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  • Who thinks balloons often thinks about birthday or kid’s balloons. At Party Expert, we’re far beyond that! Let’s us prove you that balloons are ESSENTIAL to ALL parties! And in 2020, they are SOOOO trendy! ... View Post
  • You’re a DIY pro? An inspired creative mind? We can describe you in writing all the steps to realize your garland but we thought that you make enjoy better a little ‘’how to?’’ video! Gabrielle, amazing balloon expert at our Sainte-Thérèse store creates this one for you. Pssssttt…. If ... View Post
  • Learn more about what makes us the best. Pure helium only Even if different stores offer helium inflated balloons, the reality is that many of them are using a mix of helium and air to reduce the cost. Helium costs raised importantly in the last few months. At Party Expert, we simply d... View Post