Ariel and Sebastian Will Be Present this Halloween!

The character of the mermaid Ariel and her little lobster Sebastian fascinated children and adults in the animated feature film The Little Mermaid. Party Expert takes you back to these fictional characters with its sirens costumes and accessories. With attractive colors and accessories that are more realistic than you could hope, you’ll be able to impress your friends for long hours both in the water and in your garden.

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If your theme party is taking place around a swimming pool or in a backyard, why not dress up as a beautiful mermaid or Sebastian the little lobster who has made so much talk about him in the children’s and teens’ programs? The blue waves will contrast with the bright colors of your suit, accessories and prints. In the courtyard, the lovely mermaid will face the beautiful princess unicorn. Children love costumes and dress-up parties can be so enjoyable thanks to Party Expert's costumes.

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