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7 Best Encanto Birthday Party Ideas

7 Best Encanto Birthday Party Ideas blog article - Party Expert


If your kids have been watching it every night for the last month and they haven't stopped singing “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” surely it's a no-brainer when it comes to the ideal birthday party theme for your children. Encanto is the latest Disney sensation that has captured the imaginations of kids everywhere, and if your child wants their birthday to be filled with some Madrigal-themed magic, read on, because we've got some amazing ideas to pull off the perfect Encanto themed birthday party! Show now Encanto Party Supplies and Birthday Decorations!


1. What Do You Need To Plan the Perfect Encanto Birthday Party?

If you want to create the perfect Encanto-themed birthday party, you've got to get the invites right. Send them out as early as possible so the party-goers can get ready by watching the movie at home to get into the mood. In the meantime, you need to get everything ready. Think about the entire experience and how you can make it completely Encanto-themed. Using Encanto-themed paper plates and decorations will help, of course, but if you really want to go the extra mile the best way to do it is to have an Encanto backdrop that truly sets the scene. 

On the invitation, you can ask everybody to dress up as their favorite character, and while you will have a huge number of Mirabels in attendance, encourage everyone to dress up, even the moms can dress as Julieta or dads can put on their best Bruno attire! And, of course, when it comes to the overall theme of the party, there's got to be plenty of music! As well as all the music from the movie, you may want to sneak in some traditional Colombian music there as well. Colombian music has an amazing rhythm to dance to, and there are plenty of playlists online to get your teeth into, but if you really want to have fun, create your own and go wild!

Encanto Kids' Birthday Checklist for an amazing birthday party

Download our ultimate birthday checklist PDF version at the end)


2. Create Wonderful Balloon Decor with Encanto Birthday Balloons

What would a birthday party be like if it wasn't for the balloons? If you really want to set the scene, plenty of Encanto-themed balloons will provide an amazing backdrop and will make for fantastic photo opportunities. Balloons are an overlooked but central addition to any birthday party and it's always an amazing way to decorate the space in a simple yet creative way. 

You can also incorporate this with a lot of DIY approaches, such as your own paper trails with the colors of the movie. A balloon centerpiece is also an amazing way to put your creative mind to work by simply tying balloons together to make a wreath that you can hang on the backdrop.


3. The Right Encanto Party Decorations 

There are so many decorations to make the perfect Encanto-themed party, the list is almost endless! You can give every child Encanto paper hats when they sit down to eat but you can also go wild with the activities. The Encanto blowouts are a great way to bring your party to life; these cardboard kazoos will add a lot of magic to the party and, of course, plenty of noise, but that's always par for the course with any kids' party! 

You can also set the scene with a “Happy Birthday” Encanto pennant banner. There are simple ways to make sure the party has that Encanto theme in every single corner, and extra bonus points if you can add more activities!


4. Choose the Perfect Cake

The cake is, for many parents, the biggest stress of all. It's got to be perfect and it's got to be big enough for all of the kids to enjoy a slice, but what do you do to make sure it has that Encanto theme? And what happens if you are no good at baking cakes? The solution is simple! The Encanto cake topper makes short work of any cake so if you want to make a simple sponge, you can easily disguise any of your imperfections with this cake topper. 

The perfect cake is always within reach, but always make sure that it's large enough. After all, nobody is going to complain if there are pieces of cake going spare for a few days afterward! Even if you don't go for a large cake, you can always make cupcakes if you want to save money. And these Encanto cupcake toppers are an amazing way to decorate any small cake.

Encanto Party Supplies and tableware at Party Expert

5. Gamify Your Party Decorations

If you want to go the extra mile to fit the theme, one of the best things you can do is to set up plenty of party games. No birthday would be complete without a pinata fitting the theme, but you can let your mind go wild and add as many party games as you want! From pin the tail on the donkey to coloring-in activities for younger kids, the options are endless. But, of course, if you want to make sure that you do this properly you've got to upgrade those party decorations! You don't need to worry about going overboard with Encanto-themed party decorations. 

If you're trying a number of DIY options, you can transform your living room into the magical Madrigal household with plenty of festive paper decorations. But make sure that you have the iconic candle as a centerpiece, which you could put on top of the cake or make part of the party table. If you want to add those extra Encanto-themed finishing touches to the table, you can get an Encanto table cover.


6. Level Up Your Party Photos

You want to create plenty of amazing memories for your child's birthday party and even if Encanto is a short-lived favorite, it’s safe to say that an Encanto-themed party is an amazing way to add color and liveliness to the proceedings! If you have rented out a venue with a photo booth, there are amazing Encanto photo booth props you can give to the children so they can create amazing images inspired by their favorite scenes, from the “All of You” scene to (of course) the iconic "We Don't Talk About Bruno" scene, and make wonderful memories for your child's special day. 

If you are looking to go DIY but still create amazing shots, you can easily make a paper chain garland with a whole load of vibrant colors. The fact is that when you decorate any venue with all of the amazing Encanto-themed colors, it will always make for fantastic photos. And if you can get Granny to interact with a giant Mirabel cutout, surely this will be one of the best photo opportunities of the year!


7. All the DIY Encanto Snacks!

Of course, it's not just about how it looks, but the amazing thing about Encanto is that it’s a celebration of Colombian culture. Encanto is an amazing reflection of Colombian lives (with a slight sprinkling of magic thrown in), and as children around the world are celebrating the culture, what better way than to bring in Encanto-themed food? The main snacks in Encanto are the Arepas con Queso (Corn Pancake), Arroz con Coco (Coconut Rice), Ajiaco (Chicken, Corn, and Potato Soup) and the Buñuelos. When it comes to kids; parties and food, you’re always running a risk with children who don't necessarily like anything out of their comfort zone, but you can always set up a buffet with these as an option and the kids can pick and choose what they want! 

To make sure that you are pleasing everybody, you can always partake in typical party activities. For the adults, why not opt for a Disney-inspired martini! When it comes to the kids, it's always a good idea to make sure they have plenty of sweet treats available. If you are trying to do things on a budget you can always make some cupcakes with Encanto cake toppers, but if you are looking for some inspiration for Colombian desserts, you can always make the famous Colombian pound cake in cupcake form or make Polvorosas (Colombian Butter and Sugar Cookies), which are always popular with kids.

If you really want to make an amazing Encanto-themed party there's plenty of opportunity for you. But don't forget, the kids will need to take away a memento of the day, so don't forget to give them all an Encanto loot bag with some little toys. The Encanto small doll and accessory assortment is an amazing addition to the party bag alongside a piece of cake and crayons, pencils, or a little coloring book. An Encanto-themed birthday party should be something that is vibrant, colorful, and something that all the kids will remember for a long time! Of course, Encanto is incredibly popular right now, so no doubt everyone is doing it, so if you really want to make sure that your Encanto-themed party is miles ahead of everyone else's, take some inspiration from some of these ideas and don’t feel the “Surface Pressure” of the occasion!


Looking for an Encanto Kid's Birthday Party Checklist? We Got You Covered!

Pinterest is a great way to start for inspiration for a birthday theme. Here are some steps to make your planning and shopping easy:


  1. Choose a birthday theme
  2. Determine a budget
  3. Select a date, time and location 
  4. Create the guest list
  5. Send the invitations


You’re now ready to shop all the Encanto party Supplies and Encanto birthday decorations!

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