1001 safe ways to celebrate Halloween 2020


We all need to learn to live with the virus and adapt…. But we don't want to stop living and celebrating! So this year for Halloween, we will celebrate differently!

Whether it's a "Halloween Day" or a "Halloween Party", the important thing is that Halloween will be celebrated! That’s great as it is the favorite day of children ... young and older ones!


  • Invite all the neighbors to decorate their homes for Halloween. Why not have a friendly competition among yourselves for the best decorated house? Give away a prize like a good bottle of wine and candies for the kids! Invite your neighborhood to walk in front of your houses or drive by car, to admire your decorations and vote! Skeletons, pumpkins, ghosts, spiders are waiting for you! To add a touch of magic, add small lights to your decor. (PE deco).


  • Decorate the interior of your home, set it in the mood by decorating each room: living room, kitchen, bathroom, hall, etc. ... little touches of happiness here and there! Remember your childhood memories! Let your imagination run wild!


  • Create your own haunted house indoors in your garage, basement, or other room in the house .... and turn off the lights. Use inexpensive black vinyl rolls to make it and add your decoration. Booooo!


  • Zoom Party: Invite all your friends and family to dress up for a virtual Halloween Party! Prepare your drink and candies, dress up the family in thematic costumes, and set up a video call. Have Halloween-themed snacks on hand, and be sure to allow each child the moment to show off their costume. For adults, present your favorite cocktail, your decorations, take a tour of your haunted house, your Halloween table and the most important thing: wow the gallery with a most original costume!


  • Plan a costumed parade! Get the kids in the car on Halloween and drop by friends or extended family houses to show off the costumes while staying at a distance. Horn, text or make some noise when you arrive! If the regulations in your area allow it, bring small bags of treats to offer to cousins ​​and friends.


  • Make sure you keep great memories of 2020 by having a Halloween-themed family photo shoot. It will be perfect to feed your social medias and to send to your loved ones.


  • Create costumed Tik Tok videos as a family! A privileged social network for the youngest, take the opportunity to discover it while having fun! Hide your candies in a Halloween pinata! Here's a fun way for kids to get even more candies! Add some Halloween songs and keep this game for the grand finale of your day! It's simple: blindfold and spin the child 1-2 times before they attempt to hit the pinata. It’s a game that kids love. Don't forget the pinata stick and blindfold! • Play Ghost Tag! Outside, or even inside, a person covers himself with a sheet and tries to grab others to tag them. Watch out for accidents! • Play the apple game! Remember! Just fill a barrel or a large cauldron with water and apples and try to grab as many as you can without using your hands. Why not using a witch's cauldron to stay on the theme? • Treat your kids to cute goody bags filled with their favorite candies and other treats they love like pencils, activity books, stickers, and more! • Create a dance floor! Prepare a playlist your family will love and let your fool go! Dancing is allowed at home with the family!


  • Host a Halloween scavenger hunt. As a family, we dress up and go on an adventure! To liven up your treasure hunt, we offer you our printable TREASURE MAP. You must therefore find all the items on the list in your neighborhood! Spice up the fun and separate the family into teams to see who finishes first! This is a perfect game to enjoy Halloween night and admire the decorations of all the houses around us!
    For the treasure map, click here


  • Relax in a hot tub, but stay in the Halloween mood by opting for a version with dazzling light sticks! Different, special and so simple: it will be a hit!


  • Tell scary stories to liven up your evening! Remember to light up your flashlight just to add some suspense!


  • Plan a movie night! Allowing you to stay in the comfort of your home with your family, watch a Halloween-themed movie or show. Serve festive snacks and drinks, and encourage everyone to dress up in costume.


Movie suggestions:
For the little ones: Casper the ghost serie, Ghostbusters, The curse of the Were-Rabbit, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Mickey Mouse House of villains, The Adams Family.
For older children: Friday the 13th, Halloween, Chucky, The Exorcist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scream.
Turn off all lights and turn on "minilights" to add a touch of magic.


  • Prepare a Halloween feast! Here are some ideas for you:
    • Costumed dinner or “murder mystery” evening.o Prepare a beautiful or horrific Halloween table.
    • Plan jokes, catchphrases, noises during dinner to make the dinner more entertaining. For example, banging on the wall, making noise below the table, uttering screams or laughter when you walk away from the table, etc.
    • Set up candy stations or the funniest Halloween candy bar. Fill bags or small pumpkin-shaped pails with candies! So exciting!
    • Cook your own Halloween menu.
      • Squash soup, served in small pumpkins that you have gutted and dried in advance to make original bowls.
      • Cold pizza cut and decorated with monster eyes (made with bocconcinis and black olives)
      • Ghost shaped sandwiches§ Horror version chicken fingers with added ketchup for a bloody effect§ Black spaghetti (cooked with food coloring) with a red tomato sauce
      • Spider or witch shaped jello with marshmallow eyes and black licorice finish.
      • Red blood drink (cranberry juice) served in small black cauldrons or other thematic containers.
      • Be creative! 


In less risky areas:

  • Do trick or treating while respecting prevention measures.


  • Why not setting up a table in your driveway or in the trunk of your car to hand out candies? It will be easier and safer!


  • Visit the farms and go pick your pumpkins!


  • Carve and decorate your pumpkin! This is the most traditional but so popular Halloween activity!


  • Have a candy hunt around the neighborhood or outside in the yard. If it rains, do it indoors, turn off the lights and take out your flashlights! Prepare a treasure map with clues to indicate what the little ones should look for and where to search!


Be creative! There are so many different ways to celebrate Halloween and have fun! Who knows ? Maybe some of these activities will become a new family tradition that you will share again over the next few years. Take advantage of this exceptional day to create magical moments for your family and you will be so happy you did!


Happy Halloween!


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