Olé! The Party Begins with the Piñata this Year!

Traditionally, the piñata is a recipient which takes the form of a beloved figurine which we then fill with sweets and toys, allowing children, blindfolded and equipped with a baton, to try and break the piñata in order to recover the treasures hidden inside. At Party Expert, the pinata has a much deeper meaning.

Thanks to its vast selection of piñatas, Party Expert brings you on a trip to Mexico and Spain, without you ever leaving your backyard. You decided to play the piñata this year? Party Expert is where you will find the biggest choice of models and figurines for hours of fun.

You will discover that at Party Expert, we have the dream piñata for your children. So, you’re looking for a Troll-shaped piñata? We have it. Tiki, treasure-hunter, Iron-Man piñatas? No problem. Now imagine one moment the perfect piñata for you…Party Expert will fulfill your desires, because we have been the specialist of this game for a very long time. 

If emoji continue to make us laugh, like the Stegosaurus and Minnie and her friends, know that we have them as piñatas at Party Expert. They will entertain your blindfolded young ones for hours on end! We even have blindfolds for piñatas to kick-start the fiesta!

Your children are becoming more curious by the minute? Piñatas are the game they need. They will discover pretty things by trying to pierce the mystery piñata and make nice discoveries. Party Expert, with its large range of accessories for games and parties, is the number one location to find what you need.

Come and discover our piñatas in store or online and intrigue your younglings with what they might find inside. Party Expert has everything you need to launch the ball and ignite the fiesta. Olé!