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Prisoner and Inmate Halloween Costumes

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Prisoner and Inmate Costumes

Dive into the world of intriguing Halloween costumes with our authentic inmate Halloween costumes and prisoner Halloween costumes for 2023. From the allure of the sexy prisoner costume to the more traditional jumpsuit styles, we’ve curated a collection that answers the burning question: How do you dress like a prisoner for Halloween? Begin with our inmate costume selection, offering patterns reminiscent of your favorite prison-themed shows. For DIY enthusiasts wondering how to make an inmate costume, a simple striped black-and-white ensemble, paired with matching accessories, can set the tone.

Our Halloween costumes for kids introduce playful prisoner designs, while Halloween costumes for adults come with a tad more edge. Looking for a themed ensemble? Our couples Halloween costumes and group Halloween costumes feature matching prisoner sets, perfect for a cohesive look. Whether planning family Halloween costumes or just seeking individual pieces, you'll find the perfect 'escaped convict' vibe here, combining classic aesthetics with the latest Halloween trends for 2023.