad collection of kids’ toys too. Plenty of the LEGO Star Wars sets are for ages 4 and upwards, making them perfect for younger children. They all vary in difficulty as well, meaning kids can pick and choose different sets depending on how much of a challenge they want.

LEGO Star Wars Ships

Out of all the LEGO Star Wars sets and collections, the ships are some of the most popular. We have all the wing fighter sets available, as well as iconic Star Wars ships - like the Millennium Falcon from the iconic Skywalker Saga. Recent Star Wars fans will also love our selection of The Mandalorian sets and ships. This includes the Razor Crest itself, as well as small speeders and other Star Wars LEGO games. 

The cool thing about the ships is that they come with lots of extra features. There are moving parts, projectiles, and everything else you need to create your own space battle at home. The Millennium Falcon is particularly brilliant in terms of playable features!

LEGO Star Wars Characters

The characters have always been what’s made the Star Wars franchise so special. Whether it's Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, C-3P0, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or any other Jedi. Kids and adults relate to the stars, and you can choose from many LEGO Star Wars toys based on them! 

We have the iconic Darth Vader helmet set that you can build yourself, as well as many other characters from the Clone Wars through to The Mandalorian. 

What is the rarest LEGO Star Wars set?

LEGO Star Wars has been around for much longer than people think. In fact, the rarest LEGO Star Wars set dates back to 2011. It features Han Solo on a Tauntaun, taken from the legendary scene in The Empire Strikes Back. It has 336 pieces and is so rare that the current cost of it today is unknown. 

How many total LEGO Star Wars sets are there?

According to LEGO themselves, there are more than 400 LEGO Star Wars sets out there. This includes the small keychain LEGO models, and there have been sets made since 1999. 

What are some good LEGO Star Wars sets?

There are plenty of good LEGO Star Wars sets for you to play with and enjoy. LEGO R2-D2 is a classic that can’t be ignored, bringing everyone’s favourite droid to life in LEGO form. Another recent option that’s very popular is The Child, letting fans of The Mandalorian bring baby Yoda to their living rooms. 

Some other excellent choices include the Duel on Mustafar from Revenge of the Sith and Poe Dameron’s X-Wing fighterfrom the sequel trilogies. The simple answer to this question is that there are far too many good sets in the LEGO Star Wars collection!

Which LEGO Star Wars is the newest?

There has recently been a new selection of LEGO Star Wars sets announced for the upcoming release. This includes the Inquisitor Transport Scythe from the recent Obi-Wan Kenobi series, as well as Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder from A New Hope. 

Will there be new LEGO Star Wars sets?

Yes, there are always new LEGO Star Wars sets. As of right now, the LEGO company has not announced any plans to stop making them, and we already know of multiple releases coming throughout 2022 and beyond. 

Are LEGO Star Wars buildable figures Cancelled?

Yes, LEGO Star Wars buildable figures have been cancelled. Previously, LEGO released a wide selection of Star Wars characters that fans could build from the ground up - including Clone Troopers and Kylo Ren. However, they were cancelled in 2019. 

How much is a LEGO Star Wars spaceship?

The price of a LEGO Star Wars spaceship depends on the set you are looking to purchase. The higher end of the scale can set you back a couple of hundred dollars, while smaller sets - like this X-Wing - are around $25.

The Best LEGO Star Wars Gifts for Space Fans

At Party Expert, we are confident in providing you with some of the best LEGO Star Wars gifts for space fans. If you love the franchise and want to bring the galaxy into your home, browse through our offerings to see what’s in store. 

Shop Star Wars LEGO for Adults

As mentioned before, we have lots of different sets that are perfect for adults. In truth, any LEGO Star Wars can be ideal for an adult fan. If you’ve been following Star Wars your whole life - or know someone that’s a huge fan - then any of the more complicated sets would be perfect. 

We recommend picking the spaceships or the Star Wars models. These tend to include more bricks, more brainpower and can keep adults busy for a good few hours or days. You won’t need to use any Jedi mind tricks to figure them out, but the force is definitely strong with them.

