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Best Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

Best Barbie Birthday Party Ideas - Party Expert

Looking for the best birthday party for your little Barbie girl? Then there’s only one option: a Barbie birthday party! You can transform your property into Barbie’s dream house for your little one’s big day.

From decorations to cakes and games, this is one of the more popular ideas for kids’ parties and will be sure to create plenty of happy memories for your child.

On this page, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Barbie birthday parties, ensuring that your Barbie girl has a birthday that she’ll never forget.

Best Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

How to create the perfect Barbie dream house?

Create a dreamlike world by transforming your property into Barbie’s dream house. For this, it’s best to think pink: Pink ribbons, pink lunch boxes, pink balloons—your home should become a (temporary) sea of pink.

You can set the scene even further by grabbing as many Barbie dolls as you can find. If you place Barbie dolls in each and every corner, there’ll be no doubt that your child and their guests are in a place that Barbie would be proud to call her own.

Best Pink Barbie Party Decorations

Best Pink Barbie Party Decorations


If you’re lost when it comes to Barbie birthday party ideas, just think pink. You can’t go wrong once you’ve made pink the official colour theme of the day!

You’ll find plenty of Barbie party supplies online. Simply load up as many as you need to create to transform your home into the ultimate Barbie party area, and you’ll be well on your way.

Pink Barbie Balloons for a Girly Touch

Balloons are awesome in any form they come in. But Barbie balloons? That’s a whole other level of awesomeness.

With plenty of pink balloons in your decorations kit, you’ll easily be able to decorate your house in the Barbie style.

You can also consider picking up some extra pink balloons and party supplies, for the kids to take home once the party is over.

Make a DIY Barbie Welcome Banner

Let everyone know that they’ve arrived at the Barbie birthday party area by making your own Barbie welcome banner.

If you’ve got a pink or Barbie Happy Birthday banner, you can adorn your girl’s name on the front, and let her know that this Barbie party is just for her.

There aren’t too many moments of life more magical than knowing that your friends have gathered for a Barbie party that’s all about you!


Barbie Party Food and Drinks Station

Barbie Party Food and Drinks Station


Both kids’ and adults’ parties need food and drinks. Having fun is thirsty work, after all! When you’re putting together your dining area, remember to stick with the colour scheme theme of the day: Pink!

Your table cover should be pink, the decorations should be pink and you definitely should get some bright pink balloons!

If you have Barbie’s specific decorations, then all the better. But a pink station mixed with some Barbie dolls will definitely get the message across.

Barbie Birthday Cake Ideas

Barbie Birthday Cake Ideas

You can take the Barbie birthday party for your little girl to a new, delicious level by creating a Barbie doll-shaped birthday cake.

If you’re making the cake yourself, get some pink icing and a Barbie cake topper, plus some other decorations.

Find Some Barbie Cake Decorations

With a birthday Barbie doll atop your cake, you’ll be well on your way to having an awesome cake for your Barbie party! You can take things even further by adding some edible glitter to the top of the cake.

And you can also think about adding a princess-themed number (of your little girl’s age) in honour of the host of the Barbie-themed party.

How to decorate your Barbie-themed table?

You can decorate your Barbie party table by, first, adding a pink table cloth. From there, place Barbie dolls along the table. You must also shop your tableware by colour to create the perfect match!

You may also want to add other accessories related to Barbie, too. If you don’t have enough dolls for the party, you can always ask the other girls to bring their favourite Barbie dolls with them. This is a great way to make them feel included in the party.

Barbie Birthday Party Games and Activities

Your child and her guests will love the Barbie party whatever they’re doing. But it’s always a good idea to have some party games lined up in case you need to direct the girls’ energy a little.

Barbie Birthday Party Game Ideas

By far the most fun party game idea would be everyone getting dressed up! What’s not to love? You can visit a second-hand store before the party and stock up on anything glitzy and glamorous that the kids can wear. There’ll be ready to party when they’re all dressed up!

Organize a Barbie Photo Booth with Props

Having your very own Barbie photo booth can be a lot of fun for your little one and their friends. You’ll just need to create a background with a Barbie banner, party decorations, and flowers.

Set up your camera, and then get the kids to dress up and strut their stuff. This isn’t just a really fun activity; it also gives the kids a souvenir to take from the party too.

Get Some Barbie Party Favours for Your Guests

And talking of party souvenirs: What about some party favours? This can be anything, such as filling small purses with toys, candies, Barbie accessories, their photos, or anything else you think is appropriate for children. Your daughter will be the queen of the social group after the party is over!

How about a makeup station in a pink colour scheme?

Barbie loves makeup, so why not add a makeup station in a pink style for the party? With some nail polish and other beautiful makeup touches, you can ensure that the room isn’t the only one with style; the children will too.

It’ll be much easier for them to get on board with the theme of the party at your house if they know that they look just as beautiful as Barbie does! You can round off the makeup look by adding flowers and glitter to their hair. They’ll look very cute and very on theme.

Everyone Wears Some Barbie Clothes

Everyone Wears Some Barbie Clothes


Turn the Barbie party into one well-dressed, stylish event by getting all the children to dress up in Barbie clothes. If you’ve got a stunning dress for the kids to wear, then they’ll just need to match it with some barbie accessories and they’ll be ready to party in style.

You can also include the dress code in your invitations if you don’t think you’ll have enough dresses for everyone.

Start Planning Your Barbie Birthday Party Today

Party ideas are good to have, but it’s important to take action. If not, your party ideas might just stay as they are: Ideas! Once you’re set on a Barbie party, begin the process of planning each and every detail.

The most important thing will be to send invitations to all the kids who are invited to join your little one to celebrate their birthday.

From there, it’ll be all about transforming your property into a wonderful, magical Barbie palace. It’s a chance to let your creativity take over, so think about the design, and get planning a day that’ll live long in the memory of your child and everyone who attends.

Find the Best Barbie Birthday Decorations

You can’t host a top-tier Barbie party if you don’t have the right decorations on your side! It’s best to fill up on streamers, balloons, cups, and a happy birthday Barbie banner so that you can create a space that really looks magical.

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If you’re looking for the best of the best, then get your party supplies from Party Expert. We’ve got plenty of experience sourcing the best party accessories and decorations, so you can be confident that you’re getting the decorations that’ll make your party stand out from the crowd.

Ultimately, if you have the best decorations, you’ll find it much easier to have an awesome party.


Shop Barbie Birthday Party Supplies

If you’re full of Barbie birthday party ideas and you’re ready to host a Barbie party for your child, then be sure to check out all the supplies we offer.

You’ll find everything you need to host your own Barbie party! If you’ve got the party ideas, we have the supplies you need to make sure it goes off exactly as you planned. Who knows, you might just decide to host a Barbie party every year.

Discover Our Other Birthday Ideas

Maybe this year isn’t right for a Barbie party, or you’re looking for something a little different. Fear not: We’ve got more party ideas than could fill a table.

Take a look at the party ideas we have to offer, and choose a theme that’s right for you. From invitations to plates, napkins, and just about everything else, we’re your one-stop shop when you’ve decided to host a one-of-a-kind party.


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