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LEGO Friends

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LEGO Friends | Party Expert

LEGO Friends remain to this day one of the biggest successes of the LEGO group, encouraging many kids to create exciting adventures. In fact, with a total of over 470 kits exploring the lives of 5 friends, LEGO Friends are a favorite for kids of school ages.

While LEGO has faced controversy for reinforcing gender stereotypes with the group of 5 female friends, the collection has constantly exceeded sales expectations since its launch in 2012. So, rather than debating the social purpose of the LEGO sets, it's time to ask one simple question: Do you know someone who would love to play with Emma, Andrea, Mia, Olivia, and Stephanie? If the answer is yes, we're here to help you plan the perfect LEGO gifts and throw a memorable LEGO-themed party.


Shop the Trendiest LEGO Friends Sets at Party Expert

At Party Expert, we are committed to supporting party preparations all over Canada. So, of course, we are an authorized LEGO Friends boxes reseller and have some of the most popular toys in our store.

The trendy construction game successfully exposes kids to a variety of play scenarios, encouraging them to socialize and learn more about the world through building and interacting.

Set in Heartlake City, each kit depicts an everyday scene from a suburban lifestyle, such as driving a car, visiting a pet clinic, or even running a café. The LEGO Group conducted extensive research to identify kids' preferences in terms of ethnographic representation. As a result, the Friends set is a little different from other LEGO toys as the characters are less blocky. However, the LEGO building blocks remain compatible with other pieces from the brand.

We have a Friends collection suitable for girls between the ages of 4 and 8+ in our online store. You can also match your preferred set with additional party accessories, including balloons, costumes, and much more, available via our website.


Where to Buy LEGO Friends?

While we strongly recommend checking our store for LEGO Friends sets, if you can't find the toys you're after with us, there are plenty of other stores to explore. It is worth checking our website regularly as we update our pieces with the last released kits and adventures.

You can also find many LEGO Friends toys in nearby stores in your location, as many kits are available in everyday stores, such as Walmart, Costco, etc. Toy stores, such as Toys R Us, are also a great place to start looking for sets.

There are also 13 official LEGO stores in Canada, so it is worth checking with the LEGO Group if there are nearby stores too.

Alternatively, the official branded online store has the largest collection of LEGO Canada wise, so you're likely to find which LEGO Friends to buy there.


Lego Friends Characters

The Friends sets are designed around the adventures of 5 teenage girls with unique personalities and interests:

  • Andrea: She is an aspiring and charismatic singer who loves being the center of attention. Andrea owns a pet bird called Pepper. 

  • Emma: As a creative character, Emma is often portrayed as someone who is artistic but also smart. She owns a cat called Chico. 

  • Mia: Mia is a nature-lover and wilderness-protector, often seen in an outdoor setting. Her pet rabbit is named Twister. 

  • Olivia: A science-enthusiastic with a big brain, Olivia has a pet hamster (Rumble), and she's built a robot. 

  • Stephanie: Stephanie is the health and fitness enthusiast who enjoys competition. She has a dog, Dash. 

The brand's store has also embraced the opportunity to make characters kids could identify with, using animated short films that are available on YouTube website. Children can also connect with the Friends through the brand's website, receiving news online, finding building instructions on the website, and even signing up online for the fun brand's magazine. For the brand, the online adventures have received just as much attention as the building blocks! So, if you want to surprise a little girl, we strongly recommend checking their website for current connection offers, events, and a lot more. 


What age group is LEGO Friends? The characters are shown to be teenagers, including driving cars. However, the collection is suitable for ages ranging from 4 up to 12. Younger ages can find more suitable themes in the Duplo collection. As for players of older ages, they may prefer more advanced LEGO building sets. 


Are LEGO Friends compatible with regular LEGOS?

An important part of the LEGO system is to ensure all pieces are compatible, throughout all building kits. Therefore, if you buy a Friends set to your child, you don't need to worry about fitting with another set bought in an official store.

