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Party Pinatas

Birthday parties are meant to be fun, and this especially holds true when you’re throwing a party for your kid, no matter the age! You may be unsure of where to start or what party supplies you must have so that your guests walk away happy and glad they came. At Party Expert, we want to ensure that your kid’s birthday party goes smoothly and is a true success! Learn more about our pinatas for parties!

Your Party Experts

Here at Party Expert, we want to ensure that your kid’s birthday party goes smoothly and is a true success with their friends! We are proud to offer some of the best new products and party activities for kids’ birthday parties of all ages. We understand that it can be stressful and overwhelming to plan and host your child’s party. However, when shopping with us you’ll find your task to be a breeze and that we have all you need to throw the ultimate celebration for a kid! You will definitely find a great deal and also enjoy fast delivery!

Birthday Party Planning Tips

There are some birthday party planning tips you can use to get started and that will help you get focused and decided on how to proceed. For starters, it’s wise to start planning the birthday party early and not wait until the last minute to solidify the logistics and details. Get the guest list together and send out the invitations well in advance so people can mark their calendars, especially if it’s on a Friday or weekend. Keep in mind that kids want to have fun! Therefore, consider having a party pinata at your kid’s birthday party. There are many reasons why this is sure to be a hit with all your guests! It’ll be helpful if you take time to review our Ultimate Kids’ Birthday Party Checklist so you can make sure you address every essential detail.

What Is a Pinata?

The first question to answer is: “What is a pinata anyways and why would it be a fun addition to your kid’s birthday party?” They are containers that are typically constructed from papier-mâché or they can be cloth decorated as well. You fill them up with candy and then they are shattered by your party guests during your celebration.

Why Use a Birthday Pinata?

So, why use a pinata for kids at your child’s birthday party? A few reasons are that you’re sure to quickly see everyone laughing, smiling, and having a good time! It can be a challenge to hit the pinata since you typically are blindfolded and spin in circles before attempting to knock it down. It’s an excellent way to keep everyone who’s there entertained and engaged in the day.

What Does a Pinata Symbolize?

You may also be wondering what a pinata symbolizes and stands for as you fill it. In a traditional sense, a pinata features seven star-shaped cones, each with streamers. When the pinata is broken, it is symbolic of good winning over evil. The candy or fruit that falls out of the pinata represents temptation against riches.

How to Use a Pinata at a Party?

When considering using a pinata at your child’s birthday party, you may also want to know how to best use one. To play the game you’ll want to hang the pull string pinata on a tree branch or other structure so it is within arm’s reach. Ideally, your guests can stand about three metres back. Line the children up so everyone can take turns and put a blindfold on the child whose turn it is next. You’ll then spin them around in a few circles and let them start trying to hit the pinata and break it or get it to fall down.

What to Put in a Pinata?

As a mom and parent, you want to make sure your kids have fun at the birthday party and walk away with some sweet treats or favours. Therefore, this is another great reason to have a party pinata at your birthday event. There are many different options when it comes to what to put in a pinata, so it’s really up to you in the end. Here are a few ideas to get you started: plastic or toy animals, fake tattoos, slinkys, bubbles, glowsticks, jump frogs, and a mix of candy.

Best Practices When Kids are Using a Pinata

As the host, it’s important that you keep all the kids at your party safe. When using a pinata, you’re going to need to hit it and try to get it down so you can get to the treats and toys inside. One question that may be top of mind for you is: "What can kids use to hit a pinata?" For starters, you should choose a large enough space so that no one gets hurt such as in the backyard and outdoors or in a garage. Have a broomstick, bat, or stick available for the kids to use, and make sure whoever is not swinging is standing far enough away to not get hit.

Party Supplies for Birthday Parties

A party pinata is one of the best items you can have at your kid’s birthday party when it comes to party supplies. Be glad to know that the fun doesn’t stop there. Here at Party Expert, we have a wide variety of additional supplies that will be the perfect addition to your celebration! For example, you can add colourful balloons, have favours, hang streamers and banners, or even paper lanterns. We also have table decorations, confetti, garland and wall decorations. The possibilities for colours and party supplies are almost endless.  

Birthday Party Activities to Try

A party pinata is a must at any birthday celebration and is a fun activity! But don't forget that there is also so much more excitement to be had to create the perfect celebration! There are many birthday party games and party activities to try at your next gathering. For instance, you can set up an area to play board games, play with stuffed and plush toys, or build LEGO. We also have fidget toys, water guns, and sidewalk chalk that you can put out! You may also want to have an arts and crafts table set up or to have the kids participate in a scavenger hunt and end with a round of Donkey pin the tail game.

How to Host a Kid’s Birthday Party?

As you think about your kid’s upcoming birthday party, you may be wondering how to be a good host and what will make the day truly special. You must have a plan and make a to-do list so that you’re well-organized right from the start. Have some activities prepared that are appropriate for kids of all ages and keep your expectations realistic that some may not go over as well as others. Provide food or simple snacks and choose an ideal location that’s best suited for kids of the ages that will be attending.

Party Supplies Shopping Tips

When shopping for party supplies, it’s important that you have a budget and a list or idea of what you want to purchase. It may help to start brainstorming and coming up with some thoughts before you actually start spending your money. Be on the lookout for promotions or discount coupons that are being offered. Read reviews from other shoppers as well, to get an idea of what will be worth your money. Buy in bulk if possible and invest in reusable items that you might be able to pull out again in the future. You’ll also want to have a theme in mind based on if you’re throwing a birthday party for a girl or a boy.

