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Encanto Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

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Encanto Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations - Party Expert

Shop the greatest selection of Encanto decorations and balloons

Has Encanto taken over the world? Judging by the wild popularity of the Disney movie, we’d say that the answer is a resounding yes. Like Frozen before it, Encanto has won the hearts of children and adults alike with its excellent storyline and even better selection of songs. From Surface Pressure to We Don’t Talk About Bruno, the addictive singalong music has become the soundtrack of many homes up and down the country.

So it’s no wonder that parents have been looking for Encanto birthday party decorations and Encanto party supplies. After all, what better way to show your little one a very happy birthday than by hosting a memorable, all-out Encanto extravaganza with outstanding party supplies? You’ll be your very own family Madrigal for the date, and what could be more magical than that!

Here at, we have all the party supplies you need to celebrate your children’s birthday party in style. And it’s not just your child that’ll enjoy the day. All the children at the party will have a great time! It’d be difficult for them not to have fun once they see the Encanto decorations. From Encanto balloons to paper plates and other Encanto decorations, we’re your one-stop-shop for the Encanto party supplies you need to transform your house into a magical world filled with love and fun, one that the family Madrigal would be proud of. 

What is the story of Encanto?

Many years ago, a candle blessed their family with a miracle. Their house, their casita, came to life with magic! In time, every member of the family was given their own magical gift. Some magical powers such as understanding animals, being extremely strong, having healing powers and so on! … Except Mirabel, who stayed just a normal person.

One day, the magic became in danger, and it was the perfect opportunity for Mirabel to save the magic! While the members of her family were losing their gift, the fate of the family came down to Mirabel. With the help of her family, she realized that even in our darkest moments, there is light where you least expect it. And that seems like a good message for your children to take on board. 

If you’ve seen the movie (and if you have children, you surely have), then you’ll know just how magical the story is. It’s an enchanting world, one filled with love and magic. You can create a birthday party using many Disney movies as the basis, but Encanto lends itself slightly better than others, especially at the moment, when it feels like it’s the movie that everyone’s talking about. And with our party supplies, you'll ensure it's a day of nothing but fun.

What is the meaning behind Encanto?

The word Encanto signifies charm, glamor, spell, delight or joy. This word can be used to describe many things such as people, traditions and magic spells. These are all key elements of this great Disney movie. And they’re also elements that, once you’ve brought them all together into a birthday party, will make for a magical day that your kids will remember for many years to come. With Encanto party supplies, it'll be a day filled with charm, joy, and magic?

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How to organize an Encanto birthday party?

For your Encanto birthday party, you definitely want to get a colorful magic vibe! Like a Disney musical fantasy comedy! As she wears an amalgamation of styles in the cold tones, Mirabel’s clothing is a great inspiration for your birthday decoration ideas. From your napkins to your balloons and other Encanto decorations, your home (or other happy birthday party space) should be a dazzling sea of colors.

You can choose the color scheme of your theme by shopping for your decorations by color. To get a harmonized décor, you can also shop your tableware by color! It’s a breeze, right? Don’t forget to throw in some assorted balloons to complement your magical birthday theme!

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Encanto Birthday Party Decorations

Of course, you’ll want to do more than just add a few colors to your home to really help set the scene. When it comes to an Encanto birthday party, there’s little value in doing things by half measures. This will be a party where you take many photos; you may even bust them out at a future wedding. So go all-in. You won’t regret it.

So if you’re looking for an all-out Encanto extravaganza, follow our useful tips:

Set the Disney Encanto Scene 

Your Encanto birthday party planning will involve sending invitations out to all of your children’s friends. And, of course, this gives you a chance to let people know what they’re getting themselves in for when they agree to come.

While your Encanto party supplies will do most of the work when it comes to setting the scene, you can elevate the overall look and feel of the party by having the guests attend wearing clothing inspired by the movie.

But they’ll need to know the theme first (it’s unlikely they’ll magically turn up wearing the right costume!). You can set expectations by sending out Encanto birthday invitations. This will get the little kids (or the men and women!) excited right from the beginning. Plus, it’ll give them time to arrange their costumes. 

The goal is to make the party as magical as possible for the kids from beginning to end. And the ‘beginning’ isn’t the start of the happy birthday party. The beginning is when you put the invitation in their hands. 

Encanto Themed Plates

It’s not a party without some delicious food for te kids! And especially when you’re hosting an Encanto party, which offers many opportunities to put together loads of creative and colorful dishes for the happy birthday girl or boy and their guests to enjoy. 

Standard, white paper plates will do the job. But when you’re creating an enchanting world, you’ll want to do more than just ‘do the job.’ So why not pickup some Encanto-styled paper plates and napkins instead? When you’re hosting a themed party, the beauty is in the details. You should aim to have as many touches of Encanto as possible. The plates will give you a chance to decorate your home a little bit more.

Play Music of the Movies

Kids love singing up a storm, especially when they’re singing the songs of the movies that they know and love. And especially when the movie has songs as good as Encanto! You can recreate the magic of the movies by playing the soundtrack to the movie throughout the party. 

You don’t need much to do this. If you can purchase a subscription to a music streaming service, then you’ll be able to play the soundtrack over and over, without advertisements, provided you have a speaker (if not, pickup a transportable one). 

You can ramp up the fun even further by investing in a karaoke machine and microphone. This will allow the men, women, and kids of the party to sing those terrific songs of Encanto in a more professional way. Sure, it’ll generate a lot of noise, but that’s part of the fun -- you’ll only host a party with Encanto party supplies once in your life, so you may as well go all out.  

Background Encanto

Why not bring the stars of the movie to the party? You don’t necessarily need to sit down and watch the movie from beginning to end (though feel free when the party is winding down!). But you can have it on in the background. 