Can you use the Friends parts in another set for older or younger ages? Yes you can continue their adventures in different LEGO construction settings.


Popular LEGO Friends Themes

According to Brick Insights, the LEGO Friends sets with the best rating are:

  • Typically set in stores, such as Olivia's Cupcake Café store, Hertlake Puppy Daycare store, or even Heartlake Shopping Mall (showing multip[le stores)

  • In nature settings, such as Nature Glamping, Summer Riding Camp

  • Focusing on social values, such as Stephanie's Friendship Cakes, Heart Box Friendship Pack, Mia's Heart Box

  • Encouraging creativitym such as Andrea's Talent Show, Emma's Art Studio


Some boxes are hart to find, so if you seek something specific, it may be worth reach outside to the official store to ask about potential re-release dates. Collectible and second-hand stores online and offline can also be a good starting point.


LEGO Friends Heartlake City

Heartlake City is the city where the five teenagers live. Some toys will represent scenes of life in the fictional town, including local stores, businesses, and houses.

Kids can create role plays in different professional and safe environments, such as bakery stores, beauty stores, food stores, etc.

Other settings in Heartlake City include the Grand Hotel, bars and clubs, individual houses, classes, and talent shows.


LEGO Friends Vet Clinic

As every Friend has a pet, LEGO has also developed a collection of pet-care kits, including vet clinic, pet houses, and pet salon.


Start Collecting All the Different LEGO Friends Doll Sets

Between the online series — available on YouTube and Netflix — and the constantly growing collection, it is fair to say that there is a vast choice of Friends doll kits. It is worth mentioning as well that the characters' designs were improved around 2018. So, if you are starting your collection, you are unlikely to find older models in store.

Nevertheless, we recommend starting with a set of each Friend in their unique environment. You can then expand with city-based scenery.

Find Your Next Collectible LEGO Set at Party Expert

Reach out to our online store to find the latest LEGO set, suitable for most ages. We have also other construction projects using building blocks too!

LEGO Friends Toys and Gifts Are Popular

The LEGO Group reports that Friends-based kits are popular year-on-year, constantly reaching among the top five selling themes!

The reason why they are so popular is the long research work that preceded their launch.

Indeed, the toys meet their needs and expectations of the young audience group:

  • They are cute with appealing shapes that little girls can identify with

  • They promote positive values

  • They have an entertaining and fun culture

  • They work with any LEGO building blocks, which means you can carry on playing and inventing new stories

Discover the Best LEGO Friends Games

Are you looking for fantastic gift ideas for a LEGO party? We recommend introducing younger builders to some of the easiest sets, suitable for 4+ ages, such and the Cat Grooming kit with Mia and Emma.

For older builders, Heartlake City kits can be exciting to build and encourage further social skills.

Playing LEGO Is the Best Way to Help Children Develop

It's no secret: Playing is good for a child's development. The Danish company's toys can encourage little ones to:

  • Develop coordination and motor skills to build and play

  • Develop social skills for interactions

  • Recognize social behaviors through the different scene captures in sets

  • Imitate real life

  • Improve problem-solving skills to create new environments

Shop a Variety of Scenes Based on Real-Life Experiences

Lego Friends toys help normalize everyday experiences as boxes and online series represent experiences that players could also have themselves in Canada, from going to the shopping mall to baking cakes.

Visit the No.1 LEGO Friends Canada Online Store

Are you looking for a vast selection of themed toys? We recommend checking the largest LEGO store Canada, in Alberta. Based in Edmonton, the store covers around 6,500 square feet, which means that you are more likely to find some of the rarest games to complete your collection.

Shop More Popular LEGO Games at Party Expert

At Party Expert, wer also have other LEGO kits available online to help you with your party preparations.


LEGO Minions

Our LEGO Minion boxes are ideal for boys and those who don't identify with the Friends' characters. Besides, we have a lot of Minions party accessories to match!


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Are you ready to throw an unforgettable Friends party with LEGO builds and themed decor? We're here to help!