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Ghosts & Reapers

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Ghosts & Reapers

We keep our reaper and ghost Halloween costumes in the attic

Enter, if you dare...

As the recently deceased zombies will tell you, the true masters of the spook are the ghosts, wraiths and specters. Not only are they usually still around because of a curse, but they are also insubstantial... so there's nowhere to run and nowhere to hide!


Browse through our catalogue of Halloween costumes because Party Expert has the right grim reaper costume or ghost costume for you!

Ghost costume

Make your Halloween costume a classic of the horror genre this year. Tattered robes, unnaturally white hair and maybe even chains will help you get in character and terrorize the neighborhood. Get your family or friends involved and create a coven of black-robed witches summoning an evil ghost who will exact vengeance from the grave! Maybe you're Victorians at a séance, calling forth a long-dead ancestor?


Alternatively, a white half-mask and a dapper suit will fit the role of the Phantom of the Opera and will make for a nice twist on the ghost costume. And then again, ladies can play on the Corpse Bride theme by adding a tiara and veil as well as striped tights and a ceremonial bouquet for a more modern ghost costume.


If you're gonna do the ghost costume, though, remember that for every ghost there's a Ghostbuster!


Grim Reaper costumes:

Let's face it, the Grim Reaper is the ultimate party pooper. He just shows up, unexpectedly, to tell you the party's over... but if he's not there for you, why not have a chat with the old guy? Imagine the tales he can tell! Of course, to some, he's also terrifying and that is why we stock grim reaper Halloween costumes for boys, girls, women and men. A cool twist on the reaper costume is Ghostface, our favorite serial killer from the Scream franchise.


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Need help? Give us a call and our customer service team will assist you and answer all your questions about your ghost costume or reaper costume, and any other query you may have. We ensure fast delivery of your items for all your events. If we delivered your party supplies on time and you are happy with your purchase, you can always leave comments and reviews on our website. Order your party supplies online and enjoy free delivery anywhere in Canada on all qualifying orders (minimum $75).

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