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LEGO Mario is one of the newest LEGO Themes available, bringing the bright and energetic Nintendo game to real life! If you’re fans of Mario & Luigi - and also love building with lego bricks - this collection is right up your street. Explore all of the fantastic products right here on the Party Expert website - your number one place for LEGO in Canada.

Find the Best LEGO Mario Set

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest LEGO Super Mario adventures, then you’ve come to the right place. We have so much fun-packed LEGO on our site, making this collection the perfect gift toy for kids. 

LEGO Super Mario comes in so many different designs and styles, with a whole host of awesome sets for you to pick from. This family favorite character has been recreated using LEGO bricks, and you won’t find a better selection of sets anywhere else in Canada!

Enter the LEGO Super Mario Universe

Take a dive into the LEGO Super Mario universe with our vibrant and colorful products. If your children play the Mario video game, they will fall in love with some of the toy figures and sets for sale. The characters have been made to look really cute, while all of the sets come with excellent playability features. 

These aren’t the type of toys your children will build once and ignore for the rest of their lives. They can be expanded and played with over and over again. Everyone from the Mario video games is here, including himself, Luigi, Bowser, and even Cat Mario. 

Shop the Newest LEGO Super Mario Sets

Party Expert is always keen to give our customers the very latest offerings from the world of LEGO. As such, we are pleased to reveal some of the newest LEGO Mario sets on the market right now. A few of our most popular recent sets include: 

Of course, we have many other new LEGO Super Mario sets for you to look at as well. The range is comfortably one of the most sought-after right now, especially for a child. As a result, LEGO has big plans to continue creating and releasing new sets throughout 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond. 

Discover Super Mario Expansion Sets to Create More Challenging Levels

One of the joys of the LEGO Super Mario Adventures is that each LEGO set can be made bigger and more challenging. They are one of the few LEGO themes that offer expandable sets, bringing enhanced play to the table. 

The idea is a very simple one to offer unlimited creative challenges for players. Children can begin with the Mario starter course, taking their LEGO Mario figure through the level. If they want more of a challenge, they can purchase extra sets with loads of new bricks. Build the expansion set, then attach it to the Mario starter course, and you have a much bigger set with more playability. 

As a result, this keeps people playing for hours and hours, days on end!

Some of our best-selling LEGO Super Mario Adventures expansion sets include: 

Shop LEGO Super Mario Toys and Gifts in Canada

LEGO Super Mario Adventures are brilliant gifts to get for children. They lead hours of enhanced play and creative fun. If you’re trying to think of a cool birthday gift for kids in Canada, this is right up there as the number one choice!

Start a LEGO Super Mario Collection for Your Child

It’s simple, we have the perfect sets to help you start a collection for your child. We suggest starting with the Adventure with Mario Starter Course. This Mario starter course is a small set that introduces your child to the world of LEGO Super Mario. It’s very easy for them to build, and it has lots of playable features to keep them entertained. 

From here, you can take the Mario starter course and add the expansion packs to it. This ensures the original gift continues to be played with, while further immersing your child in LEGO Super Mario Adventures!

Get Also Some LEGO Mario Characters

Mario has been around for decades, and one of the reasons the franchise does so well is that it boasts some iconic and memorable characters. Now, you can get these characters in LEGO Mario! As well as a LEGO Mario figure, you can get a Goomba figure, Yoshi, and whatever your favorite character might be!

There are even sets that only include characters, allowing you to flesh out your world with all the goodies and baddies from the famous video game. This brings a whole new element of fun to LEGO; you now have to focus on collecting the different characters as they are released!

Shop Super Mario Bros Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

The fun doesn’t have to stop with LEGO Super Mario Adventures. Why don’t you plan a Mario-themed birthday for your children? We have all the Super Mario Bros Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations that you could possibly need. 

We’ve got paper cups, temporary tattoos, balloons, paper plates, table covers - the list goes on and on!

