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8 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

8 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

Who says Halloween is just for little kids? Why should trick or treaters have all the fun?

Most adults love coming up with creative costumes for the yearly neighborhood Halloween party.

And when you dress up in a couples costume, it’s twice the fun. Think dynamic duos and classic couples from your favorite movies like Bonnie and Clyde, Addams Family, or Dirty Dancing.

Looking for inspiring love stories for your couples costume? Here are our best couples Halloween costumes so that you can find the perfect costume ideas for you and your other half!


1. Maverick & Penny from Top Gun

One of 2022’s top films was Top Gun:Maverick. Still haven’t seen it? No worries; everyone else has. So you can’t go wrong choosing Maverick and Penny for your couples Halloween costume this year. 

Top Gun Halloween couple costumes

To put together the Maverick & Penny from Top Gun Halloween costume: 

  • Aviator sunglasses

  • Bomber jackets

  • Military patches

  • Faded jeans

Or get the Top Gun Halloween costume with the perfect fit, without any work. Order our Top Gun flight costume for women and our Top Gun flight suit costume for men.

Looking for specific Top Gun costume accessories?

View all of our Top Gun Halloween costumes and accessories.


2. Harry Potter Couples Costume

If you’re looking for a funny couples costume, you’re in luck. Because even muggles know who Harry Potter is. 

Dress up as Harry & Ginny or as Ron & Hermione this year. You’ll see: being dressed up as your favorite movie characters will be magical!

To put together a Harry & Ginny or Ron & Hermione Halloween costume:

  • Black cloaks

  • Gryffindor badges

  • Wands

  • Red & gold striped neckties and/or scarves

  • Round glasses for Harry

  • Black makeup for Harry’s scar

  • Barrette for Ginny

Or skip the hassle with our Harry Potter Gryffindor costume for men and Harry Potter Gryffindor costume for women.

More of a fan of Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? Or He Who Shall Not Be Named? View all of our Harry Potter Halloween costumes and accessories.


3. Player and Guard from Squid Game

 In the hit Netflix series Squid Game, players compete in deadly children’s games for a chance to win millions.  

Squid Game Halloween couple costumes

Fortunately, achieving a prize-winning Squid Game Halloween costume is much easier. Just go as a player and a guard!  

Here’s how to put together a couples Squid Game player & guard Halloween costume.

To recreate the Squid Game player Halloween costume:

  • Green tracksuit

  • White tape

  • Marker for player number

  • White sneakers

To recreate the Squid Game guard Halloween costume:

  • Hooded red jumpsuit

  • Black belt

  • Black face mask

  • White tape

  • Black gloves

  • Black shoes

 Or save time with our Squid Game Guard costume and Squid Game player costume.

Got a gang? Dress up as several players and don’t forget the Squid Game front man Halloween costume. View all of our Squid Game Halloween costumes and accessories.


4. Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton from Bridgerton

The hit TV show Bridgerton is set in the sexy, lavish and competitive world of Regency London high society. 

 Bridgerton Halloween couple costumes

If you like classic costumes, this costume for couples will be right up your alley. The Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton Halloween couples costume is a guaranteed show-stopper. 

Here’s how to put together a couples Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton from Bridgerton Halloween costume.

To recreate the Sharma from Bridgerton Halloween costume: 

  • Vintage regency dress

  • Teardrop pendant necklace earrings

  • Black ballet flats

  • White gloves

  • Floral hair pins


Or make it a piece of cake by ordering a Regency Duchess Costume.

To recreate the Anthony from Bridgerton Halloween costume:

  • Vintage Victorian ruffled blouse

  • Vintage tailcoat or gothic Victorian coat

  • Black trousers

  • Cravat tie

  • Jade pinky ring

Or order a Regency Duke costume while watching your second-favorite show, Bob’s Burgers.

Want to dress up as other characters for your couples Bridgerton Halloween costume? View all of our Bridgerton Halloween costumes and accessories.


5. Batman and Catwoman

Batman Halloween couple costumes 

Batman and Catwoman: Now there’s a dynamic duo for a couples Halloween costume.

They’re a sexy on-again-off-again couple exuding steamy romance - making them a great costume for sizzling couples at Halloween. 

To recreate the Catwoman Halloween costume: 

  • Black jumpsuit

  • Headpiece with cat ears

  • Black gloves

  • Black high heel boots

 Or simply order a ready-to-wear Catwoman costume.

To recreate the Batman Halloween costume:

  • Black jumpsuit

  • Black cape

  • Headpiece with bat ears

  • Black gloves

  • Black boots

 Making a DIY Batman costume can be tricky. Our Batman costume will leave you more time to play your Nintendo Switch.  

Looking for other DC character Halloween costumes to wear? View all of our Batman Halloween costumes and accessories.


6. The Joker & Harley Quinn

 The Joker and Harley Quinn Halloween couple costumes

As far as scary couples go, the Joker & Harley Quinn are right up there.

This highly dysfunctional dynamic duo makes one of the best costumes for couples at Halloween. So dress up and go wild. 

To recreate the Joker Halloween costume:

  • Green wig or hairspray

  • Silver teeth grills

  • Purple trench coat

  • Purple striped pants

  • Fake body tattoos

  • Black gloves

  • Black shoes

  • Face paint

Looking for the traditional Joker costume? Order The Joker costume.

To recreate the Harley Quinn Halloween costume:

  • Red and blue satin bomber jacket

  • Red and blue t-shirt

  • Red and blue shorts

  • Black fishnet tights

  • Blond wig

  • High heel sneaker boots

Order the Harley Quinn costume from Birds of Prey.


7. Couples Clown Costumes

 Clown Halloween couple costumes

Don’t want to be tied down to a specific look or movie character, but still want to dress in a couples costume? A couple's clown costume is the ticket. 

Pick up ideas from sites like Keiko Lynn and Woman’s day, then add your own twist.

To recreate a couples clown Halloween costume:

  • Stripped and/or polka dot jumpsuit and dress

  • Clown collars

  • Wigs

  • Odd party hats

  • Gloves

  • Odd stockings

  • Face paint

Lacking creative skills? View all of our Creepy Clown & Freak Show Halloween Costumes.


8. Chucky Doll Costumes

 Chucky Halloween couple costumes

Want to really rock the scary couples vibe this Halloween? Say hello to His & Her Chucky dolls.

Now there’s a costume idea that will turn heads.

To recreate a couples Chucky Doll Costume for Halloween:

  • Striped shirts

  • Jean or skirt overalls

  • Red leggings for her

  • Face makeup

  • Fake axes or knives

Too much work? Order our Evil Chucky Costume for men and Evil doll costume for women.

Or view all of our Chucky Doll costumes and accessories.


Couples Halloween Costume Ideas for All Ages

There are so many great couples Halloween costumes ideas out there. Just search Halloween costumes on Getty Images. You’ll find everything from Princess Bride to Princess Peach.

Lacking time or energy for a DIY Halloween costume? We have Halloween costumes for the whole family – even your pet!

Shop for your group and family Halloween costume today

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