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Lego City is a theme in which Lego building sets based on city life are released, including models showing city and emergency services such as fire and police, airports, railroads, construction, and civilian services.

Discover Our Large Selection of LEGO City Toys and Games

Here at Party Expert, we have a wide collection from the LEGO group of LEGO city toys, LEGO City characters and games. Let's have a look at all the information you need before you order your starting collection:

All the LEGO Building Sets You Need to Build a City

The best kits allow you (and your children) to build your own civilization from the ground up. So we've gathered the best Lego sets city for creating an urban setting in the comfort of your own house.

Of course, some of these kits will be more appealing to you than others, so we attempt to provide as much information on each one as possible.

LEGO City Police Sets

Crime is a significant subject in many sets, so it's hardly unexpected that the company went above and above with their Police HQ. This is not just one building, but three interconnected ones: a jail part, a headquarters building, and a garage. A lookout tower on top of the garage and a helipad above the main offices have also been included by the designers. Best of all, everything is perfectly joined together via a series of catwalks, staircases, and doors, giving you plenty of options for where to arrange your mini-figures and accessories.

We like how there's a spot for taking mugshots of offenders, complete with a height chart, as well as the presence of a water cooler and a coffee maker: if there's one thing we've learned from cop shows, it's that they like their drinks. There are also some super-fun action aspects in this game, such as the garage's launching arm, which enables the automobile to surge out, and a system that lets you to blow the side of the jail clean off after planting dynamite in the climate control unit on the side.

LEGO City Construction Sets

Construction sites are typically not child-friendly environments, but construction vehicles are universally cool and intriguing to children - even toddlers. The sheer size and noise these machines create in real life astound young children. As you become older, you realize how much power is put into diggers, excavators, vehicles, and cranes. So, how do you design a truck capable of lifting/digging up/transporting/stacking all of your heavies pretend debris, bricks, and other construction supplies? You need one of the construction LEGO sets.

With just a few large bricks, kids can construct bulldozers, wrecking balls, and dump trucks. for youngsters ages 4 to 12 features all the loaders, tippers, cranes, and other construction vehicles made with smaller LEGO System bricks, while LEGO Technic is for adult mechanics and engineers in training (ages 7 to 16). This means kids of any age can start their LEGO Canada city.

LEGO City Fire Sets

A LEGO city fire station is required in every city. And Lego has done an excellent job with its Fire Station, which has some lovely design details. The firefighting water scooter with rotatable water pistol is our favourite. The addition of a drone with spinning rotors and its own landing pad also brings everything up to date.

It's not the largest Lego City kit, and the overall structure is best described as compact. Also, the garage is only barely spacious enough to fit the truck. However, this helps to keep the set's price low, and altogether, this is a brilliantly designed kit that, in its aesthetic simplicity, harkens back to old Lego.

What to Love About City LEGO Sets

One of the biggest reasons people of any age love LEGO city sets is because it can be built on. You find all of the sets that you love and then create your city. From lego truck sets and your favourite minifigure to another category such as a LEGO fire station or LEGO police station . There are many LEGO City adventures that you can be had,

What age is LEGO City suitable for?

There are many LEGO kits available that are created for different age groups of children, depending on how much they should be able to manage. Regular LEGO sets will typically appeal to people aged 16 and up into adulthood. When building LEGO adventures with LEGO City Canada the recommended

How to Create the Perfect City

LEGO cities need to be built from the ground up, so you need to start with the basics or use your favorite set for your base. Maybe it's a LEGO fire truck, and now you need to head to the store to get a station to match. Perhaps it's a LEGO City store and you are hunting for the next category, such as adding a doughnut store or space station. The best thing to do is to use your imagination. You will find that every LEGO City in Canada is different because everyone likes to order different sets at different times. Why not head to our online store and find the best set to use to get started?

Why kids love LEGO City and games?

Kids may study as well as play games like LEGO City: Undercover. Games don't have to be labeled as "educational" to help children develop critical thinking skills such as focus, flexibility, organization, planning, time management, learning, and memory, and LEGO City: Undercover does just that.

Parents should be aware that LEGO City Undercover is a massive open-world adventure game that includes virtual copies of many LEGO construction sets. Kids who play the game are likely to want to buy the LEGO sets they see, and kids who play with LEGO will want to buy the game. If you can get beyond the branding and commercialism, though, you'll find a pleasant, family-friendly game with a winning protagonist who is nice, charming, humorous, imperfect, and never uses lethal force. In a colorful and whimsical universe that feels like the world's largest LEGO collection brought to life, the game encourages exploration, discovery, and imagination.

Organize a LEGO City Party for Kids

Who doesn't enjoy playing with LEGO? They never go out of style, are gender-neutral, and save the day.

Children's birthday celebrations are something that we all look forward to just as much as the children do. If you're looking for an awesome LEGO Citythemed birthday party idea, this site is for you. Put your thinking caps on and get ready to rock a very amazing Lego-themed birthday party.

Begin with personalized LEGO-themed birthday invites. Check out some of the LEGO birthday supplies from Party Expert. Keep the decorations, such as balloons, hats, and banners, in keeping with the Lego theme.

Make a massive DIY Lego brick as an eye-catching centerpiece. To make the block, take a large cardboard box, paint or colored paper, and glue. Make circular plugs out of yogurt tubs, short paper cups, or empty plastic loo rolls.

Shop Block Themed Party Supplies and Decorations

Everyone like LEGO City, and it is one of the most popular party themes. One of the most significant advantages is the variety of themes available, as well as the fact that both boys and girls enjoy LEGO City. If you're planning a children's birthday party, check out our online store for some block-themed party supplies.

Welcome your Guests in a LEGO Costume

If you really want to make an impression, you could welcome your guests in a LEGO costume, suggest a dress code or even order some costumes so you can set up a dress-up station at your party.

The Best LEGO City Gifts for the Most Creative Children

If your youngster likes LEGO, the LEGO City series is likely to be at the top of their wish list. This set is like having a little city in your own room. This LEGO series helps recreate the aspects of a real city, from the local police and fire stations to the garbage truck and personnel who assist keep the city clean. Party Expert have many different choices and should be your go-to Lego shop Canada.

If you are looking for the ideal LEGO sets 2022 for your children, try:

  • Police HQ

  • Dirt Bike Transporter

  • Firetruck

  • City Mars Space Shuttle

Shop LEGO City Toys by Age

When placing your orders for LEGO City for your children, you want to make sure you order something that is age-appropriate. Use the handy tools that allow you to shop by age. Whether they are 2 years old or a teen, you can make sure you are buying the right set for their age.

Shop LEGO City Games by Theme

Another option is to search by theme. On our Party Expert online store, it is easy to use the filters to find the perfect order in the theme you are looking for. This is the ideal way to start a LEGO collection and start collecting more LEGO themes.

Party Expert Is Your No.1 LEGO Store Canada

If you are on the hunt in stores for LEGO make sure you have a look at the online store from Party Expert. There are many choices so you are sure to find the right collection. It's the place you will be able to find the best new LEGO sets in 2022.

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