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Gabby's Dollhouse Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

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Gabby's Dollhouse Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations | Party Expert

Gabriella Graciela Genoveva Guadalupe “Gabby Girl” McGirl is an enthusiastic 12-year-old latino girl wearing a cat-ear headband with magical properties. Gabby's Dollhouse has rapidly gathered a huge fandom from millions of children in the US and abroad. The show premiered on Netflix in January 2021 and since then, hundreds of busy moms have been looking for the perfect dollhouse party inspiration for their kids' birthdays. At Party Supplies Canada, we've designed an exciting range of party supplies and decorations that add joy for all the Gabby's Dollhouse fans out there. 

Where do you start to find the perfect decor sets and colors for your child's birthday party? We appreciate that this may be a challenging task at first. But don't panic, you can look through our site and online shop for information and inspiration on how to throw an unforgettable Gabby's Dollhouse performance. 

Who is a Gabby's Dollhouse party theme for?

The best way to address this question is to consider who Gabby fans and viewers are. Dreamworks Gabby's Dollhouse show is specifically designed for preschool-age girls. The premises of the show transport viewers along with Gabby into the dollhouse where they can solve mysteries and engage in DIY craft fun. In other words, if your kids love the show, they will love a Gabby's Dollhouse party!

The typical audience group is girls between 5 and 7 or 8. However, don't let it set limitations for your birthday party decorations. Older children from both genders can also fall in love with the magical world of Gabby too!

What Gabby's Dollhouse party supplies to add to cart?

We get it. Mums want to work on the best possible party decor, setting the scene and encouraging their kids to enter the magical world of Gabby McGirl. Yet, how much room you've got available will determine the size of your party decor. So before opening your browser to find exciting Gabby's Dollhouse birthday party ideas on Pinterest, you will need to focus on the practical aspects of the decorations. 

Essential planning tip for a dollhouse party

Let the can do attitude of the Gabby's Dollhouse show become your motto to throw a fantastic birthday theme party! These are the essential considerations you should have in mind before buying any supplies. 

Gabby and her friends enter the dollhouse in the show to solve problems creatively. The catchphrase at the end of each episode embraces mistakes as a great opportunity for learning: "We failed fantastically!" Why not add the catchphrase to your decor too? In the spirit of Gabby and her friends, you can let kids make an item together. It can also be a great way to build unique memories and add a fun challenge. In other words, you may want to add preschool supplies and a cute work station with paper, safe scissors, pencils, felt tips, etc. 

Gabby has a lot of feline friends which can also add to your set to create a more immersive party decor. 

Finally, the dollhouse is central to the little girl's adventures, as they need to enter the dollhouse to solve problems. If you room size allows, kids would love a large-sized dollhouse or a decor that can add to the immersion of being inside Gabby's dollhouse. 

The colors to add for a Gabby's Dollhouse birthday party 

The show is very colorful using a lot of kid-friendly hues such as purple, pink, yellow, mint green, and soft blue. They also use neutral shades, such as white, to bring everything together. So, you will need to add colorful accessories within a white set for best effects. 

Thankfully, party decorations and accessories present so many fantastic opportunities to bring Gabby's Dollhouse's iconic colors into your house: 

  • You can add a Happy Birthday party banner 

  • You can add party balloons for a pop of color

  • Add protective items in purple, pink and mint green, such as table cloth or napkins, as another way to add the main hues of the show into your decor 

Our party shop also has a full range of essential party supplies, such as paper plates, plastic cutlery, paper cups and even candles to match Gabby's Dollhouse's colors, which you can add to your cart. Don't hesitate to reach out to ask for more information about stock and request a price quote for those. Alternatively, you can browse the site and add yourself to our newsletter to get all the latest offers and discounts. 

Gabby's Dollhouse cookies and birthday cakes

Cakes and sweets simply add to the excitement of the birthday party. Yet, when you are throwing a party for preschoolers, you want to add treats and snacks that are easy to eat and hold for their age group. 

Therefore, we recommend opting for small cupcakes or yummy cookies. If you love baking, it can be a great idea to bake cookies batches and use icing to match them to your theme. Not a confident baker? No problems! It is worth checking in your Internet browser for a local cookies store or an online baking shop. Cookies and cupcakes are an easy choice as they are kid-friendly and you can add an icing to match the theme. Besides, they remain an exciting birthday party treat, so you can't go wrong with cookies, cupcakes, and muffins. 

Gabby's Dollhouse party invitations

Birthday party invitations are a favorite for every party. First of all a Gabby's Dollhouse invite is no ordinary invite. It is designed to add joy and fill kids with excitement. So you want to add some of the most-loved characters of the TV show on it (you can add Pandy Paws, Pillow Cat, and Carlita, for example) They set the tone and provide all the necessary information for other participants. However, there are a few things you want to add to your plan before sending your invitations:

  • Accessibility: If a kid or their parent has mobility issues, you may want to reach out to the family and discuss the best option to make sure they can access the dollhouse party without issue. This might mean you'll need to add accessibility-friendly accessories.

  • RSVP confirm: Ideally, you should send invites 8 to 6 weeks before the event so parents have plenty of time to consider. Ask them to confirm no later than 3 weeks before the party for planning purposes. You can add an automatic reminder for online invitations.

  • Add a phone number and an email address so people can easily get in touch with you if they have any questions.

  • When writing your address, remember to add a map for clarity. Make sure to add the nearest public transport too. 

  • Always add the time of arrival for the party and how long it will last.

It is best not to mention the price of the party to your guests. However, what you can add when it comes to price information is a list of gifts or supplies, if parents want to bring something. 

Preparing your Gabby's Dollhouse party decorations

Once you've figured out precisely which supplies you need and how to arrange them to create the perfect Gabby's Dollhouse birthday party, it's time for the building side of things! Now the fun begins. 

Ideally, you want to create a customer account on an online party store several weeks before the party. This will allow you to browse items, compare price, and add everything you need to your basket. Additionally, you can also ensure that all supplies are in stock if you order early. 

Remember that Gabby's Dollhouse is a highly popular theme for birthday parties. So it's not a good idea to wait until the last moment to add items to your cart. 

Depending on the party location, it may be more practical to add a different delivery address or arrange for a curbside pickup to avoid ruining the surprise!

Are you ready to add Gabby's Dollhouse's party organizer to your skills? Reach out to our party supplies shop for items at the best price for your theme. We are here to help you throw a fantastic party for your kid and add excitement to the day. From balloons to banners and colorful accessories, you can find everything you need at the best price with us!


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