Contact Lenses

A Breathtaking Look with Our Colored Contact Lenses!

You’re looking for a powerful look and you want to give some depth to your eyes? Party Expert has a vast array of colored lenses for you. Indeed, Party Expert is not only a big factory for costumes and accessories for all your occasions, it’s also a space to buy colored contact lenses and all your cosmetic needs.

With more than 50,000 products in store and online, Party Expert is the biggest place in Quebec to accompany you in your festivities. Our contact lenses with theatrical colors which last for 3 months and our cosmetics will give you the look you want. With our numerous models, such as demonical, chaotic, Loki, Manga, Sub-Zero, Venom, Walking Dead, X-Rays, gentle fire and many others, Party Expert can advise you for your next occasions by altering your natural eye color.

The Party Expert contact lenses are renowned for their trendy look, but at the same time they offer the necessary comfort for the eye for 3 months straight. They are available in multiple colors and adapt perfectly to your face. From now on, you will not go unnoticed with your new colorful and thematic lenses.

You’re looking for a more ferocious look? Why not try our Beast, Werewolf or even Night Rodent lenses? You want to turn heads? Then try our Superhero, Sapphire Sun or Enchanted Azure lenses. Finally, if you wish to leave a strong impression at first sight, we suggest you our Jink, Ghost, or Bloody-Eyed lenses.

All occasions are good to impress and be seen under a new light. Party Expert does the work for you and suggests you the lenses of your dreams. Of course, you must be 18 or older to acquire your new pair of lenses.

Come discover without delay all of our available lenses models in one of our stores or online. Rendezvous today to put you up to speed on your next lenses for a killer look.