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LEGO Technic is often described as the part of the LEGO Group that focuses on motorized building experiences. If you are unfamiliar with the unique construction vehicles and other engineering sets, it makes no doubt that things can initially feel daunting.

But fear not: the Technic sets can be a lot of fun for adults and kids who want to explore the playful side of technology in Canada. So, whether you've been tasked with the preparation of a surprise birthday party featuring intricate LEGO toys or you want to activate a brick kit as part of the celebration, we've got you covered with some useful tips and ideas.


Shop the Best LEGO Technic Sets

Admittedly, first things first: There can be no LEGO Technic party without getting the official kits from a store. It's fair to say that there are up to 13 stores in Canada, as well as a branded online store. You can also find some motorized LEGO sets in partner stores, including Walmart and Toys R Us. In other words, there are plenty of places for you to find LEGO sets Technic models.

As a word of warning, we would advise against purchasing second-hand or used Technic models in vintage stores or online re-selling marketplaces such as eBay. You want to make sure the motorized pieces are reliable and in pristine condition, so it's best to focus on brand-new items only.

Besides, store-bought toys are more likely to be exchanged or refunded in case of problems — while it is an unlikely case with the brand, it's best to be safe than sorry!


What is the difference between LEGO and LEGO Technic?

Preparing a themed LEGO party for a loved one interested in building a Technic kit can be confusing at first. Ultimately, a quick LEGO search will show a huge variety of LEGO toys. Are these the same as Technic sets? Typically, stores will have both the traditional building blocks and more advanced sets designed to suit different types of players. 

There is some overlap in the build process. However, a Technic model will favor pins, gears, and more complex functions, while conventional LEGO games have simpler and more accessible instructions using only bricks and pre-molded accessories. The official LEGO store describes the Technic collection as a representation of real-world machines and vehicles featuring realistic movement and intricate details. 

Does it mean that every LEGO car bought in an official store is part of a LEGO Technic set? Not necessarily. As mentioned, LEGO Technic sets prioritize engineering and technical realism, hence creating a more rewarding building experience. 

There are some important clues to differentiate traditional building designs from Technic LEGO toys:

  • Simpler blocks can cover most ages, with designs suitable for young kids, from ages 3 and up. (Ages below 3 can't play safely with small LEGO bricks)

  • Technic toys are designed for older builders, typically ranging from ages 16 to adults (however, some toys are suitable for smaller kids, starting with accessible technical builds)

  • It says on the box

  • Sets for older ages tend to have a lot more LEGO Technic pieces

  • LEGO Technic parts are more intricate, often including realistic axles, motors, and wheels, as well as special pieces. 


Special LEGO Pieces

LEGO Design and Technic are part of a unique LEGO collection that includes special pieces you wouldn't find in any other game by the brand.

These pieces are designed to bring new functions and features to the end model, enabling a wider and more realistic range of motions:

  • Axles

  • Gears

  • Wheels

  • Liftarms

  • Unique blocks with holes to fit and balance the above-mentioned pieces

  • Connector pegs


Advanced Models

More advanced models can also include power functions, such as an electric motor, to drive the LEGO Technic vehicle. Battery-powered motors are the most frequent occurrence, but some toys can also require a transformer. Due to the nature of the build and the need for motorized control, these Technic sets are typically found in stores in adults of late teens aisles. They are not safe to construct or play for younger ages, or without adult surveillance.


Is LEGO Technic compatible with normal LEGO?

The brick layout for all constructions remains the same. Therefore, someone could create accessories for their Technic toy using conventional LEGO blocks. Similarly, if you have a specific design in mind that isn't yet available through the brand's products, you can also reach out to the office store to order a custom kit.

However, it's important to note that advanced features and motions require special parts to hold in place. You can't replace a technical piece with normal brick parts. But, you can improve a simple car by adding Technic accessories to introduce new features.


