Police, Army & Prisoners Costumes

Cop or prisoner costume, you'll find a reason to celebrate

You want to enforce the rules at your next costume party, so why not opt for a deluxe police officer costume. Or maybe you prefer playing the bad guys? Party Expert has all you need for your prisoner disguise.

Thanks to its vast selection of peace officer and inmate costumes, Party Expert is the number one destination for your next costume. With its complete line of accessories, you can stroll around and party while handing out infraction tickets to all those who don’t party hard enough.

Not only does Party expert has policemen, prisoner, army and soldier costumes for you, they can all be obtained in every color and size, and they are available for kids age 0 to 3, teenagers, adults, and girls and boys alike. At Party Expert, all our costumes are made with superior quality, at the best price in town, so come discover all of our 2020 novelties for your outfit as well as your favorite accessories.

Your gendarme costume will be more real with a Walkie-Talkie, a police baton, handcuffs, or even your badge, and if you’re acting as the bad guy, to your bandit costume you must absolutely add fake dynamite sticks, prison chains, or even booster bags.

With the greatest selection of costumes and accessories, Party Expert offers you everything you desire to party with great success. Shop online or in one of our stores to discover all the line of police officer and prisoner costumes as well as our impressive range of accessories. At Party Expert, we dress you up from head-to-toe, policemen and prisoners will share the same cell for unforgettable hours.