Sonic the Hedgehog Scene Setter and Accessories, 12 Count

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Scene setter and accessories from Sonic the Hedgehog is a complete decoration method for a birthday event; it covers the wall and large area as well. This includes different scenes and printed rolls of polyester pieces that are used to establish the scene for parties, i.e. themed parties, to create the vibe of respective themes. A typical scene setter backdrop from Sonic the Hedgehog is meant to cover 59'' x 65'' of wall or ceiling space (roll dimensions are 59' x 65' inches). By using thick scene-setting plastic from sonic, the hedgehog prevents it from being visible. There is a striking similarity between these materials and tablecloth plastics, save from the fact that they are printed for usage on the wall or ceiling. Party tack, a gooey adhesive, may be used to affix scene-setting decorations to the wall. Even though it acts as a temporary adhesive, sticky tack is readily removed from the border following the event.

Scene setting setup from Sonic the Hedgehog includes 12 counts of accessories. You can easily set it up by putting all of these parts together, and it will help you transform your area and make your party seem fantastic. Every component will be provided along with a specific description in detail so you won’t find any difficulty while putting it together.

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