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Mermaid Shine Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

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Mermaid Shine Birthday Party Collection | Party Expert

Mermaids Birthday

Do you want to throw the best party ever for your child? Maybe your child is obsessed with the Little Mermaid, and you want to make sure that you give them an experience that they are never going to forget.

Either way, we have a huge range of mermaid party supplies, and we are continually looking to expand our collection. From banners to paper plates, bunting and invitations, it's safe to say that you won't find any other provider who can provide you with the party supplies we can.

If you want some party ideas that will turn your party into an underwater paradise, then simply take a look below.

Scale things up with Quality Mermaid Decorations

Your child may want to invite all of their friends to their bash under the sea, but how do you pull this off? Well, to start with, you first need to define your theme. Choosing a good color scheme for your mermaid birthday party will help you to add to the party fun, while also aiding you when choosing party favors. Some of the top colors for a mermaid-themed bash include:

·        Sea Foam Green

·        Turquoise Blue

·        Pale Pink

·        Shell White

·        Any Shades of Purple

·        Iridescent Pearl

Of course, when planning your mermaid’s birthday, don't be afraid to try and mix things up. Use thematic elements when crafting your overall party theme and then add accessories accordingly. Whatever colors and theme you decide to go with, you can be sure to make your little mermaid feel right at home.

Want to set the scene? Here are some of the party decorations and unique mermaid party supplies you should be looking out for.

·        Sea Creatures

·        Shells

·        Coral and Seaweed

·        Shimmering Scales

·        Iridescent Balloons

·        Sparkling Ribbons and Streamers

If you want to take things to the next level with your underwater party, then try and create a backdrop of blue fabric or tulle. You can then go wild with mermaid party supplies to bring the whole theme together.

Luckily, our store is filled with mermaid party favors and decorations, so you are never going to be stuck when it comes to bringing the party to life.

Mermaid Party Supplies that Shimmer and Shine

Planning an under-the-sea bonanza is always fun, and through our site, you can be sure to bring the whole party to life. If you want to make the atmosphere feel as sparkly as the bright blue ocean, then make sure that you leave no corner untouched. Go wild with mermaid balloons, mermaid crafts, and even seashells.

You can never go overboard when pulling off the mermaid theme, and all the little mermaids who attend the party will be in awe as soon as they walk into the room.

Top Tips for the Ultimate Under-the-Sea Experience

If you want to create the ultimate under-the-sea experience, then first of all, you need to make sure that your cake is a true showstopper. You can even create party favors and party bags too, so you can give the kids something to take home. If you intend to present the cake, then do it on a coral-themed cake stand.

You can then add some mermaid cake decorations to finish it off. If you want to take things to the next level then why not think about adding some mermaid-themed cupcakes, along with some glitter candles? Serving the cake on mermaid plates will also go a long way when it comes to setting your theme.

Setting the Table

Next, setting the tableware. Here you'll need some shimmering plates as well as some mermaid-themed napkins. Our store has a huge range of cute products available, not to mention that we also have ocean-themed cups so you can make any girl's dream of being a mermaid, come true.

You can always search for specific ideas or items in our store too. Our search function makes it easier than ever for you to create the ultimate table setting for your little girl.

Crowns and Party Hats

We also make it easier than ever for you to bedazzle your party guests. We sell a huge range of party hats in our store, and a lot of our items can also double up as party favors too so you will never be stuck for things to send the kids home with.

The Meeting Room

The meeting room, or gathering room also needs to be decorated. If you want to plan the ultimate birthday party, then you need to focus on glitz and glamor. Create your very own photo wall and add some balloons and streamers so you can really set the theme for the birthday party.

No mermaid birthday would be complete without decor like this, and luckily, we have a huge range of it here in our online store.

Choosing the Best Location for your Mermaid Bash

Deciding where to host your party can be tough. You may want to tie in the theme, but you may also want to avoid breaking the bank too. If you want some help with this, then you can find some top ideas below.

Poolside Paradise

A swimming pool party is always a good idea if you want to stick with the mermaid theme. Use your supplies to decorate the deck of the pool and trade all of the costumes for swimwear. You can even invest in some mermaid-themed floats as this will really bring your underwater paradise to life.

Enchanted Island

Are you landlocked when it comes to hosting your party? Not to worry, you can still give your mermaid celebration a beachy touch by adding a sandbox in the yard or even by hiding some treasure. You can even use party supplies for this if you want to make it feel as though the kids are hunting for mermaid-themed gems.

Princess Mermaid Castle

Are you going to be stuck indoors for your party? Now is the perfect time for you to turn your standard home into a mermaid haven.

Turn your living room into a mermaid castle by playing a birthday party soundtrack, and also add a bubble machine. If you do this in combination with birthday party supplies, you will soon find that your child and their friends are blown away as soon as they enter the room. This will make any mermaid princess' dream come true.

Sweet Treats for your Mermaid-Themed Party

Want to make sure that your little mermaids are going to have plenty of things to snack on? They'll probably be famished after all that swimming and underwater fun. Luckily, there are a huge range of mermaid-themed snacks that you can make or buy.

Cookie Shells

Make some normal cookies and then use a shell-shaped cutter to make them themed. You can then add some shimmer toppings and some pastel-colored frosting to make them feel more themed.

Mermaid Tails

It's very easy to make mermaid tails by using pretzels. Cover pretzel rods in chocolate, sprinkles, and icing sugar, and you'll have something that will blow your little ones away.


Make mermaid snacks with blue jelly, and then dip in some sea creature-shaped gummies just before it sets.

Fun Mermaid Games for your Birthday Party

It doesn't matter if your party is going to be poolside or whether you are going to be landlocked because games are a brilliant way for you to try and keep the fun flowing. Here are some top party ideas that will get everyone involved.

Dress-up Stations

Simply get a clothing rail and give all of your kids the chance to dress up by using mermaid-themed party supplies. Sequined skirts, tiaras and shell necklaces can all be used here.

Sharks n' Mermaids

Start by choosing someone to be the shark and adorn them with a shark-themed party hat for fun. Mermaids will then have to line up at one side of the yard as the shark stands in the middle.

Mermaids then have to run from one side to the other, with the aim being not to get tagged. Those who get tagged, then become sharks, with the last mermaid being crowned the winner.

Tail Races

You'll need some old potato sacks or some pillowcases if you want to play this game. You can then dye them in whatever colors you want, or you can add some sticky gems.

Either way, you can then ask them to hop across the yard in a race to see who is the winner. You can even ask the kids to decorate their own mermaid tails if you want to make them feel much more involved in the process.

Your guests will love this cute game, and it is the best way for you to bring your mermaid party to life!

So, as you can see, there are tons of ideas that you can use to host the ultimate mermaid party, and your guests will surely love it too.

Don't forget you can use the search function on our store website to browse for new products, stickers, toys and more.

You can also get expedited delivery through our site for just about any mermaid party supply you may need. Contact us today if you want to learn more about our mermaid party products.

Mermaid Shine birthday party collection - Mermaid Party ideas

Time for an aquatic adventure with our Mermaid Shine party collection!

Our tableware, decorations and party supplies featuring foil mermaids, seahorses and stars that will shimmer throughout the day!

Make this under-the-sea moment even more magical with our mermaid invitations, headbands, blowouts and favor boxes so they can bring all their sunken treasures home! Think you may have forgotten something?

We also added some solid color tableware, decorations and balloons to make sure this moment will be memorable!

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