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There are Halloween costume stores in Canada, and then there's Party Expert. Some stores prepare a little display of Halloween products once a year but at Party Expert, we are in the Halloween mood all year long. All our shops and online Halloween store bring you the best and widest range for your Halloween shopping.

Halloween Costume ideas for Everybody.

It's easy to buy Halloween costumes online with our well-organized collections. Shop your costume by theme: Would you like to be a Flight Captain (Career costumes)? A werewolf (scary costumes)? The Black Panther? (Superhero costumes. "We could be heroes, just for one day" D. Bowie) Or would you rather be Elsa, a banana or Donkey Kong? Personally, I'd go for the banana.

There are so many categories to choose from. Once you know which Halloween costumes are the ones for you this year, go ahead and check out our accessories: wigs, masks and special effects makeup, for a really gruesome finish. And by the way, we also have pet costumes!

Shopping and Shipping

This time of the year is the perfect occasion to look gruesome. And we'll help you get there! We are more than a costume store: we have a great selection of costume ideas as well as many categories of accessories and fun products for decorating. All your favorites are on one website. Everything in our costumes selection is available in your kid's size and favorite color. Search our stock by types, color, or other criteria. All items in the store are ready for shipping.


Once you're all set inside, take the fun outside. Halloween happens in the dark, right? So, play on that feeling while decorating the lawn. Hang a trio of witches from a tree. Firmly set a few tombstones in the grass, lay the skeletons around them and sprinkle generously with severed limbs. Add giant spider webs, life-sized cages, plastic chains and skulls. And if you're really serious about freaking people out, you'll want to set an animatronic clown in just the right place. Screams guaranteed! Search no more.

It's not Just Halloween, it's a Party!

If you're going to do it, do it in style. Add Halloween elements in your house to make it feel different for the special night. Decorations and balloons are what set the tone, but don't hesitate to add a black Bone Appetit table cover, some Cat & Pumpkin napkins and some Dark Manor paper plates. Plastic bugs will surely make the kids giggle. How about a few eyeballs in the punch bowl? You can leave slime or stickers lying about so everybody can act a bit silly, no matter their age. And balloons. Definitely balloons. What's your favorite color?

Take it everywhere you go.

Make the most of your Halloween costumes and wear them as often as possible. Maybe you have an office party planned around Halloween, or a themed casual Friday before Halloween weekend. Children, in particular, will be very eager to wear their costumes because they love the way they look. Let them go to school or daycare wearing their costume, or maybe have a few friends over after Halloween so they can play make-believe, eat candy and show off their trinkets.


Lots of eager children will be ringing the doorbell on All Hallow's Eve, so you should prepare ahead of time. Mixing candy in a big bowl is fine, but if you want to give it an additional level of attention, you can fill favor bags that can easily be handed out. For those weary of sugar consumption, this allows you to mix candy and small toys, like bounce balls, pens or wind-up toys.

You can involve your children in preparing the favor bags and seize the opportunity to mention a few points of safety when trick-or-treating. And when you're ready to go out and collect candy, make sure to add a final touch by matching a cute pail or bucket to their Halloween costume.

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