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L'osti d'jeu Le meilleur Game, French Version

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Product Features
  • 3-12 players
  • 30 minutes games
  • Included : 380 red cards, 120 black cards, 3 cards to personalize

The 10 biggest fans in Quebec were asked to choose the best of the original Osti d'jeu, "le 2", "Rural", "Souvenirs", Denis Drolet and "les Appendices".

Have fun with homegrown nonsense.

A QUEBEC REFERENCE: A classic of modern times. To have absolutely for all your parties!

THE BEST OF L'OSTI D'JEU: Filled with Quebec expressions, it is filled with the best references from all the boxes of L'Osti d'jeu.

The PERFECT GIFT FOR MY FRIENDS: You don't know the game Osti d'jeu and it intrigues you, this product is for your friends!

A GAME FOR ADULTS: A game for an informed public of 3 to 12 players and for 18 years and over ready to laugh with kindness. Useful for all parties!

    Product Includes:

    380 red cards, 120 black cards, 3 cards to personalize

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