Discover Star Wars LEGO Building Sets for Kids

Adults aren’t the only ones that can have fun with LEGO Star Wars. You can discover some extremely enjoyable sets specifically aimed at kids. One of our most popular sets for kids is the Millenium Falcon Microfighter, which is suitable for children aged 6+. 

We’ve also got wonderful Star Wars sets - like the Duel on Mandalore (7+) and LEGO Star Wars Yoda (10+) that are slightly more challenging. LEGO is such a great toy for kids because it challenges their minds, and teaches them to be patient & solve puzzles, while also tapping into their imagination. 

Best LEGO Star Wars Sets 2022

2022 has seen a collection of fantastic LEGO Star Wars sets released for fans to play with. Here’s our pick of the best ones you can currently buy: 

LEGO Star Wars the Mandalorian

Of course, The Mandalorian TV series has been a huge hit with Star Wars fans since its release. The series has brought along some new and existing characters, drawing in more new fans to the Star Wars franchise. As a result, there have been loads of new toy releases for fans to grasp and get their hands on. 

We’ve already mentioned a few of the LEGO Star Wars the Mandalorian sets already, such as Mandalorian and Child, and Trouble on Tatooine. But we also sell the AT-ST Raider from The Mandalorian, which is a massive hit with both kids and adults. The Mandalorian Battle Pack is also a top seller, and it is one of the newest LEGO Star Wars sets released. 

Organize a LEGO Star Wars Night

With such a diverse range of sets to choose from, you can easily arrange a LEGO Star Wars night at your house. Invite friends, encourage people to dress up, and have a whale of a time. Naturally, there’s everything you could possibly need for a night like this on the Party Expert website!

Shop Star Wars Party Supplies to Set the Theme

No party is complete without a proper theme. Sure, having a cool LEGO set is one thing, but it’s not the only element to consider. What about plates, napkins, cups, table covers, and other decorations?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that we stock an awesome selection of Star Wars Party Supplies that you can purchase. This includes all of the above, plus banners, decorating kits, stickers, balloons, scene setters, and so much more. 

Gather your goods and start covering your party location to transform it into a Star Wars lover’s paradise. 

Set a Dress Code According to LEGO Star Wars Characters

Who are your favourite characters from LEGO Star Wars? Check the sets and pick out some characters that you want to dress up as. Set the dress code for your party to ensure that everyone turns up as a different character. 

Again, we have such a wide selection of Star Wars and The Mandalorian costumes and accessories for sale. From lightsabers to cute Chewbacca costumes, and everything in between. We’ve got you covered, allowing yourself and your guests to all get dressed up and ready for a fun night of Star Wars!

The costumes and accessories are available in adults and kids sizes. So, if you’re having a grown-up party, you can still dress up. 

Stop by Party Expert Your No. 1 LEGO Store in Canada

We don’t just sell LEGO Star Wars at Party Expert. As the number one LEGO store in Canada, we are proud to show off our fantastic range of LEGO sets for you to enjoy. If you’re not a Star Wars fan, there is definitely something else that you will fall in love with on our site. 

Discover our Trending LEGO Themes

Our LEGO Store has some of the best and most coveted sets on the internet. Nevertheless, we also boast some of the trendiest LEGO Themes that money can buy right now. This includes the following: 

LEGO Harry Potter

Bring the wizarding world to your home with our LEGO Harry Potter sets. Suitable for kids and adults, there are some truly magnificent things for you to build and play with. From The Chamber of Secrets to the Whomping Willow, these sets will test your LEGO skills and provide endless enjoyment.

LEGO Super Mario

The iconic Nintendo game has been immortalized in LEGO form. Our LEGO Super Mario theme is easily one of the most creative around. The scenes and sets you can create from these bricks are true masterpieces. Bring old video game levels to life and enjoy cool features like power packs and lights - some of the sets are expandable too!

LEGO Ninjago 

LEGO Ninjago has become a wildly popular set amongst younger children in recent years. It has some really impressive creations - such as the LEGO Ninjago Water-Dragon. Fans of the films will definitely find a lot to keep them happy here. 

Find the Best LEGO Games in Canada at Party Expert

No matter your interests, we have all of the best LEGO games you can find on the Party Expert website. Browse through all of our products to see just how many choices there are!