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Naruto Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations | Party Expert

If you know anything about anime, then you'll surely know about Naruto, one of the most popular anime series of all time. In all, there are more than 700 episodes of the hit television series, as well as plenty of Naruto movies. Given the popularity of the franchise, it should come as no surprise that a Naruto birthday party is one of the most-requested party themes. Kids that love Naruto don't tend to have just a passing interest in the famous ninja - they're obsessed.

If you know that your child loves everything to do with Naruto, then you'll already know what theme you should choose for his or her next birthday party! Here at, we have a large collection of relevant Naruto birthday supplies that you can use to turn your home into a fantastic Japanese ninja wonderland. And it won't just be your child that loves the theme: Naruto is popular with people of all age, so you can have confidence that any and all people that come as a guest will love the party.

What Is the Story of Naruto?

You'll need to know a thing or two about Naruto if you're going to get great feedback for your Naruto birthday theme! This is one of the most popular franchises in television history, and people can get pretty passionate about the details. Don't know anything about Naruto beyond the fact that your son or daughter and their friends seem to love it? We've got you covered.

The basic premise is as follows: there's a twelve-year-old boy named Naruto Uzumaki who is a ninja-in-training. Pretty cool, right? And it only gets cooler from there. The series follows Naruto's journey as he vows to become the Hokage of his village. And not just any Hokage: the greatest Hokage of all time. There's much more going on, of course, with plenty of side tales and other characters to learn about and understand. But so long as you've got the basics down, you should be able to bluff your way through conversations at any Naruto themed parties you attend -- including the one for your child.

Why Naruto Is The Perfect Birthday Party Theme

There's no shortage of themes you can choose when you're looking to celebrate a birthday. But some are better than others -- and a Naruto birthday theme is just about as good as it gets. Why? Because the world of Naruto is one of magic, beauty, and awesomeness, and when all those things are collected together, you've got a theme that can help to create the best experience for a birthday party.

Plus, take a look at the colour palette of the series, and you'll also find that it can be pretty easy to put this theme together. With some simple orange and yellow Naruto decorations, you can transform your home into the magical world of those awesome ninjas!

How to Organise a Naruto Birthday Party

Looking for tips on how to put together a Naruto birthday theme? We've got you covered. You'll want to begin planning the party a few weeks in advance, so you can collect all the items you'll need at a slow pace, rather than having to sort everything out last minute. You may or may not want to include your child in the planning process, depending on their age. If you think that they'll get a thrill from seeing Naruto birthday plates and napkins as a surprise on the day of their birthday party, then keep it a surprise -- it's really not too hard to get everything in order, so you can probably do it by yourself.

Below, we'll run through everything you'll need to make it a birthday party to remember. And remember -- you'll find everything you need here at Party-Expert. We offer fast delivery, so you can get all the fun items you well in time for the event.

Naruto Birthday Invitations

Your child will be the star of the show at the birthday party, but they won't be the only person there. If the party is going to be a resounding success, then you'll need to have his or her friends there, too. When it comes to sending invitations to his or her school friends, don't just send any old invitation. Instead, send a Naruto themed invitation -- you'll find them on our website.

This will let guests know that they're not just coming to a regular party, oh no! They're coming to a Naruto happy birthday event. They'll enter into a magical world of ninjas and everything that that implies. By making the guests aware of the theme as early as possible, you'll be giving them time to dig out any Naruto Halloween costumes they may have in their wardrobes. Guests don't have to come dressed up, but it would be a good sign that the party will be a resounding success if they did. If they don't, you can always supply Naruto costumes or accesories to guests.

Naruto Party Supplies

Most people are content with regular party supplies. But when you're going above and beyond to host an awesome themed party, it's best to look beyond 'regular' and instead opt for 'awesome.' You can go a long way towards bringing the world of Naruto to your regular home by investing in themed plates and napkins. Invest in a load of themed versions of the party essentials, and your house will begin to resemble the magical world pretty easily and quickly.

You can also invest in Naruto birthday balloons, paper banners, and a scene setting backdrop. Decorate the space with those items, and your child's eyes -- and those of his or her guests -- will light up as soon as they enter the party. Money well spent!

