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Weapons, Armors and Shields

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Weapons, Armors and Shields Costume Accessories | Party Expert

Weapons, Armors & Shields Costumes Accessories

When it comes to costume accessories, weapons and armor make the cut!

Party Expert helps you achieve a fantastic look for your Halloween costume by stocking weapons, shields and armor of all genres and styles. It's amazing how much more realistic, impressive, and maybe even intimidating a costume can be with the right weapons and armor. It shows the rest of the world that you are not kidding and you mean business. Hell, yeah!

Shields and armor for your Halloween costumes

There are many themes to choose from, so get your imagination going and find the right outfits for you and your friend this year.

Ancient and Medieval

Rome: Empire or Republic

Whether a knight of the Republic, a legionnaire or a gladiator, you will need the proper protection. Common items include wristbands, leg guards, and of course a helmet, a shield and a sword. Even a Roman noble, in his or her elegant toga, can hide a dagger up their sleeve.

No crusade without a crusader shield

The knights of old went to war against neighboring lords to reclaim the holy land, or, in a fantasy world, to slay a dragon. Decked in plate armor from helmet to boots, their mighty swords in hand, they went into the fray defending kingdom and honor. You can swap the sword for an axe or a war hammer, but don't forget your chainmail, black cuffs and shield. Look for clothing and accessories here to complete your knight costume.

Empire of the Rising Sun

Sometimes, the battle was won before it even started. Samurai lords often employed spies and mercenaries who were called shinobi-no-mono, or shadow warriors. Nowadays, we can call them ninja; the mere mention of their name will deprive you of sleep! Slip on your black suit and soft shoes, select your favorite katana, all the while fiddling your ninja star, and slip into the night for another candy-retrieving mission!

Shiver me timbers, matey!

No pirate worth his salts would leave port without his guns and swords. Of course, his weapon of choice is the cutlass, but he would do well to bring along a buccaneer pistol, while the lady pirate may judge it appropriate to hide a dagger in her garter before putting on her dress.

The Modern Era

There may not be dragons to slay in this genre but that doesn't mean there is any less action. Take it to the wild frontier with a cowboy costume or Native American costume, then all you need are some pistols, a rifle or, for the silent kill, a bow and arrows and a tomahawk.

Forward to early 20th century with a gangster costume equipped with a tommy gun, or a detective, chasing the perp with his pistols. Army and SWAT officers also need their guns, so grab an M-16, lock and load, and get into the fight! Boys and girls love playing with guns, so make them feel special and throw in extra gear: a walkie-talkie set, a badge, etc.

Science-Fiction and Video Games.

Are you a big fan of Star Wars and the Mandalorian? Once you and your friends have chosen your costumes, make sure to get the right weapon. A Jedi knight needs a lightsaber, and Mando is recognized by his custom blaster.

You swear by the Assassin's Creed franchise and like to dress the way they do? Complete your costumes with Ezio's, Edward's or Connor's signature weapons. We also have just the right weapons for your costumes if you're into funny Minecraft, or Legend of Zelda and Overwatch, or Halo, as well as the Knight of Time sword.

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