This will help to set the scene -- in fact, you can think of it as a good way to decorate your home with the movie’s theme. After all, nothing will quite recreate the magic like the movie itself. For this, you’ll just need a screen (a projector would be ideal, but if you don’t have one, then a large television or laptop screen will do) and the movie. You can purchase the movie to stream or on DVD. 

From there, it’ll be about hitting play and turning the volume down. It just needs to be on in the background!

Decorate the Space with Party Supplies

And now the fun can begin. Here at, we have a whole host of fun Encanto birthday party decorations that you can buy to put up at your home. From Encanto balloons to napkins, you’ll find everything you need to really help create the magic world in your home. As well as Encanto supplies, you’ll also want to pickup some basic balloons to fill the space, as well as a happy birthday banner. You may also want to make or buy an Encanto sign to put up outside of your home. From the moment that your guests see the sign, they’ll know that they’re about to step into a world of fun.

Delicious Encanto Cakes

It’s not a birthday party without a cake! You can buy Encanto themed cakes or cake toppers. All you’ll need to do is add a few candles, and you’ll be ready to wow your child with a delicious cake that really puts a smile on their face. It’ll be the cherry on top of what has been a great day.

Pinata Fun with Encanto

Most of the Encanto elements will come in the shape of your decorations, but some supplies are both decoration and entertainment. That’s the case with the pinata, which can stand proud in the background while the party’s going on, and then take a big beating once the guests are ready for the pinata fun.

Pinatas are a big thing in South American countries, making them the perfect addition to your event. You can fill the pinata with whatever you like. Normally, people fill them with candy, but you can also add some toys or other gifts if you like.

The pinata is definitely something that the family Madrigal would have at a birthday or wedding celebration, so you should too!

Party Bags To Go

We’re sure that the kids attending your child’s birthday party will have a great time, and especially if they love Encanto as much as your child does! So why not let them go with some gifts to remember the party? Putting together a party bag is a nice way to thank the guests for coming and for contributing to the day’s fun. 

Pickup some Encanto party bags, and then fill them with a few goodies. Don’t forget to include an extra slice of cake!

Encanto Party Birthday Activities

You can be sure that your child and their guests will have an awesome day no matter what happens. But it’s a good idea to have some activities lined up. This will ensure that they always have something to do -- and it’ll also ensure that the day doesn’t become too chaotic, either; it’s always good to have a little bit of structure! If you’re wondering what the guests can do 

Encanto Costume Dress Up Party

If you’ve sent out Encanto invitations, then hopefully the guests will turn up wearing an Encanto costume. But there’ll always be a few people who didn’t get the memo, or who could only put together a basic costume. You can make sure that everyone looks the part -- and add a healthy dose of fun -- by buying some Encanto costume accessories, and letting the children all have a dress up party. 

And don’t forget the men and women, too! You can buy some adult Encanto costumes so that everyone at the party looks like they come from the magical world. 

Find the Magic

What better to add some magic to proceedings than by having the attendees go on an exciting scavenger hunt? After all, Encanto is all about adventure, and this will allow the guests to go on an adventure of their own!

If you’re going to do this, then it’s best to have the children looking for some items that are related to Encanto. For instance, you could pick up some stuffed butterflies or a toucan and place them around the garden. 

Hula Hoop Contests

Another fun activity you can get your child and their friends to do is a hula hoop contest! This is especially true if it’s a sunny day and you’re able to be in the yard. You can use the Encanto movie music to get the children into the right frame of mind. You’ll probably already have a hula hoop in your house, but it’s best to pick up a few extra -- things tend to get broken at a children’s birthday party; plus it’s more fun if the children can go at the same time. 

A Game of Musical Chairs

Is there anything better than a fun game of musical chairs? Yes, there is -- a game of musical chairs that uses the Encanto music as the soundtrack. This is a fun, directed game that can lead to many hilarious moments. You’ll want to pick up some Encanto toys to hand out to the winners. We’d say that you could engineer it so that the birthday girl or boy ends up winning the prize, but we’ll leave that to you to decide. 

Watch the Movie 

The kids have had all their fun, and now they’re a little tired! What better way to see out the party than by having an Encanto viewing party? They’ll all probably have seen the movie before, but we all know that when it comes to Encanto, there are never enough times that you can watch it. Plus, this will be their first time watching the movie with all those awesome Encanto decorations and Encanto party supplies around. This is a good way to give yourself a bit of a break, too -- the amount of fun is fine for a child but exhausting for an adult! 

Buy the Best Decorations and Balloons

You don’t want to take any chances when it comes to hosting an Encanto party! You’ll find the party is much more fun if you’ve invested in high quality Encanto party supplies.

And that’s just what we offer here at We’ve developed a reputation with our customers for offering the best quality party supplies to choose from. And with a history of providing exceptional customer service, you can have faith that your experience will be positive from beginning to end.  

We know how busy life can be when you’re a parent. But we also know that you want your children to have the best birthday party possible. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for busy parents to get the Encanto party supplies and other party decorations they need to ensure that their kids have an awesome Encanto birthday party. There’s nothing that says ‘Happy Birthday’ like a day filled with fun and friends, and party supplies. Buy party decorations from us, and you’ll ensure that each and every person at the party has a great time. 

Looking For Something Else?

We think the whole world loves Encanto, but it’s also true that there are many other great party themes to choose from that you can incorporate into your birthday party, too. 

Well, good news -- we sell far more than just Encanto birthday party supplies! On our website, you’ll find party decorations and a birthday banner that’ll help you to create a party related to another theme, too. What party supplies you're looking to choose, we've got it.

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