Shop Super Mario Costumes

Fancy dressing up as your favorite character from the franchise? At Party Expert, we’ve got an impressive selection of Super Mario Costumes that are perfect for birthdays, Halloween, Comic-Con, or any other event. 

As if that wasn’t enough, we boast adult costumes too. This lets the parents get in on the fun, dressing up as Super Mario characters to follow the theme. 

Why do kids love LEGO Super Mario so much?

Of all the different sets, why do children love LEGO Mario most of all? Well, the collection comes with very easy building instructions, but there are three main reasons it’s a hit with children:

LEGO Super Mario Games Offer a New Way to Play

Unlike a lot of LEGO collections, LEGO Super Mario Adventures offers a brand new way to play. Children don’t just build the sets; they get to play with them as though they’re levels from a game! There are so many different moving parts to make things spin around or jump up and down - it’s really brilliant for developing problem solving skills. 

Plus, you have the Mario starter course, which can be manipulated and designed however the user wants. From here, you can change things and use the same set for hours of fun and creativity. 

Create Your Own Mario Adventures

Following on from the previous point, children have the ability to tap into their imagination and develop their own Mario adventures. Again, it starts with the Mario starter course. After this, all of the expandable sets can be bought to create the ultimate adventure. Children can also get their hands on LEGO Super Mario figures to add to the course, bringing the levels to life and providing new creative ways to play. 

Whether this means harnessing Super Star’s power or navigating through Luigi’s Mansion - there are so many ways to use the LEGO Super Mario Expansion sets for adventure time!

Collect Your Favorite Super Mario Characters

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s an element of collectability to it as well. The levels and sets are one thing, but kids can also try to collect all of their favorite Super Mario Bros characters. 

When buying the Mario starter course, your receive a Mario figure, along with a Bowser and Goomba figure too. The expansion sets include different figures, but there’s a special Character Pack that you can buy as well. This pack includes a whole host of popular characters from the Super Mario Series, including villains, heroes, and background characters from the games. 

For kids, a huge part of the enjoyment revolves around trying to collect all of the available characters!

Party Expert Is Your No.1 LEGO Online Store Canada

Looking for more LEGO enjoyment? Why stop at LEGO Super Mario when there are so many brilliant LEGO Themes out there. 

Party Expert is your number one LEGO Online Store in Canada, so we can hook you up with the hottest sets and figures. What’s more, we’ve got collections that are perfect for people of all ages - not just children! 

Start Collecting More LEGO Themes

LEGO currently has an outrageous collection of themes for fans to purchase and enjoy. We sell so many different LEGO sets - it’s honestly hard to keep up with them all. However, here are some of the top LEGO themes in Canada right now:

LEGO Technic

LEGO Technic is aimed at both children and adults and features unique pieces that allow for mind-blowing and crazy creations. 

Mainly, the Technic theme revolves around cars and other vehicles or structures. The special Technic pieces mean you can bend LEGO in new ways and build really strong masterpieces. They’re a massive hit with adults, particularly car lovers! This makes the sets a fine holiday gift idea if you’ve got older kids or adult friends and don’t know what to get them!

LEGO Disney

Unsurprisingly, LEGO Disney is hugely popular with the younger generation. If you have kids and are looking for cute birthday gift ideas, this theme is perfect. It features LEGO creations from top Disney films - such as Frozen 1 & 2, and Raya and The Last Dragon. 

There are also adorable sets with Disney Princesses and classic Disney characters, like Mickey Mouse himself. 

LEGO Friends

Another popular LEGO Theme for children. LEGO Friends gives kids a whole host of sets with lots of cute characters and pets. It’s an excellent theme for playability, allowing kids to build their own worlds and play with all the different figures. 

They can really use their imagination here, choosing what the characters will do and where they’ll go. There are sets for children as young as 4, with so many diverse settings to choose from - such as beaches, houses, cars, and more.