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12 Best Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Different ways to celebrate Halloween - Party Expert


1. Decorate the house

What better way to get in the mood than to decorate your home? We take out all the decorations: those that shine, those that illuminate, those that frighten, and if we miss any, we complete our collection at Party Expert! Use your creativity, have fun with your family and even offer to do the activity with your neighbors to have a truly inspiring street for your community to visit!



2. The Halloween treasure hunt

As a family, we dress up and go on an adventure! To liven up your treasure hunt, we offer you our printable TREASURES MAP. The principle is simple: you must find all the items on the list in your neighborhood! Spice up the fun and separate the family into teams to see who finishes first! This is a perfect game to enjoy Halloween night and admire the decorations of all the houses around you!

For the Treasures card, click here: PDF Treasures Card



3. The Parade (in cars !) 

We want to create a physical barrier but be all together at the same time? Why not plan a car parade with your friends! Go! Everyone decorates their car and you create a cortege. The neighborhood will certainly enjoy this entertainment while you and your friends will be having so much fun!



4. The Competition (between neighbors)

Send an invitation to your neighbors and set up a friendly costumes contest. The angles are open to you: best family theme, scariest, funniest, etc. Prepare a sketch or another small number to liven up your evening and increase your chances of winning!



5. Dinner with friends

While respecting the limits and the rules of prevention, why not invite some friends over for a lively meal? A themed table and special Halloween recipes are all welcomed. How about a murder mystery evening? October 31st is without a doubt the best day of the year to host one!



6. Zoom party

Over the past few months, we have all become experts with technology and conference calls! How about a zoom party? Invite your friends, dress up, decorate your ‘background’ and get started! Share great moments of fun, without restriction to the number of people!



7. Halloween themed cooking party

Pumpkin soup, cupcakes decorated with spiders, steaming beverages, homemade maple taffy candies or little ghost turnovers, what are the classic recipes you love and will adopt for Halloween?



8. Family walk

Easy, simple and healthy, why not just immerse yourself in the Halloween atmosphere by going for a walk with your family on the evening of the 31st? If you're not used to doing it at night with the kids, why not dare? They will no doubt enjoy this different privilege on one of their favorite days of the year!



9. Pumpkin carving activity

As a family, this traditional Halloween activity is probably the one that lends itself best to today's environment. We take a few pumpkins, empty them and presto! We're getting started! Everyone can do it in their own image and according to their tastes. When night falls, your masterpieces will really be enhanced once they are lit!



10. Halloween artistic activities

An interesting way to experience Halloween (and to entertain more artistic children) is to offer them an activity that they will undoubtedly like: a drawing competition on this theme! Or let them play with Halloween makeup and be the canvas! They will love it!



11. Horror Movie Night

Get in the mood with themed decor or even costumes from your favorite horror movies, get the popcorn ready, turn down the lights and turn up the volume! You're ready for a horror movie marathon, perfect for the full moon night we'll have this year for Halloween! A nightmare on Elm Street, American nightmare, It, Halloween: which one do you prefer?



12. A family photo session, Halloween version!

2020 will leave us with bitter memories, but why not turn the situation around and use Halloween to create better ones! Arm yourself with your camera (or even your phone!), dress up and presto! Have you already decorated? Perfect, it will be an inspiring environment! Otherwise, go out in the dark, play with the light of the moon: you will be happy with the result (and some of your friends may be jealous on Insta)!



With all these ideas, Halloween should last more than a day! Take the opportunity to have fun and celebrate differently. You also have different ideas, we are curious to know them! Do not hesitate to send them to us!


Party Expert recommends that you respect at all time the safety instructions issued by the authorities in order to protect everyone's health!


Happy Halloween!

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