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Do you have an extra special Party Tip or Trick to share with us and others? Maybe a costume idea; or a masquerade event concept; or any original tie-in with dressing up and having a party good time. Click Here


You rent a room for thematic or holiday party and you seek ideas to create environment with few expenses? Here our suggestions:

1. Bets on the topic casino
As the poker is very popular, here is a gaining topic. Have fun to make bets on the situations mild mutters that could occur with work during the year! Install tables of play. Have scene setters associated with the casino, a banner or, for the big game, a mural decoration of machine with under. On the table where the dresser will be laid out, add a centerpiece poker, dice inflatable and our disposable crockery of circumstance. For the pleasure, balloons and banners.

2. Pirates: leave to the adventure
A perfect topic for the conquerors! The data-processing companies can see a funny topic there. Inspire you of the Pirates of the Caribbean - you could even make play film in background to create environment. Another idea to transform the party: a mural decoration of pirates. Centerpiece of style with the treasures, a boat of pirate or an articulated skeleton of pirate. For the look of filibuster, provide bandanas to reason for pirate, hooks for the hand or of the swords of pirate. Lastly, prepare an animation with card decks to the treasures or false coins.

3. The course is kept!
The topic cruising is traditional which can lend itself to many analogies on the direction that the company takes. Our products will help you to illustrate them: rudder, headlight and… life boy! You can also make of it a topic of cruising, beach or diving, with mural decorations: exploration of sea-beds, landscape of sea, boat or dolphins. Have fun to deposit on the ground or to put on the chairs of crabs, plastic lobsters or fish.

4. The luau Hawaiian, cut-cold par excellence!
After having drinking cocktail containing rum and of pineapple (been useful in glass luau), everyone will have the spirit with the festival and will slip around the neck a collar Hawaiian. Some will even agree to slip on a Polynesian skirt in raffia and to take part in a test of limbo! And winning a nice gift! To remind Hawaii, a mural decoration with palm trees or tiki lounge, of the suspended palm trees, the colored signs, cuttings of pineapple, parrots, beach, etc

5. Mexican Fiesta: Aye-aye!
Here is a topic which creates environment in less than two: banner Chile pepper, articulated or inflatable cactus, center of table Mexican hat yellow sun and Mexican flag, the whole surrounded by a wall Santa Fe! The menu is quite as easy: nachos, tacos, burritos cerveza and tequila!

6. Western: the good the brute and the killer
The Far West these times? Have fun with this topic cowboy: mural decoration village Far West, cuttings (cowboy, hat, boots, various western), articulated cowboy, wheel of cart and head of bull out of plastic, etc Make play music “country” or recreate environment “saloon”!

7. Hollywood: you are the stars of the year!
Organize for the members of your team a true evening of stars, with the smart arrival on the red carpet, the crackling of the flashes, their name on a star on the ground, their impressions seized with the flight by a pretence of stimulating with a false silver plated microphone, etc. Made to go them along a wall of film edge. For the centers of table, we have several choices of models, more purified (a simple reel) with more “the spangle glamour”, while passing by the panorama of city. To underline the achievements of the year, organize a ceremony of the Oscars and give of the honorary mentions and the small statuettes.

8. For the company’s rock' roll:
We have also the mural ones with the scene setters of 45 turns or retro restaurant. Serve of the mouthfuls on discs 45 turns: assured success! To supplement, you will adore our centers of table jukebox! For animation, the karaoke is always funny or, quite simply, of the music rock' roll of the time. For the music lovers less blazing, decorate more simply with notes with music: hard-bound cuttings, cuttings to be suspended, plastic notes, ribbon with notes of music, etc

9. Celebrates of child: To choose the topic
Girl or boy of 1 year at 18 years the film characters becomes animated of thousand fires. To organize plays inside or outside with gifts in premium. Candles, banner and balloon can brighten the activity. To prepare a dresser according to the topic.

Step to follow when you choose your costume

1 : Be sure to choose the right size by checking our size charts.

2: Let go your imagination to accessorize your Halloween costume.