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Throwing a Paw Patrol themed birthday

Are you looking for paw patrol party ideas so you can throw a successful birthday celebration for your child?

Well, then you have comes to the right place, because here at we know that when throwing a paw patrol celebration for your child, there are many things to consider such as paw patrol decorations.

The good news is that we have all the paw patrol party supplies you could possibly need, with fast delivery, and at a great price. Keep reading to discover what we stock in our online store.

Paw Patrol birthday decorations


When it comes to Paw Patrol Party decorations, our huge range of balloons can't be beaten. Firstly, there are our classic color latex balloons that come in a range of options, suitable for boys and girls.

Foil Balloons

Other birthday party decorations we stock include foil balloons that are available in a Chase design, a themed Bouquet, 5 pack, and other messages on such as Happy Birthday

Why not also try our Giant Chase Air Walker Balloon? It's one of the most popular Paw Patrol decorations for birthday party we stock. 

Balloon weights

You can even find paw patrol theme balloon weights here at to ensure your decoration stay where they need to be.


Another great decoration option for your child's birthday celebration is a Paw Patrol birthday banner.

Choose between our cute bunting style photo banner or our jumbo customizable banner that spells out happy birthday. 


Games for your celebration

Next, to throw a successful paw patrol themed bash you will want to make sure there are plenty of activities and entertainments to keep the children happy.

The good news is that our range of cheap paw patrol party supplies includes plenty of fun game options., including Party pinatas. The latter is another great way to entertain your guests.

The best thing about ours is that they are Chase and Marshall shaped and work with a pull string design. This means they are perfect for children's celebrations because instead of having to hit them you can just use the pull string mechanism for safer candy and prize delivery.

Prizes for your games

We even have a Paw Patrol award ribbon and Paw Patrol award medals which are perfect for giving to kids as they win the games.


Paw Patrol party favours are a great way to say thank you to all your child's guests as they leave. Luckily our selection of favor bags and small gifts make it super simple to create favors everyone will love.

Make up your own favors bags

Choose from our selection of smaller part gifts that you will find in stock in our online store like pencils, rubber wrist bands, and even paw patrol blowouts.

Make things easy with our favor megapack

Altnertivley, choose our great value Paw Patrol mega favor pack to make things as quick, and simple as possible. 


One of the best ideas when throwing or attending birthday parties is to give a gift that matches the theme of the celebration. Happily, here at we make this easier than ever with our comprehensive selection.

Action figures 

First, choose our fun action figures which feature the Paw Patrol crew in their cars.

Plush figures 

Alternatively, why not opt for our cute plush figures? The Mini TY ones are ideal for adding to a favors bag.

Toys and games

Then there are all the cool toys are games we have that are themed around Paw Patrol such as sticker sets, puzzles, and Play Dough.

Gifts Wraps


Paw patrol food and drink

To host the perfect Paw Patrol part you need to think about the kind of food and drink you will serve to your guests, as well as how you will serve it.


Fortunately, we have you covered, because at you will find everything you need from paw patrol plates to napkins and even a whole range of cups to choose from.

Cake Supplies 

Our cake picks and candles are some of our most popular paw patrol birthday party supplies, too as they turn even the most simple bake into a fun themed treat. 

Costumes & Accessories

Another fun addition to a Paw Patrol celebration is to encourage everyone to dress up.

Low-cost costume ideas

There are many ways to do this including keeping it simple with paw patrol party hats and masks.

Full costume ideas

Alternatively, you can choose our adult and child full costumes which will give an extra sense of fun to your celebration. - your party store for all paw patrol birthday supplies

Here at, we offer the best selection of paw patrol party supplies that your child and all their guests will love. 

We offer fast delivery and great deals on party supplies for other occasions too, from anniversary parties to weddings. 

Paw Patrol birthday party collection - Paw Patrol party ideas

Let's get on a roll with our Paw Patrol birthday party collection! It includes everything you need to make the perfect party for your little one: tableware, decorations, balloons, party supplies and costumes featuring Chase, Marshall, Rubble, Skye, Rocky Everest and their friends! With our pinatas, invitations, party hats, blowouts and party favors, all of Adventure Bay will want to attend your event!