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Fortnite Battle Royal Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

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Fortnite Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations | Party Expert

Looking for inspiration to turn a party into a party Royale? This is where Fortnite birthday party supplies and decorations can ensure you get your party off to a great start.

With so many different ideas for the perfect Fortnite theme, whether it's your child's birthday party or you are looking to celebrate with your loved one Fortnite style, we have an assortment of characters, prints, and texts from the world of Fortnite.

If you want your guests building bases and fighting Husks, this collection of tableware, decor, balloons, party favors, and everything in-between can give you what you need to make a perfect Fortnite party that will do so much. With some of the best Fortnite party supplies Canada has to offer in stock right now, we make your Battle Royale less of a battle!

What is Fortnite? 

For any parent to doesn't know where to begin with Fortnite, let alone come up with Fortnite party ideas, what exactly is Fortnite?

There's not much you need to know because we are of service with accessories and everything Fornite-related to get the kids involved! Fortnite is an online video game released in 2017 and is a multiplayer video game that involves survival elements.

You might have seen your child playing Fornite with one of the three different modes available:

  • Fortnite Battle Royale, a free-to-play battle royale game where up to 100 players fight to be the last person standing.

  • Fortnite: Save the World, where up to four players fight zombie-like creatures and defend their location.

  • Fortnite Creative, where players can create worlds and battle arenas.

Each one has its own distinct themes, so if you are looking for Fortnite party ideas, you can create a Fortnite party that can encapsulate so many themes. 

How Do You Decide on a Fortnite Theme?

The best approach when you're looking for Fortnite birthday party ideas is to opt for the Battle Royale theme, for the very simple fact that this is the most popular part of the Fortnite game experience.

We've got a huge supply of Fortnite Battle Royale party supplies to make your party perfect for your loved ones. From Fortnite llama supershape balloons to the Fortnite Battle Bus and foil balloons with the iconic Fortnite logo to buy, there's plenty on offer.

If your child is not having a birthday party, you may want to opt for the Fortnite sleepover. A Fortnite sleepover can be the perfect opportunity for your children's friends to have quality time together. And of course, there are plenty of options to have a party in the game itself!

For friends of your child that cannot attend, this is the best way for them all to dial in and play together. Virtual Fortnite parties are very popular, but you can still keep the party alive with Fortnite Battle Royale swirl decorations and Battle Royale cutouts to set the scene.

There is plenty to search on our online shop; with Battle Royale table decorating kits and Battle Royale temporary tattoos, the quantity of amazing ideas and accessories on offer should give you an amazing array of Fortnite-inspired ideas.

How Do You Decorate a Fortnite Party? 

If you are planning a Fortnite theme, the best colors to use are blue, yellow, green, and camouflage. You can easily incorporate these colors in the form of balloons or you can purchase Fortnite-themed Battle Royale latex balloons. We have a variety of Fortnite party supplies in stock.

You can decorate the tables, either using our Fortnite Battle Royale table decorating kit, or you can opt for the balloons' blue and green themes to set the scene and provide those subtle details.

Setting the scene has never been easier with our Fortnite Battle Royale scene setters with props so your children and their friends can re-enact their favorite parts of the game.

If it's your son or daughter's special day, you can use our customizable Fortnite happy birthday banner with a variety of letters so you can add that personal touch, as well as many other Fortnite birthday decorations available from our party store.

What Are the Ways To Have Fortnite-Themed Food?

If you are doing a Fortnite-themed birthday party, it's important to have a number of party supplies to ensure that everybody has their share of the cake.

With a wide variety of Battle Royale plastic cups and dessert plates, you always need the foundations for a Fortnite food party platter.

If you are looking for a fun addition to the party, you can add Fornite's own Slurp Juice to the menu! With our variety of plastic cups available, you can keep with the Fortnite theme and add a fun touch to the Fortnite theme.

If you are looking for inspiration for Fortnite cakes, you have to go for some of the key color themes, including green for the Fortnite birthday cake, but the famous Llama would also make for an amazing decoration!

For the main food on offer, there's a lot of inspiration you can take from the game itself! From Peely the Banana to the llamas, as well as Marshmellow and Tomato Town pizza, Durr Burgers, and Track Side Tacos, there's a lot of scope for amazing party food.

How Do You Make Fortnite-Themed Party Games?

You can fill the party with amazing games, but for many parents, the easy way would be to have a game station set up so your kids can play Fortnite, if you want to get the kids up and about, there's a lot more for you to choose from.

In keeping with the Fortnite theme, you could have guests dress up in one of the costumes that come from the game, such as the X-Lord, but you could also have party games such as Capture the Flag, but with a Fortnite-y twist!

Using our nerf guns, the kids can create their own authentic Fortnite game, but you can add in your own Supply Drop where you throw in a number of bullets.

Another opportunity to get kids up and moving is to have a Fortnite dance-off! You can easily download music from Fortnite and let the children show off the moves.

Another option for party games would be to have the Battle Royale Pinata on display. Having a pinata always makes an amazing centerpiece, is the perfect party game for all children to enjoy, and when the candy comes tumbling out, it's the icing on the cake!

Of course, Fortnite being a game means that you could bypass all this and set up game stations and everybody can take part in a virtual party. You can use the Party Royale mode in the game with a variety of fun features, which are perfect for any virtual or real birthday party.

You can get your kids to listen to music in the island's Concert Hall, use non-lethal weapons so children of all ages can benefit from the gameplay, or race against each other on the island's race track.

The party Royale feature offers your kids some challenges to complete as well, including the glider drop quad and even play a game of soccer, but in keeping with the themes, you could get the kids to go outside and play a real game of soccer and feel like they are part of the game itself!

What About Party Favors? 

There are plenty of options for party favors available from us. If your son or daughter has a few friends over for a great experience playing the game, as part of their bag of goodies, you could add gifts such as the Cuddle Team Leader, Raptor, Love Ranger, or Brite Bomber.

There are also keychains on offer from our store. You can also opt for our selection of Fortnite microshots assortment or our collection of minifigures for your child's friends to take home with them, all in our Fortnite Battle Royale favor bags.

Ready for the Party?

Fortnite parties are incredibly popular. So many of your children's friends are into Fortnite that a party with a Fortnite theme is one of the best options for a great event for your son or daughter.

There are so many awesome Fortnite birthday party ideas out there, from virtual parties to parties in person, you've got plenty of options to choose from if you want to make a big impact.

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If you are looking to create a Fortnite birthday party that your son or daughter and their friends will be talking about for years, let's face it, whether you know what Fortnite is all about or not, if you want to bring the goods, you've got to have the right supplies!

With all of our Fortnite party ideas here, you can be guaranteed your child will have a great experience and it will be a hit with all their friends! We have new products and decorations waiting for you; all you need to do is look at the great Fortnite birthday party supplies Canada has to offer!


Fortnite Battle Royal birthday party collection - Fortnite Battle Royale party ideas

Jump into the battle bus! Our next stop? Your birthday party! Our Fortnite Battle Royal birthday party collection has everything to storm the party and make the most epic event!

Our tableware, decorations, balloons, party supplies and costume accessories all features graphics and characters from the worldwide known video game Fortnite. Which part of the map will you decorate with our hanging decorations, confettis, stickers and balloons?

Send Fortnite-themed invitations to your friends so they can meet you at Craggy Cliffs or Holly Edges! With a bit of luck, you may also see our Fortnite llama pinata! Want to push the immersion even futher?

We also offer a selection of Fortnite character masks: we have the Cuddle Bear Leader, John Wick, the Dark Knight, Drift, DJ Yonder and many more! Now get in the game, it's time to play... and celebrate!