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Mimes Intenses et Tordus Game - French Version

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Mimes Intense et Tordus Game - French Version is is an out of the ordinary party game. In this game for adults, two teams compete in a merciless battle of wacky mimes. One player has to make his team guess concepts in the required time. But beware! There are several twists:
- At any time, your teammates can join you to help you mime;
- The hourglass does not indicate the end of the round: it indicates the moment when the opposing team starts throwing a foam ball at you! As long as you don't get hit by the ball, you can continue to accumulate points;
- The spiral tiles allow you to make your opponents' task more difficult or simplify yours (whether you have to mime or throw the ball);
- Two difficulty modes are included: the green cards contain more neutral subjects and the pink ones, more daring.

As the name suggests, this game is really intense, and definitely twisted.

Ages 18 and up.

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