Top 10 of girls costumes for Halloween 2020

What’s her personality ? What does she like ? How be sure she’ll be happy ? Halloween is a great occasion to personify the character she wants ! But, where to start ? What are the trendiest costumes for 2020 ?

Party Expert’s pros are there to help you and to make sure your little girl will be proud and happy to wear for all her Halloween festivities: trick or treating, school, party with friends or just for fun !

Here the top 10 of girls costumes for Halloween 2020 !


1. Elsa from Frozen 

Her popularity is still very strong ! Elsa is one of the girls favourite and they all want to be her for a day !


2. Ladybug, from Miraculous

The French hero is keeping Paris safe everyday ! Her adventures are followed by all kids now ! 


3. Queen Poppy (Trolls 2: World Tour)

With the latest movie launched this Spring, every little girl wants to follow the music and unite all the trolls ! 


4. Monarch butterfly

This costume is still always appreciated. Its feminine and girls just love its sparkling touches ! Psst, watch our video for the perfect Halloween makeup for this costume here:


5. Police officer

Girls also dream to become a police officer. This costume give them a taste of what it’s like to wear the uniform ! 


6. Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey)

Being a hero is great ! Being a villain can also be super cool ! Let’s go for this colorful costume ! 


7. Day of the dead

It’s a perfect look for Halloween since it’s the compromise between a scary costume and feminity ! 


8. Psycho jester

It’s so fun to be frightening for a day, let’s choose the psycho jester costume ! And everyone in the family can choose this thematic ! 


9. Creepy clown

Still a classic, we change the funny clown by its scariest version ! 


10. Zombie Fearleader

Cheerleader, yes ! The zombie version: we just like it ! This new costume will be one of this year favourite !



Inspired ? Find all these costumes and so many more on our website ! Most of them are available all year long ! Any questions or comments, feel free to join us anytime !

And don’t forget to tag on your photos ! We love to see your costumes !


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