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Harry Potter Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations

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Harry Potter Party Supplies and Birthday Decorations - Party Expert

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If you have a birthday coming up or are planning one for a child or friend, cakes, banners, and balloons are definitely on your mind. While age-appropriate decor and treats are a common choice, we're here to motivate you to think outside the box.

And we're not just talking about experimenting with color palettes and three-tiered pastries. Instead, we encourage you to get creative in order to make this birthday the finest yet.

One option is to go with a Harry Potter birthday party theme. Harry Potter is one of those stories that appeal to all ages, both youngsters and adults, with both enjoying the half-blood character and the magical world of Hogwarts.

Along with the renowned fantasy, enchanted settings, and other eccentric characters, comes the chance to truly create the perfect harry potter birthday party and receive great feedback from your guests.

Of course, arranging a party is a challenge in and of itself, so we're here to help with some ideas to get you started. Whether you want to dish up cookies, cake, or cupcakes, or decorate with balloons, streamers, or elaborate invitations, we've got some fantastic Harry Potter party supplies for you.

Invitations to a Harry Potter Party

Unless you have access to an owl that delivers mail, you'll have to send your invitations like a Muggle. Use this personalized invitation and seal it with a personalized sticker that says "Witches and Wizards."

If you want to go above and beyond with your Harry Potter invitations, include a Hogwarts Express ticket and seal it with a red wax stamp, just like Harry did.

Table Decorations for a Harry Potter Party

Decorating for a Harry Potter-themed party is simple! There's no need for House Elves here; simply utilize the house colors to construct a magnificent food table fit for a wizard.

Tie red (Gryffindor), blue (Ravenclaw), yellow (Hufflepuff), and green (Slytherin) plastic table covers together to construct house banners or a home made sign. Or use one of our ready-made table covers.

Tableware for a Harry Potter Party

When not sorting guests into their houses, the sorting hat makes an excellent table centerpiece as well as being one of the most needed Harry Potter accessories. Vintage luggage can serve as both a showpiece and a location to arrange a tray of food or snacks.

Using Harry Potter tableware, make a Hogwarts-themed table with house crests imprinted on the plates and napkins. Display some of the favors in a cup adorned with gold washi tape, and ensure that everyone receives a pair of Harry's spectacles to wear during the party.

With our Harry Potter party items, any muggle, young or old, should celebrate their birthday as if they were at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Discover tableware and accessories to help you create the most wonderful of birthday parties.

Harry Potter Favors

Send each visitor home with a box of party favors, including potted plants, Gringotts coins, Honeydukes candies, Harry Potter glasses, pencils, wands for creating spells, little journals, and other small items.

Our party favor bags are perfect and come in a range of choices, perfect for all ages. Just fill them with things like Harry Potter stationery, Harry glasses, Quidich goggles, keychains, and more.

Harry Potter Photo Booth

You can't afford to turn down this fantastic opportunity for a photo. With everyone deeming their best Harry Potter outfits and party attire, you can use some of our Harry Potter party supplies to create your very own photo booth.

You’ll be able to bring your child’s wizarding dreams to life. Simply create a backdrop and add in some of our scene setters and start taking some great pictures, capturing the memories.

Harry Potter Party Games

Begin your guests' journey to Gringotts Bank, just like they do in Harry Potter. Each child is given a savings book and Gringotts coins to spend on wands at Ollivander's and goodies at Honeydukes.

Set up a potions class, ideally outside, and have your young wizards make a magical fizzing potion. Fill a glass halfway with fruit juice and sprinkle it with glitter. Watch the mixture foam and froth as you add a splash of vinegar!

If you wish to make different colors, substitute water for the fruit juice and add food coloring in the chosen colors.

Herbology Class. Hand out small pots, potting soil, and seeds to each guest. Once the dirt and seeds have been placed in the pot, wrap them in a little cellophane bag to take home as a party favor.

If you really want to enhance the creep factor, insert the heads of dollar store small baby dolls in the pots to make them appear like little Mandrakes.

Harry Potter Dress Up

If you haven't already set a dress code for the party, you could include it as part of your theme. Gather some fancy dress materials, including Harry Potter House ties, robes, hats, brooms, and wands, and have the little ones or adults dress up as their favorite characters.

You could even have a sorting hat party scene where you sort everyone into teams/houses ready for the Harry Potter Games.

Make sure you include some of the famous Harry Potter glasses too! You could even hold a performance competition and make your very own Harry Potter movie. That can be created without needing to spend tonnes of money.

Harry Potter Party Supplies

If you are on the search for ideas and Harry Potter party supplies, look no further than Party Expert! We have you covered.

From a stand-out Harry Potter sign surrounded by themed balloons, thoughh to a mix of different Harry Potter items ideal for the children's own home collection of Harry Potter items, they have at home.

You can be sure you will throw a Hogwarts-worthy party filled with all the important details that the children will love.

If you would like to know more about our collection of Harry Potter stock, have a look at our Harry Potter party supplies page.

Harry Potter birthday party collection - Harry Potter party ideas

You're a wizard, but you are not Harry. That doesn't mean you don't want to throw a party to celebrate your birthday with all your Hogwarts friends!

Our Harry Potter birthday party collection has everything needed to make this day even more magical: tableware, decorations, balloons, party supplies, costumes and accessories.

Our decorating kits, LED centerpieces, pinatas and scene setters will create an amazing effect that even Fred and George won't be able to reproduce in their shop! What's missing now? Your Harry Potter costume of course!

We have a wide selection of Harry Potter costumes for boys, girls and adults with matching Harry Potter ties, scarves, glasses and... wands! Can't do magic without your wand! Now let's impress all of your guests and show them who the real wizard is!