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Sleeping Beauty Halloween Costumes

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Sleeping Beauty Costumes

Dive into a timeless fairy tale with our enchanting Sleeping Beauty Halloween costumes. Whether you're searching for the iconic pink or blue dress Aurora wears or exploring our vast range of kid Halloween costumes, our 2024 collection captures the essence of the beloved story. The princess Aurora costume, also popularly known as the Sleeping Beauty Halloween costume, is perfect for adults too.

Ever wondered why Aurora is sometimes called Briar Rose? Hidden away from Maleficent, she was given this pseudonym to protect her true identity. Aurora's character, inspired by Charles Perrault's classic, is a symbol of hope and beauty.

This year, our Halloween costumes for adults and Halloween costumes for kids take a magical twist, featuring both Aurora's dreamy elegance and Maleficent's fierce demeanor. So, whether you're choosing an adult Sleeping Beauty costume or other Halloween costumes 2024, relive the enchantment of the tale where love conquers all.