Girls’ Birthday Themes

There are a lot of possibilities for themes that you may want to consider. What will help is to look over our website for ideas and consider your child’s interests and personality. For instance, you can throw a party based on a movie, character, animal, or carnival. You’ll likely find our long list of ideas to be quite useful in helping you narrow it down.

Boy’s Birthday Themes

There are also boy birthday themes if this is the type of birthday party you need to organize. Once again, check out our list of boys’ birthday themes and party supplies and see what looks the most appealing to you. If your child is old enough to have an opinion or wants a say then consider looping them in and having them decide what theme to choose with you.

Here are some pinatas ideas for parties:

· Superhero pinatas / Spiderman pinatas

· Donut pinatas

· Transformer pinatas

· Mexican pinatas

· Football pinatas

· Frozen pinatas

What Not to Do?

There are some things you should not do when it comes to planning a kid’s birthday party and having a pinata party. When getting organized, you should avoid making the birthday party too long. Keep in mind that kids only have a short attention span and won’t want to be at a party or doing a certain activity for too long. Let the party flow instead of overscheduling activities. Just have a few ideas in mind such as a pinata party, a clown, and maybe a couple of games to play. Check all references before you hire entertainment or other services and make sure you have enough help and adults there to watch over the kids.

Cool Piñatas and Happy Birthday Decoration Ideas

No birthday party is complete without having a cool pinata to hang and play with. We have so many different shapes, sizes and colours to choose from that you’re sure to find the right one for your event. We also have the accessories and supplies you’ll need to play, such as toys and candy, a blindfold, and a pinata buster. Take a look at what we offer and then choose a pinata that aligns with your theme and colours. A pinata game is a perfect activity for kids to do! The best part is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. You may even want to consider making your own if you’re crafty and have time. At the end of the day, you can fill them with anything you want! Even the adults can participate in the fun. You typically want to bring out your cool pinata and start the activity after you cut the cake and toward the end of the party. Provide each child with an empty party bag that they can then fill with the goodies that fall.

Where to Buy a Pinata Canada?

Look no further than Party Expert when it comes to shopping for and buying a pinata at a deal. We have a huge collection and we make it easy to shop for one online using our sort by drop-down. Our piñatas are colourful, festive and affordable. Remind yourself that the party begins with having the right pinata to bust open. Party Expert is where you will find the biggest choice of models and figurines for hours of fun. You will discover that at Party Expert, we have the dream pinata for your children.   

Piñata Party Store Canada

We are your number one pinata party store in Canada and are here to help ensure your party is a memorable experience and lots of fun. Piñatas are the game you need for your children who are busy exploring and being curious. Party Expert, with its large range of accessories for games and parties, is the number one location to find what you need. Come and discover our piñatas in-store or online and intrigue your children with what they might find inside. Party Expert has everything you need to launch the ball and ignite the fiesta. Olé!

Is a Piñata for Kids and Only for Birthdays?

As you review all this information about throwing a child’s birthday party and about piñatas, you might be wondering if piñatas are only for birthdays. The short answer is no. There are many uses for them and events that will be perfect for having a party piñata. For example, you can have Halloween piñatas at your next Halloween party to make it more fun or a gender reveal piñata to use at your gender reveal party! Never underestimate the enjoyment and excitement that a party piñata can bring to your event or party for any occasion.

Having a Good Time at Your Party

At the end of the day, what’s most important is that you and the kids have a good time at your party and bring a lot of energy. This is yet another reason to include and have a piñata at your gathering. It’s a guaranteed way to make sure that your guests walk away happy and with a smile on their faces. After all the planning and preparing tasks are done, be fully present at your birthday party and do all that’s in your power to be a good host. Most importantly, enjoy seeing your child and the other kids so happy and having a great time.

Why Choose Us

Party Expert is one of the largest party supply and costume stores in Canada. Since June of 1999, Party Expert has been devoted to offering its clientele all essentials and related products to organize any and all party events. In doing so, Party Expert has become the largest provider of party costumes and accessories with fast delivery. We’re always available and here to help or answer any question you have as you shop around. Each and all of our employees are dedicated to offering you excellent services and advice according to your particular needs amongst the widest variety of party costumes, props, decors, accessories, and everything you need to make every celebration a success. Our amazing party store will meet your wishes and budget requirements. We also encourage you to check out all of our positive reviews from our past and current customers to get a better idea of what to expect when shopping with us. You’ll find that we have a lot of inventory to purchase online and just what you need and are looking for to plan your next birthday party or event.

Making Your Kid’s Birthday Party a Success

Ultimately, you should focus on making your kid’s party a success. To do so, you need to figure out what’s going to be fun and that’s why you definitely need to have a super pinata in place. Get organized right from the start and have a to-do list so you can begin checking items off of it as you tackle each task. Give your guests something to do and party activities, and invest in all the right party supplies and party pinatas that go with your theme. Overall, keep it simple, let go of control and let the party flow a little bit. Be flexible and willing to adapt your schedule and plan based on the kid’s responses. Remember that you can also bring out the party pinata if you need to increase the level of fun and engage your guests in the birthday party.

Promotions and Getting in Touch

As a party shop, we are always adding new products so check back often, go online and search for pinatas near me. You should always check out our latest promotions and offers before you begin shopping with us for better value. We offer both online and in-store promotions and sometimes free shipping offers. You can also get 10% off on your first online purchase when you sign up for our newsletter. Enjoy fast delivery and if you have any questions, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone at 438-771-7224. We invite you to see for yourself what all the hype is about and the reasons why people choose to buy party supplies in Canada and pinatas from us!