Visit the No.1 LEGO Technic Canada Online Store

It can be tough to pick the best LEGO gifts for an enthusiastic builder. We recommend visiting the official store LEGO Canada, which has 13 unique stores throughout the country. The largest store is in Edmonton, Alberta, and covers 6,500 square feet. It is the best place to compare different Technic toys by ages and intricate details. If you are still unsure, we are convinced the in-store assistants will be happy to help.


Do you already know what you need? Please consider the online stores and local partner stores, where you can filter directly by product, for even interest.


Discover All Our LEGO Technic Models

The LEGO Technic collection started in 1977 with the first introduction of technical sets. Currently, the collection counts 486 Technic kits for enthusiastic constructors of all ages starting from 6+/8.

Technic figures are also available in 27 different kinds of designs. Yet, the same Technic figure can be included in more than one set, using different accessories.

What are Technic-specific accessories? Over the years, the brand has created a variety of stickers used as accessories to decorate car sets and other elements.


LEGO Technic Cars

The concept of a LEGO Technic car was launched in 1977 with model #956 in North America (#853 in the rest of the world). The brand introduced a supercar, reciprocating engine, steering motion and balance, and 2 speed transmission technology.

Stores currently have a collection of 18 different Technic cars, suitable for enthusiasts of all ages, ranging from a simple LEGO Technic Monster Jam for ages 7 and over to the rare Bugatti Chiron for grown-ups.


LEGO Technic Trucks

Lego Technic truck and excavator kits are hugely popular for younger ages interested in construction and road works.

Other vehicles are also available, such as Technic Bulldozer or transformation vehicle, both providing smartphone app Lego Technic control.


LEGO Technic Toys and Collectibles

The first Technic car is now a collector and only available through specialist vintage and collectible stores. Unfortunately, while the company has retained building instructions for older kits on the archive, even official stores do not have traces of the first LEGO Technic 1977. So, if you manage to unearth an old Technic box, you may have to trust your instincts, as the brand's stores can only provide instructions for sets starting from 1996 and onwards.


The Best of LEGO Technic 2022

Which is the best Technic gift for a building aficionado? The answer depends entirely on ages, interests, and the level of complexity you want. Additionally, some kits are rare and hard to find in stores. So, if you are after something special, you may need to reach out to private collectors to find some of the most exciting toys. Beware, age groups have changed a lot since the first Technic model in 1977!

As of 2022, the best LEGO Technic ideas include realistic reproduction of famous cars, Bluetooth-controlled toys, and fully articulated contraptions, all of which are available in your local stores. We recommend checking stores for the following:

  • Off-Road Buggy, fully suitable with RC functions

  • Liebherr R 9800 excavator

  • Ducati Panigale V4 R, an exciting two-wheeler

  • Land Rover Defender

  • 4x4 X-treme Off-roader, also with Control+ app


Perfect Gift for Advanced Builders

For older and more experienced age groups, the Technic collection contains some of the most difficult and satisfying pieces to make, including a high number of parts:

  • App-Controlled Cat D11 Bulldozer, with almost 4,000 pieces, motor features, and app RC

  • Bugatti Chiron (rare but still available in some stores) with over 3,500 pieces

  • Ferrari Daytona SP3 with 3,778 pieces


Not all kits come with a motor. Which LEGO Technic sets can be motorized? Typically, these kits are not collectibles. They have working engines, including either the power functions feature or the Technic Control+. These games are often suitable for kids, typically starting from ages 11+ and include:

  • Terrain cranes

  • Radio-controlled cars and racers

  • Articulated construction trucks

  • Tractors


You can also find a motor function that can be bought separately and added to an existing Technic toy.

Shop More Popular LEGO Sets at Party Expert

At Party Expert, we are committed to helping you throw an exciting Technic party with dedicated LEGO kits and other accessories.

We also have other kits to establish the party mood for creators who love a challenge. For Minecraft-themed parties, we also are an official Lego Minecraft store Canada.


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Don't hesitate to reach out to our team to find out more about our offering for Technic-themed parties!