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Special Effects Makeup & Latex

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Special Effects Makeup | Party Expert

Find all your Halloween special effects makeup in one place: Party Expert!

This is the accessories category that sets apart the novices from the enthusiasts! Special effects makeup (or sfx makeup) lets you create the most vivid skin textures by using latex or non-latex products, and scar wax.


The new makeup artist that you are will be using paint, color and/or fake blood to craft a Halloween costume that looks great and steals the show, no matter where you go! Don't worry, they're super easy to use.


Halloween makeup

A lot of costumes require Halloween makeup on the face or hands to really create the final and perfect look. You can choose a makeup kit here, or cherry-pick your colors on this page. Don't forget your eyes, as Halloween contact lenses are the one thing that seriously draws attention to your face.


Sfx makeup

Take your Halloween makeup to another level with our Prosthetics & Scars (including a range of latex-free accessories), Fake Blood and Fangs & Teeth.


Latex prosthetics: This is the place to go if you need stitches, a cut throat, zombie rot, scratch marks or devil horns. Combined with the right makeup, they can get pretty realistic.


Latex-free special effects: There are enough people out there who are allergic to latex that we now offer the Water-Melon line of latex free wounds and stitches. The entire range of products uses alcohol as an adhesive instead of glue to minimize skin irritation.


Fangs & Teeth: For all you vampires, devils, werewolves and... geeks? We have the right accessory to make your mouth look truly gruesome.


Fake blood: No sfx Halloween makeup is complete without a pint of blood! Create the right looks with carefully placed fake blood. You're a vampire? Paint the sides of your mouth with Bright Arterial red. You're a scary clown or a zombie? Coagulated blood gel or Drying zombie blood. You get it, the perfect blood color for your costume can be found at Party Expert.


Now that your costume is finished, show it to your friend and enjoy the look on her face. Then head to the party and watch your friends wax lyrical about your kit and your spectacular makeup!

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