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5 Best Things to Do on New Year’s Eve to Ring in 2023

A woman, a man, a little girl and a little boy are celebrating New Year's Eve together. They have a lot of fun surrounded by many balloons, decorations and confetti. The colour theme is silver, gold and black and it is very sparkly.

1. Fancy Dinner with Family

Fancy Dinner with Family. Family enjoying a fancy dinner for New Year's Eve. There is a nice table with food and drinks. People are holding sparklers to celebrate and there are some nice decorative light strings in the background. There are a few candles to decorate the table and everyone is smiling and laughing together.

Good food, great drinks and lovely company are the key elements for a perfect New Year’s Eve dinner. Setting the table should definitely not be the boring part of the preparation. There are so many options to decorate it with the greatest New Year’s tableware and accessories. 

If you’re planning to welcome your guests with some good drinks, set up a nice bar with matching champagne flutes, wine glasses, shooter cups and so on! Don’t forget to get some glass writing pens, because remember that there is always someone who’s stealing somebody else's drink! Classic! Hahaha! 😏

2. Karaoke Night

Karaoke Night. 4 people singing in 2 microphones. They are wearing disco outfits and sunglasses. They also have coloured <a data-lwsa=wigs. The background is gold and sparkly. They have a lot of fun.">

Invite everyone you can! No need to sing like Celine Dion to be part of the biggest karaoke night of the year! Choose a theme for your party. Something that will set your guests on fire, like a disco night, for example. Then turn your laptop into a karaoke machine and let the fun begin! 

Keep food and drinks coming and spice up this New Year’s Eve party with special program numbers. Don’t forget to get your special weapon: The ultimate Karaoke microphone!

3. New Year’s Photo Booth

New Year's Photo Booth. There is a man, a women, a little girl and a little boy. They all have nice clothes and <a data-lwsa=New Year's wearable and accessories. The background is gold and sparkly. There are a lot of white, gold and black balloons. There are a lot of confetti in the air. There is also a nice little bar behind them. Their arms are up and they have a lot of fun!">

New Year is one of the biggest events of the year! To capture the moment, organize a photo booth! Pick up some New Year’s Eve decorations and balloons that you can mix and match. Layer them for a fun look and hop: You have a nice backdrop! 

Then, you’ll need some New Year’s wearables for your guests to choose from. That should do the trick for the most epic photos of the year! And oh! Get a few noisemakers just for fun!

4. Dance Night

Dance Night. 3 men and 3 women are dancing at night. It is kind of dark but very sparkly with coloured lights. They have a lot of fun on the dance floor!

Dancing is always a good idea on New Year’s Eve! The music is the key element of a dance party, so don’t neglect the sound equipment and the playlist. Be sure to have plenty of lights so guests can safely move around the venue. Choose a special party theme to create a memorable dance party for guests of any age. The theme will dictate the decorations too. 

Hang some lighted decorations and get some glow sticks to spice up the ambiance! Finally, don’t forget that dancing makes you thirsty. Make sure to get drinks for everyone! And what about setting a candy bar to give them energy to dance all night long?

5. New Year’s Eve Movie Night

New Year's Movie Night. A family with 1 father. 1 mother,1 little girl and 1 little boy are watching a movie together in their pyjamas. They watch it on a big white screen with decorative lights around. It's seems very cozy and relaxing.

After a long year, maybe you just want to keep it low-key this New Year Eve. But it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. There are plenty of quiet New Year’s traditions too, such as lighting sparklers, making a toast, kissing at midnight, watching the Time Square Ball Drop or the New Year’s countdown! 

So yeah, put on your favourite pyjamas and cuddle up to watch a New Year’s Eve-themed movie! Don’t forget the popcorn!

You? What are you doing on New Year’s Eve? Do you have some New Year’s Eve traditions?

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