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25 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies and Toddlers 2023

25 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies and Toddlers 2022

Cutest Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great occasion for parents to dress their baby exactly how they want. But that privilege doesn’t last forever, because soon enough kids get their own preferences. There are so many costumes to choose from! Superheros, animals, princesses, devils, movie characters and so on! Sometimes, deciding on our Halloween costume can be challenging and it’s when Party Expert is taking on! Come meet us at one of our party stores to discover the greatest selection of Halloween costumes!

Halloween is our favourite season and we’re always ready to really embrace it! Our online party store offers you so many choices when it comes to a Halloween costume. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable baby costume or unique ideas for the rest of your family, we’ve got you covered! For a memorable Halloween experience, let’s have a look at the best costume ideas we’ve rounded up for you!

1. Harry Potter Hedwig Costume


Harry Potter Hedwig Costume

Fly around the magic city this Halloween in our Hedwig costume. Don’t forget Harry’s mail on your way to trick-or-treat!


Shop Now toddlers’ Hedwig costume


Looking for group or family costumes?

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2. Yellow Little Shark Costume


Yellow Little Shark Costume

Who knew that a shark could be cute? This yellow little shark costume definitely is!


Shop Now toddlers’ Yellow Little Shark costume


Looking for group or family costumes?

Shop all Animal costumes


3. Peppa Pig Costume


Peppa Pig Costume

Peppa Pig is adorable but it never stops her from anything! She can really do it all! This Halloween, what about going on an adventure in this little Peppa Pig outfit?


Shop Now toddlers’ Peppa Pig costume


Mom and dad want a costume too?

Shop Halloween costumes for couples


4. Bob Costume, Minions


Bob Costume, Minions

Bob the Minion is a pretty cool little guy. This Minion costume is definitely still part of the game again this year! “King Bob!!!!”


Shop Now toddlers’ Bob costume


Minions Fan?

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5. Dalmatian Costume, 101 Dalmatians


Dalmatian Costume, 101 Dalmatians

What about this awesome little Dalmatian costume? Be careful not to meet Cruella on Halloween Night!


Shop Now toddlers’ Dalmatian costume


Looking for group or family costumes?

Shop all 101 Dalmatians costumes


6. Marshall Costume, Paw Patrol


Marshall Costume, Paw Patrol

Marshall from the famous Paw Patrol is cooler than ever for Halloween. This handsome costume for little boys is still in the top of the best Halloween costumes this year!


Shop Now toddlers’ Marshall costume


Looking for group or family costumes?

Shop all Paw Patrol costumes


7. Skye Costume, Paw Patrol


Skye Costume, Paw Patrol

Since Paw Patrol is a hit with kids, here’s Skye costume. This year, join the Paw Patrol as the air pup in your super helicopter to serve the community!


Shop Now toddlers’ Skye costume


Looking to be even more amazing?

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8. Baby Yoda Costume, The Mandalorian


Baby Yoda Costume, The Mandalorian

Looking for a new classic this Halloween? This Grogu, aka “The Child” costume won’t go unnoticed. Your baby will be the cutest of the galaxy for sure!


Shop Now toddlers’ Baby Yoda costume


Looking for group or family costumes?

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9. Mario Costume, Super Mario Bros.


Mario Costume, Super Mario Bros.

“It’s a-me, Mario!” Get into the Super Mario Bros game this Halloween season! Our brand-new Super Mario costume features a complete jumpsuit, a detachable belly, a Mario hat and a pair of gloves. “Let’s a-go!”


Shop Now toddlers’ Mario Bros costume


Too young to grow a moustache?

Get a Mario moustache


10. Stitch Costume, Lilo and Stitch


Stitch Costume, Lilo and Stitch

This Stitch baby costume is adorable and so soft!!!! Who’s gonna have the cuddliest baby this Halloween?


Shop Now toddlers Stitch costume


You have a big brother?

Shop all Boys costumes


11. Little Skunk “Stinker” Costume

Little Skunk “Stinker” Costume

This little stinker costume is just as cute as a baby skunk can be! Even cuter! Hopefully not a smelly one! 😂


Shop Now babies’ Skunk costume


You have a sister?