Costume Party

Walking into a Naruto party is fun. But actually acting as if you're part of the Naruto world? That's even more exciting. Kids love getting dressed up anyway, but when they're dressing up as awesome ninjas, the fun levels go through the roof. On our site, you'll find Naruto costumes for sale. It's a good idea to surprise your little one with their very own costume, so they can be the star of the show. Plus, they'll wear it in the future, too -- just add it to your Halloween costumes collection.

You can also buy Naruto accessories, such as a weapons accessories kit and headbands. Buy a few of these items and hand them out to your guests, so they can create their very own ninja team. Those accessories will come into their own once the party is in full swing. The kids can use them to engage in plenty of Naruto themed activities, including striking their favourite poses and doing battle out in the yard. Don't worry -- the accessories we sell aren't dangerous, so you'll only need to keep an eye on each team to ensure they're not doing anything too dangerous.

Naruto Music and Shows

Everyone's got a television and sound system at home, so why not create a fully immersive party experience by putting on the television show on the screen or playing the soundtrack through your speakers? Fans of the series will recognise the music performance straight away. It's always a good idea to have music at a party -- but instead of playing those classic party tracks, you'll change things up and help to solidify your party theme. You'll find the Naruto soundtrack on Spotify and other music streaming websites.

Naruto Food and Drink

A party could have plenty of decorations, guests, and other party supplies, but if there's no food and drink, then it's not really a party! So make sure your guests have everything they need to stay hydrated and well-fed during the event. And, of course, this provides another opportunity to add some splashes of Naruto! On our site, you'll find plenty of Naruto themed birthday party supplies for eating and drinking.

For example, you can serve your delicious food on Naruto paper plates. We also have Naruto paper cups, too, and Naruto cake toppers. Put all of these things in your shopping cart, and you'll have a bona fide Naruto feast at the party.

And a Delicious Cake

And talking of food: how about that cake? In truth, kids will love any cake that you make available at the party. But if you're going to go all-in with the Naruto theme, then why not make sure that even the cake looks like it came straight out of the anima universe? If you're a kind of expert baker, then you can make the cake yourself. The key thing is to add the Naruto colours. From there, our cake toppers will do the rest.

Create a Naturo Themed Photo Booth

If you've gone to all the effort to create an awesome Naturo party, then why not ensure that it lives long in the memory? You'll likely reuse a lot of the items that you buy for the party. And you can also capture the party in photo form. You can take some regular photos with your phone, but if you're looking to step things up, then why put together a Naturo themed photo booth? You can do this by decorating a square "photo frame" with Naturo accessories. From there, you'll just need your guests to stand in the frame with their accessories, ask them to recreate their favourite Naruto pose, and then click your camera. If you invest in a Polaroid camera, then you'll also have a great real-live photo to add to your goodie bags, too. It'll be a photo they cherish forever.

Naruto Party Favors

Your guests will surely have a great time at the party. And they'll also bring their own awesome energy to the event, too. So make sure you show your appreciation by putting together goodie bags for them to take away with them. You can fill the bags with candy, temporary Naturo tattoos, and slices of cake (if there are any leftovers!). They'll be delighted to take away these great souvenirs of the birthday party!

Get Started Early With Your Planning

With all the great goods on sale at, you'll have no trouble putting together a 10/10 Naruto party for your child. To make sure that the party goes off exactly as planned, it's recommended to get started early with your planning. This will give you time to browse the collection on our site, figure out what you need, and give enough time for the delivery to make it from our warehouse to your home.

Party-Expert Is The Number One Choice

If you're going to host a Naruto party that's memorable for all the right reasons, then you'll need to ensure that you have top-quality Naruto birthday products. And here at, that's just what we've got. We're the number one supplier of party supplies in Canada, and over the years, we've won plenty of plaudits from customers for the quality of our products and our deep commitment to customer service.

Shop Naturo Birthday Party Supplies

If you know that a Naturo birthday party is the one and only choice for your little boy or girl -- or perhaps even your own birthday party -- then be sure to check out our collection of Naturo products. We've got everything you need to have a memorable Naturo party, including balloons, napkins, costumes, streamers, backdrops, and much more. We built our company with the intention of allowing people to celebrate their big events as awesomely as possible, and we're sure you'll have a great party with all our products decorating your home!

Other Party Ideas

Naruto is a hugely popular franchise, but that doesn't mean that everyone loves it. If your child is ambivalent about Naruto and ninjas, then fear not: there are plenty of other themes you can select. Here at, we cater to all preferences, so just make a search on our site for your child's favourite TV or movie and see what you can find.