Shop all Girls costumes


12. Sweet Witch Costume

Sweet Witch Costume

Who said that a witch cannot be adorable? This sweet witch costume is just perfect for your lovely little girl!


Shop Now toddlers’ Sweet Witch costume


Want a matching lipstick?

Shop all Lipsticks


13. Monkey Around Costume

Monkey Around Costume

Having a little monkey at home? It will finally all make sense when he’ll hump in this toddler monkey costume! Don’t forget to take a video of your little monkey adventures on Halloween day!


Shop Now babies’ Monkey costume


You have a baby girlfriend?

Shop all babies’ costumes


14. Spider-Man Costume

Spider-Man Costume

Any fan of Spider-Man? Here’s the ultimate Spider-Man costume for kids! Definitely the cutest version of Spider-Man!


Shop Now kids’ Spider-Man costume


Looking for group or family costumes?

Shop all Spider-Man costumes


15. PJ Masks Catboy Costume

PJ Masks Catboy Costume

The PJ Masks are superheros for the little ones. What about this Catboy costume for kids? Have you heard about “The Mysterious Masks”?


Shop Now toddlers’ Catboy costume


Looking for group or family costumes?

Shop all PJ Masks costumes


16. T-Rex Costume

T-Rex Costume

This dinosaur costume for kids is an every-year contestant of our best Halloween costumes! Such a cute little T-Rex afterall!


Shop Now toddlers’ T-Rex costume


Looking for group or family costumes?

What about some Funny and Inflatable costumes?


17. Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

Jurassic World T-Rex Costume

Any Jurassic Park fans? This year, get your kid the T-Rex costume from Jurassic World


Shop Now toddlers’ T-Rex costume from Jurassic World


Looking for group or family costumes?

Shop all Jurassic World costumes


18. Little Lamb Costume for Babies

Little Lamb Costume for Babies

The best time to dress your child as a cute little lamb is when they’re still small enough to be carried around like an actual plush!


Shop Now babies’ Little Lamb costume


Have a little brother?

Shop the Koala costume


19. Cozy Deer Costume

Cozy Deer Costume

If your baby enjoys being cozy, this cute deer costume is the one for you! Get your kid a cute and comfy costume for Halloween!


Shop Now babies’ Cozy Deer costume


Mommy is looking for a Halloween costume too?

Shop all women Halloween costumes


20. First Fireman Costume

First Fireman Costume

Any baby would look handsome in this fireman costume! This adorable outfit comes complete with a bright red fireman hat.


Shop Now babies’ First Fireman costume


Looking for group or family costumes?

Shop all Career costumes


21. Tiny Tiger Costume

Tiny Tiger Costume

Who will be the cutest of the jungle this Halloween? This tiny tiger costume is a comfy little one-piece that’ll definitely do the trick! Or treat?


Shop Now babies’ Tiny Tiger costume


22. Avengers Hulk Costume

Avengers Hulk Costume

The incredible Hulk is back stronger than ever this Halloween! This well-padded jumpsuit will make you look very muscular!


Shop Now toddlers’ Hulk deluxe costume


Looking for group or family costumes?

Shop all Avengers costumes


23. “Itty Bitty Kitty” Cat Costume

“Itty Bitty Kitty” Cat Costume

Your baby will surely purr in this little cutie kitty costume! Like if it wasn’t enough to be the cutest baby cat!


Shop Now babies’ Itty Bitty Kitty costume


Looking for group or family costumes?

Shop all cat costumes


24. Baby Wolf Costume

Baby Wolf Costume

What about a cute version of the big bad wolf? This baby wolf costume features a furry jumpsuit, a hood and a pair of little booties.


Shop Now babies’ Wolf costume


Looking for group or family costumes?

Shop all Werewolves costumes


25. Pokémon Pikachu Costume

Pokémon Pikachu Costume

The famous Pikachu costume is always a hit with kids! Are you ready for the Pokémon adventure? Don’t forget your pokeballs!


Shop Now toddlers’ Pikachu costume


Fan of Pokémon? 

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